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A Book Review: The Leap by Steve Taylor

Book Review of “The Leap: The Psychology of Spiritual Awakening (An Eckhart Tolle Edition)”

Here is what the experts say about this book:

“Life always gives you what you need, and right now it has given you this book to use as a guide or companion through challenging times. It contains a great deal of precious wisdom, expressed in the straightforward, clear, and down-to-earth language that Steve Taylor is so good at.”
― from the foreword by Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now and A New Earth

“A wonderful synthesis of modern research and timeless wisdom that makes the mysterious process of spiritual awakening more comprehensible than ever before.”
Peter Russell, author of From Science to God

“This book is both insightful and inspiring. Building on the foundations of his previous books, Steve Taylor’s expertise and profound understanding of awakened states shine through and culminate in his proposition of an evolutionary leap that awaits humankind. For anyone who is interested in or has experienced an awakening, this book is not to be missed, as Taylor eloquently conveys an in-depth understanding of this fascinating phenomenon. It’s an excellent book that everyone should read.”
Dr. Penny Sartori, author of The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences

“It’s high time we got clearer on what enlightenment is and isn’t. The Leap is readable, important, and long overdue. It offers a thorough portrait of this long-mysterious state with care and love.”
Dr. Robert K. C. Forman, author of Enlightenment Ain’t What It’s Cracked Up to Be and Mysticism, Mind, Consciousness

“In The Leap, Steve Taylor takes a radically new approach to spiritual awakening, suggesting that the experience is more common than one might suspect, is not bound to any religious or spiritual tradition, and may be playing an essential role in human evolution. The Leap is filled with provocative statements, some of which you may agree with and some you may disagree with ― but you can be sure that this is a book you will never forget. It establishes Steve Taylor as a major spiritual author and teacher, whose lucid and articulate writing will evoke wonder and wisdom among readers.”
Stanley Krippner, PhD, Alan Watts Professor of Psychology, Saybrook University

“A wonderfully detailed demystification of awakening within and without traditions that is a pleasure to read and offers hope for our dangerous times.”
Claudio Naranjo, author of Healing Civilization and designer of the SAT Programs for personal and professional development

Here is what I have to say about this book:

While I still have a chapter or two left to read, I can say with enthusiasm this is one of the better books I have read in a long while on the topic of Spirituality and Awakening. This books answers the question, what next? It also gives wonderful insight into Enlightenment. Not many authors actually explain what Enlightenment is and Steve Taylor does a very good job of it. He clarifies the confusion around Awakening and how this relates to Enlightenment. I like how he clarifies the difference between awakening and psychosis, because in many instances they seem similar at first. The many insights this book offers make it well worth the read. It is easy to understand and fascinating to read.  I highly recommend it to anyone on a Spiritual journey (which means everyone, although not everyone is ready to Awaken). We will all awaken in the end though, so no worries!

Love and Light,

Sequoia Elisabeth

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Transgender Journey about Acceptance

The transgender journey is really about acceptance, both your acceptance of yourself and others acceptance of you.  The second one is a gauge to let you know how you are doing on the first one.  Being self-loving is not the same thing as being self-serving or self-centered.  In fact they are totally different.

How can this be?  Very simply, we are one.  There is only One self… The Self.  By accepting and loving your self you are in fact accepting and loving all selves.  Don’t worry it does not mean you are approving of the self that murders or rapes.  You are just accepting them for who they are with a knowing that they are one possibility. Right and wrong are just human concepts.  We are each an expression of the whole, a slice of a very large pie.  Love it all!!

I ask that you contemplate this reality.  You are you and I am me and we are One!  Being transgender is just one expression of the whole and even this has a multitude of expressions just as being a heterosexual white male does.  Don’t let appearances fool you either.  Just because you may see a woman, they may see a man or you may read them as gay and they identify as pansexual.  You may think of them as a nice person, when they have done horrible things no one knows about thus thinking of themselves as a monster.  Love it all.

