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on January 15, 2010

Transitions are really coming into focus for many people these days on many different levels.  Even myself who is going through a major transition from Male to Female, is experiencing other transitions also.  My Spiritual transition is really peaking now and I feel like my life is totally being re-fashioned.  When I sit and what TV, I notice people who are transitioning in many areas of their lives as well.  We are changing jobs, careers, going back to school, eating more nutritious foods, changing the way we move around, being more conscious of our consumption, and watching less TV, while spending way more time on the computer or internet to be specific. 

Now days my life is centered around my computer which I feel is a good thing and has to do with a sense of connection or oneness I get while online.  Five years ago I spent maybe an hour or two online a day and now I spend about eight hours a day online, sometimes more sometimes less.  For me to not be online the whole day is really a big deal and means that I am either traveling or doing something major.  So what are we really after? 

What the internet provides besides the obvious services is a sense of connection as that is what we all crave, a feeling of oneness.  The more I evolve the more I enjoy spending time with others and it does not have to be in person, but it does require a two way communication.  That has become so easy these days with the computer.  I thank you for reading my blog and I truly hope you get something meaningful from all my musings.  That is my main purpose to give of myself and my knowledge, to enlighten and bless others! 

So think about all the transitions you are going through these days and honor them.  Yes, be grateful we have so much opportunity these days.  Our lives are changing in a big way right now, and they will probably get more chaotic before they get peaceful, but that is the way of complex systems.  We must break the old system down in order to build a new system.  We have many more breakdowns to look forward to, so just be aware and know that all is well!  The only reason we ever lose anything is so something better can replace it!  😉  Sequoia Elisabeth

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