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A Purpose Driven Life

Have you ever thought about the details of how you live life? I don’t mean the basic questions we all have, like do I wear the red or blue top or what’s for dinner. I mean the deeper how’s as to what do I want out of life and what do I have to offer the world? The questions I refer to here are what I call the Purpose driven questions… and answers. I mean does this action or thought support my purpose? Of course, if you are still young you may have not even asked the question of purpose. Many adults don’t even know their purpose in the world. To me this is the most important question anyone can ask because it answers so many other questions we have in life. Every simple question you ask yourself can be answered with purpose just by turning it around. Will I go workout today? Well, does working out support your purpose in life? Without knowing your purpose the answers become willy-nilly and they will vacillate depending on your mood and will. Take time with your answer to purpose. Go to a quiet place and relax. Let life flow while you step outside of it all. Be the observer. Take inventory of your life. Remember the high points, those moments which feel significant. Then ask what brings me Joy? By joy I mean the elated feeling which stays with you always. Happiness is fleeting and will always balance with sadness, so don’t worry about being happy. There is something deep within your core that is always with you which can be described with three words interchangeably – Joy, Peace, and Love. We often think of these words as having different meanings and practically they do, however they each come from the same Source. They make up the essence of each of us. We are Joy, Peace, and Love. Please don’t get caught up in semantics. Forget what you think you know. Remember your Source. This is easiest in a quiet uninterrupted space. I have found this space walking in the woods, sitting on a boat, driving my car, resting in bed, sitting in front of the computer, and many other places.

What is Your Purpose? Is this always your purpose? Ahhh!! Yes, purpose changes as we grow and mature. We often have a layered purpose tied to the moment and the activity. Living in the Now is purposeful living. So while the purpose of what you are doing at the moment is important I ask you to look deeper. What is the purpose of your entire life? At the end of the day, what keeps you going? I know how difficult this question can be. It sits foremost in my mind in this very moment! Many a time I have been standing on the edge and staring at this question. All I do is speak from my own experience.

In our society career is one of the most important questions you can answer. I know for me it was tremendously difficult and took me far longer than it should have. I let life itself answer the question as many of us do. Looking back, I made an excellent choice ultimately, but not without first making a few miss-takes. Not until I sat down and reviewed my skills, what I enjoyed, and what was relevant to my life did I find what I was looking for. The choice was a conscious one! My career served me well (25 yrs as a Rad Tech/MRI Tech) and I blew it before I needed to, but that is another story. I got confused about my purpose and well, got off track. No worries, this happens sometimes. The beauty of life is it will reset no matter where you end up. All you have to do is stop and listen, sometimes this can take a while, years even. Be patient. Once you discover this new purpose all other answers will fall into place.

Sequoia Elisabeth

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Transitions are really coming into focus for many people these days on many different levels.  Even myself who is going through a major transition from Male to Female, is experiencing other transitions also.  My Spiritual transition is really peaking now and I feel like my life is totally being re-fashioned.  When I sit and what TV, I notice people who are transitioning in many areas of their lives as well.  We are changing jobs, careers, going back to school, eating more nutritious foods, changing the way we move around, being more conscious of our consumption, and watching less TV, while spending way more time on the computer or internet to be specific. 

Now days my life is centered around my computer which I feel is a good thing and has to do with a sense of connection or oneness I get while online.  Five years ago I spent maybe an hour or two online a day and now I spend about eight hours a day online, sometimes more sometimes less.  For me to not be online the whole day is really a big deal and means that I am either traveling or doing something major.  So what are we really after? 

What the internet provides besides the obvious services is a sense of connection as that is what we all crave, a feeling of oneness.  The more I evolve the more I enjoy spending time with others and it does not have to be in person, but it does require a two way communication.  That has become so easy these days with the computer.  I thank you for reading my blog and I truly hope you get something meaningful from all my musings.  That is my main purpose to give of myself and my knowledge, to enlighten and bless others! 

So think about all the transitions you are going through these days and honor them.  Yes, be grateful we have so much opportunity these days.  Our lives are changing in a big way right now, and they will probably get more chaotic before they get peaceful, but that is the way of complex systems.  We must break the old system down in order to build a new system.  We have many more breakdowns to look forward to, so just be aware and know that all is well!  The only reason we ever lose anything is so something better can replace it!  😉  Sequoia Elisabeth

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