What it comes down to is Mind.  You’ve heard the expressions “never mind” or “I don’t mind”.  This is precisely so!  We exist in mind.  The material world we experience is a projection of this mind. (read Butterflies are Free to Fly by Stephen Davis and see the Holographic Universe video series for more on this)  So the acceptance is about accepting what the mind has created and making it all OK.  Some would call this forgiveness, so forgive it all.  None of it is “real”, so don’t worry there are no Ultimate consequences only temporary consequences to our actions.  Karma is real in the world of matter, so yes your actions do matter. (Pun intended)

If this blog confuses you then no worries, it confused me at first too.  Be curious and inquisitive.  The answer to your question is there… under that spot you prefer not to look.  Don’t be afraid, it is OK to peek in there.  You may be surprised at the wonder you find.  I am.

Love n Light,

Sequoia Elisabeth 🙂

Unity in Gender Diversity


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Slight of Mind Revisited

The actions you take are necessary as proof to yourself that it is not only possible but reality.  The concept of reality is not as fixed as one would believe and because of this we are constantly testing reality.  If it happens then it must be true is the mentality we use.

Have you ever been to a magic show?  Is that reality?  Does the rabbit really disappear from the hat? Of course it does, the question is where does it go?  If reality was fixed could we even believe a trick like this?  Don’t we have to know there is a possibility of the rabbit actually disappearing to make this trick work?  Deep down we all know that this 3d world is an illusion.

A trigger is required for us to believe a certain event.  Let’s take surgery for instance.  Say a large benign tumor exists, can be seen on x-ray and with a large bulge in the skin.  We wish this tumor to be gone.  How do we make it go away?  We go to a surgeon and he cuts it out.  Why don’t we go to the magician to make it disappear?  Belief, personal experience and precedent!

We need matching action of a believable nature to create the result we seek.  The movies use this technique all the time.  Two scenes are shot at different times and spliced together to give the appearance they happened in sequence. (Called Matching Action)  It is a trick for the mind!  In fact movies are all about tricks, they are actually a series of still images shown very quickly ~16 frames per second (sometimes faster up to 32 FPS) and appear to be moving…appear to be real.

Surgery is the matching action, like in the movies, which allows the mind to perceive a miracle cure!  When in reality it is done at a level beyond the mind.  Reality exists beyond the mind and the mind is our lens to this world.  Without the ego mind this world does not exist!  This is why the mind needs proof, i.e. surgery to experience the healing.  The Spirit does not need this trick, because it operates at the level of reality and knows there is no tumor at all.  There never was, because in reality we are perfect beings of light/energy made in the image of God/Universal Intelligence/Great Spirit.

The magic trick diverts the attention while the appearance is manipulated, but in reality the rabbit does not even exist so anything that is done is perfectly believable.  Now that we have this information, do we still need surgery to remove a tumor?  Or make a rabbit disappear?  This depends on your level of belief and faith in reality!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

Ps. Apply this to SRS/GRS and ask yourself if you really need surgery to believe who you are?  In the Spirit world there is no gender… perhaps this is what you desire.


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Reason for Reasoning

In our discussion of the 6 senses of the mind we have arrived at reason.  The power of reason comes from the use of the logical mind.  Typically thought of as a left sided brain activity, recent research suggests it is not that simple.  I would be more inclined to say that the mind is not even in the body, but around it.  What is the mind if not intelligence and this is found everywhere. 

The logical mind is simply an aspect of the larger mind and is a tool which we use to navigate our lives.  The reasons for using reasoning are multifold.  Reasoning balances the imagination and intuition giving us balanced information to work from.  Every decision we make is run through a gambit of mental testing before we actually choose.  Of course we are talking about higher functions here not a simple, ouch that is hot!  Say you would like to get a new job.  Your friend approaches you with an idea of applying with her employer.  Your logical mind takes over and you quickly assess if this is an actual possibility.  The power of reason comes in when you compare the pros and cons of this new idea.  This is the way in which most of us use reason on a daily basis.  There is another way to use reason you may not have heard of. 

