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We are One


Sequoia Elisabeth Carpenter was ordained in June of 2007 by James Twyman and the Beloved Community as a Spiritual Peacemaker minister.  She is devoted to furthering Love, Peace, and Acceptance of God’s truth through the teachings of Jesus in “A Course In Miracles” (ACIM) and in the “Art of Spiritual Peacemaking”, by practicing, sharing, and disseminating Divine Loving Forgiveness.  Her life’s journey as a transgender woman is to spread God’s Truth to all people everywhere.

The perception that we are different is the grand delusion we call life. This universe we see as we look around is an illusion, nothing is as it seems, including our bodies.   We are not our bodies, instead we are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience. The good news is there’s a power greater than us we can use to fully express who we are, and in so doing we glorify God.

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  1. HI FB friend… nice of you to visit… hadn’t known you have a WP blog.
    ~ Eric

  2. 365gratitude says:

    Bless you and all you do!

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