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A Cry For Love

on August 16, 2022

The cry for love began at the beginning of time. For us personally this is birth. Our very birth is a cry for love from our parents. The cry has been echoing through time since the Big Bang. Echos repeating in every thought and every action.

Action itself is the cry and the form it takes has so many versions, none are exactly the same. I am that cry. You are that cry. Now let’s make this personal. I must speak from my own point of view. My dad is a physician and thus my hypochondria as a child, a cry for love. All my injuries, sicknesses, and dis-eases were my cry for love, some would call this attention seeking. I am an extension of my mom, her cries for love are heard through me. We project these cries through whomever is available! My dad cares for me here and seeded this existence. My Father is the Almighty, source of all there is. My Father is Truth, he is Reality. My mom brought me into this world, she cared for me, and she loved me the best she could. My Mother is the Earth and all in this world which supports me. Love is the Way.

Love me Father for I feel detached and unworthy. I seek what I perceive to lack. Love is who I am, yet I do not know this. Lost on a sea, the story repeats ad nauseam in every person (projection) ever. My journey takes me around the world, both literally and figuratively. Where is that goose? I know it is around here somewhere. When did it get away from me? Did I chase it away?

Seek and Ye shall find! The words of insanity! We are out of our minds. And thus the answer lay right in front of us. We have been looking for love in the wrong places. We seek it in mind. Our Spiritual leaders say we need to be “mindful”. Again the voice of ego. Love isn’t outside us, nor is it within mind or mind’s projection, the world around us, it IS us. Some would say, seek love with. The answer lies within. I say, within what? Love is all there is! Anything else we perceive is illusion, like a seeming reality, yet a mirage.

I stand under my actions. Since “birth” I have been looking for love without knowing it was me all along. I am the love I seek! It is not “seeing is believing”, it’s “Believing is seeing”, and yet even this does not make it real. Miracles are the magic! Miracles are expressions and perceptions of love. Magic is the illusion. We are all magicians in this way.

Unconsciously, we do things which we believe will bring us love, in varying forms. Attention is a form of love, Acceptance is a form of love, Sex is a form of love – though some transform it into hate, Accomplishment if a form of love, Giving is a form of love – this makes Receiving a form of love too, and this remains our motivation for everything we do. The choices are either crying out for love or understanding we are love and giving what we already have. Giving is receiving. Give what you seek and you’ll have all you need. By loving we are loved. This is the first principle of Oneness. Oneness is what makes this true. There is only One. To use Plato’s parable, there is only one person in the cave. All the other people are shadows, projections from different points of view. The choice is yours, be love or seek it.

Sequoia Elisabeth

Oneness Ministry

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