Reasoning is a great tool when used in prayer.  This is a Religious Science technique that Ernest Holmes taught almost 80 years ago.  It goes like this, state your connection to the divine, feel this connection.  I am one with all that there is, God is in me, through me, is me!  State what it is you desire in a positive way.  I am a money magnet.  Now use reasoning to reinforce this statement and create a feeling.  I am a money magnet because I see money everywhere, pennies on every corner, bills filling my wallet, and whenever I need money I have what I need.  I know this is true because I experience it every day in so many different ways.  State as many reasons as you need to create the feeling you desire.  Now give thanks for this as it is already so.  Know it, feel it and then you will experience it.  Gratitude is the juice that fuels this engine!  I am so grateful to be a money magnet! As you experience this in your mind, you will experience it in your “reality”.  The last step is to release the need for this to be true.  You know it is so, there is no doubt, so let it go and allow it to manifest.  I release these thoughts, words and feelings knowing they are created in the now.  Let go and let God.  Release is an important part of the process.  It is meant to be; so it is. 

Reasoning is a great way to make decisions, to create that which you desire, and to come to terms with that which has already manifested.  You may not be aware of everything that you create, and so you must reason with yourself as to why you are experiencing whatever is.  If you are in the later position, then I suggest opening your mind, eyes and heart to what is being created in your life and that you are the creator.  When you are consciously creating, you will still be surprised from time to time, but they will be pleasant surprises!  Use the power of reason in your life to make your manifestations more to your liking.  Accept your gifts so to speak. 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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The Law of Mentalism

This is the last of Transitions Blog look at the Universal Laws.  The First Universal Law is first because understanding this Law opens the door to all the others.  I am not talking about the Law of Attraction here because it is fundamental to all laws and holds them together.  I have dedicated several blog posts to the Law of Attraction and will again. For now let us move on to our discussion for today.

“Of the seven Universal Laws, the first three are immutable, eternal Laws, meaning they are Absolute and can never be changed or transcended. They have always existed and will always exist. The other four laws are transitory, mutable Laws meaning that they can be transcended or at least “better used” to create your ideal reality. This is not to say that you should ignore these four Laws or attempt to defy them for even if you do they will still govern your existence. Your aim is to master each of the seven Universal Laws and only then learn to transcend the mutable ones.

The Law of Mentalism: “The All is Mind – The Universe is Mental”. The first of the Universal Laws tells us that “All is Mind”. That everything we see and experience in our physical world has its origin in the invisible, mental realm. It tells us that there is a single Universal Consciousness – the Universal Mind – from which all things manifest. All energy and matter at all levels is created by and is subordinate to the Omnipresent Universal Mind. Your mind is part of the Universal Mind – the same in kind with the only difference being one of degree. Your reality is a manifestation of your mind. This is true Mind Power.” (Kotsos 2011)

Sooo…, What do you think? That is meant as a pun, giggles 😉  Consider this quote by Ernest Holmes, the author of Science of Mind. “There is but one Mind, the Mind of God, and that Mind is my Mind Now.”  It is hard to believe that God could be thinking some of the things I have been thinking, especially in my adolescence; however, I will not get into the ego mind vs. the God Mind in this blog either because we have covered that before (write to me if you would like to know more).  The power of this Universal Law is that by careful attention and diligent weeding you can change your thoughts to align with your desires.  The Universal Mind can also be shifted in your perception so that you experience your desires, ultimately though all desires are the same; to know God, even the desire to wipe God from your Mind.  Don’t forget that you are God!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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Law of Opposites

The law of opposites states that when you wish for something the opposite often shows up first so that you can be very clear on what it is that you truly wish for.  Many people get disillusioned by this and move on to something else thinking their dreams are unanswered.  I am here to explain to you why this is a big mistake. 

First of all, all prayers are answered in some form or fashion.   Whatever is in the Highest Good is what will manifest.  Since you do not know what that is, it is difficult to know if your prayer was answered.  So sometimes your prayer is answered in a round-a-bout way.  So keep your eyes open for that which you desire. 

