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A Cry For Love

The cry for love began at the beginning of time. For us personally this is birth. Our very birth is a cry for love from our parents. The cry has been echoing through time since the Big Bang. Echos repeating in every thought and every action.

Action itself is the cry and the form it takes has so many versions, none are exactly the same. I am that cry. You are that cry. Now let’s make this personal. I must speak from my own point of view. My dad is a physician and thus my hypochondria as a child, a cry for love. All my injuries, sicknesses, and dis-eases were my cry for love, some would call this attention seeking. I am an extension of my mom, her cries for love are heard through me. We project these cries through whomever is available! My dad cares for me here and seeded this existence. My Father is the Almighty, source of all there is. My Father is Truth, he is Reality. My mom brought me into this world, she cared for me, and she loved me the best she could. My Mother is the Earth and all in this world which supports me. Love is the Way.

Love me Father for I feel detached and unworthy. I seek what I perceive to lack. Love is who I am, yet I do not know this. Lost on a sea, the story repeats ad nauseam in every person (projection) ever. My journey takes me around the world, both literally and figuratively. Where is that goose? I know it is around here somewhere. When did it get away from me? Did I chase it away?

Seek and Ye shall find! The words of insanity! We are out of our minds. And thus the answer lay right in front of us. We have been looking for love in the wrong places. We seek it in mind. Our Spiritual leaders say we need to be “mindful”. Again the voice of ego. Love isn’t outside us, nor is it within mind or mind’s projection, the world around us, it IS us. Some would say, seek love with. The answer lies within. I say, within what? Love is all there is! Anything else we perceive is illusion, like a seeming reality, yet a mirage.

I stand under my actions. Since “birth” I have been looking for love without knowing it was me all along. I am the love I seek! It is not “seeing is believing”, it’s “Believing is seeing”, and yet even this does not make it real. Miracles are the magic! Miracles are expressions and perceptions of love. Magic is the illusion. We are all magicians in this way.

Unconsciously, we do things which we believe will bring us love, in varying forms. Attention is a form of love, Acceptance is a form of love, Sex is a form of love – though some transform it into hate, Accomplishment if a form of love, Giving is a form of love – this makes Receiving a form of love too, and this remains our motivation for everything we do. The choices are either crying out for love or understanding we are love and giving what we already have. Giving is receiving. Give what you seek and you’ll have all you need. By loving we are loved. This is the first principle of Oneness. Oneness is what makes this true. There is only One. To use Plato’s parable, there is only one person in the cave. All the other people are shadows, projections from different points of view. The choice is yours, be love or seek it.

Sequoia Elisabeth

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Two Sides of the Same Coin

Life is a duality. The growing trend to accept that life is a rainbow or has ‘shades of gray’ are the mad ravings of the ego mind. Please don’t buy into it’s hysteria. I say this having already made this mistake and now know the consequences. No body wishes to be alone on this journey and while we all die alone, no body needs be alone along the path. Since this probably makes little sense to you, I will do my best to break down a few of the ideas presented here.

Let’s start with duality. Dual obviously means two and duality refers to the two sided nature of life here on earth. For every force there is an equal and opposite force. Basic physics! The idea of multiple forces simply clouds the fact there are only two and any others are an extension of these two. For every rule there are always exceptions. The only force which has no opposite is Love and this is the true nature of the Universe. Love is all there is. Many think Gravity has no opposite and they would be partially correct. Gravity is the physical manifestation of Love. It is the most powerful force in 3D (on earth). In reality there is no gravity, only Love.

Everyone gets excited when they see a rainbow. They are so beautiful and captivating. Artists often use shades of gray as well as colors, tones, and hues, yet all that extends from two states, light and no light. Degrees of reflection or as science calls them wavelengths of light make up all color and shades of gray. The reality is we have black and white, no light and light. I am not going into detail here because I don’t wish to get distracted. The ego often sends us on “fools errands” like trying to explain every little detail of life and to name them. Walking away from this habit after a lifetime of indoctrination can be difficult. I find the best way is to make up your mind to do so and keep moving forward. The concepts and truths I offer here will be resisted by the ego mind and when you feel this resistance, step back, take a deep breath and focus on Love, Light, or pure darkness. Nothing wrong with opposites and since darkness is simply the lack of light it belongs here too. The focus is on purity… complete darkness or total light. Even the Sun is not total light, nor is the darkest cave complete darkness. The light comes from within. I have been in a cave with no outside light and felt the light within me. It has a wonderful calming effect. While the Sun is not total light, it does emit total light, but then, so can you!

There is no way I could possibly explain ego mind in a short blog post and in fact I am still learning about it and have been studying it for decades. For a list of recommended reading see my website. Moving on to no body wishes to be alone I think this is self explanatory… or Not! While we are not our bodies nor our ego mind, we do experience life here through its lens. This is where loneliness comes from. It is the fear we are separate from others and from God. In fact, ACIM teaches this is the single and greatest issue in our lives. Fear arises from this false evidence of being separate from any and all things. Even though the body is made up of millions of bacteria, microbes, and other life and it is inside us, we think it is all separate. It takes time (also an illusion) to reconcile what Oneness is. We are One. Opps, I get ahead of myself. We are still on duality. Forgive me, I often revert to my true nature… that of pure non-duality. Ego mind is our interface with the world around us. It is not our friend! It is also not the enemy, though it can appear so. Tying this all back to loneliness and duality, there are only two sexes, male and female. No shades of gray, no colors, nothing else! I know I wrote an entire book on the topic of transgender and such, but at the end of the day this is the ramblings of an ego mind. Yes, it is true on the level of the ego mind, earth, or 3D, but not on the level of the Spiritual or absolute. Thus we arrive at the motivation for this blog post. When I came out as transgender my father asked me, so you are doing this to be with men? No, I said, I am doing this because I must. While this is totally true, I had to transition or die. I have never been attracted to men and only a few women. Well maybe a few men, but not most. Anyway, I have been working on reconciling this seeming contradiction ever since (over 40 yrs). I see now this is not a contradiction, but simply Ego. Perhaps on this level of form, my mind is fractured… schizo. I have no idea. I don’t care! I know that sex is of the ego mind and brings nothing but pain in the end. Oh it may feel good for a few moments or longer, but ultimately it’s a let down! Let me count the ways… NOT.

Being alone is a state of mind, a fearful mind. Focus on Love, count your blessings, and give thanks for all you have in your life at this moment. Do this every day. Make it a habit! This state of loneliness will vanish and a peace of mind will replace it without any other effort. Originally this blog came from the thought that as a transgender person I will never know close companionship again. I have been married twice and while I cherish those relationships and the love I found (and didn’t find) I now know my true relationship is with my Creator. I remain focused on Source, the love which creates me and all reality. Love is all there is.

Sequoia Elisabeth

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