Make a wish and then be patient it could take a while and you will probably see the opposite first.  Say you desire a new partner and a loving relationship.  You focus on the person of your dreams and have a list of traits that you like in a person.  The people you meet at first will most likely be just the opposite, for instance this is why we often meet the “bad boy” type first before the “Prince in Shining Armour” shows up.  The way I look at this is simply that the Universe is questioning your choice and asking you to be certain about what you are looking for.  It is a matter of faith!

Those who are certain what they want and are willing to stay focused on this will get it.  It is that simple, but is it simple? Not usually. Our minds are always playing tricks with us and one way to get around this is to use subliminal messaging, either audio or video or both.  This puts our desires straight into the subconscious mind where everything manifests from.  Nothing we hold in consciousness is ever manifest directly.  All manifestation comes from the subconscious mind.  This is why we have to repeat experiences and prayers over and over till the message filters down.

I compare this process to flotsam.  You have a thought about a sexy guy (or girl) you would like to have in your life and this is like flotsam floating on the surface of the sea.  The more you have this thought the more it builds and eventually it sinks.  When it finally gets down to the bottom of the sea or the subconscious mind then it manifests.  If in the mean time you move on to another thought then the subconscious mind is getting mixed signals and ends up manifesting nothing. 

So the next time you notice that you are getting the opposite of your desires, for instance you are broke instead of being wildly rich, know that it is just the Universe’s way of showing you contrast and confirming your true desires! 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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Know Who Guides You

This is a continuation from yesterday. 

There are several aspects to this voice we hear in our heads that will tell you if you are listening to God or ego.  Some of the aspects of the ego are that it wants to be heard, so this voice is loud often taking front stage.  The other thing is that our minds never stop, even when we are sleeping, the ego does not sleep!  One reason people do not sleep well is they are listening to their ego.  Learning how to shut down your ego is what Buddhist monks work on all their lives, so do not expect to do this over night.  Once you understand what your ego mind is and how to detect it, making the conscious choice to not listen is much easier.  Resistance is Futile so do not oppose the ego, simply choose not to listen and instead focus on listening to the God Mind. 

The God Mind is quiet, consistent, and loving.  It never asks you to do anything that might harm you.  If it hurts or if pain is involved then God is not speaking.  God only speaks to you in your Highest and Best interest.  God does not yell or demand.  God will answer your questions a million times if necessary and never complain that you do not remember.  Any criticism you may hear is coming from ego mind since God never complains, criticizes, or demeans.  God speaks only inspiring, helpful, and loving thoughts.  Abundance is Gods nature so if you have any thoughts of lack you are listening to ego.  When our lives are given to Holy Spirit, which is the voice for God, Abundance becomes easy and second nature for us because we are allowing this energy to express through us. 

Crisis will occur in your life because this is an ego world, so just accept it and look instead for the gift hidden within the crisis.  Be grateful for all that presents itself to you whether you think you want it or not.  Gratitude has the power to heal and set things back into harmony.  It is time for me to share a prayer with you.  Look at these words as if it was the first time you have ever seen them, how do they apply in your life?

Christian Prayer for Peace

Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be known as the Children of God.
But I say to you that hear, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you.
To those who strike you on the cheek offer the other also, and from those who take away your cloak, do not withhold your coat as well.
Give to everyone who begs from you, and of those who take away your goods, do not ask them again.  And as you wish that others would to do you, do so to them. 

Blessings on your Journey of Love  🙂   Sequoia Elisabeth

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Voices In My Head

One of the most important things you can do in your lifetime is learn how to listen to your Inner Voice.  Why is this important?  We have all heard the story of the person who had an angel speaking in one ear and the devil speaking in the other while this person decided which one to listen to.  The devil is not real, but there is a part of your mind that functions like the devil and we call this your egoic mind.  This part of your mind has nothing to do with Higher powers and only wants to control your life.  This part of the mind speaks loudly and is quick to be heard.  This part of your mind wants to be your best friend and will do anything to get there whether it is in your best interest or not.  The ego mind is very powerful and can create some amazing things.  While I caution you to always question reality, I also ask that you stay open to infinite possibilities.

I think it is important to understand at this point that your mind is a tool, it is not who you are.  So think about this, when I first heard this I got very excited and well, experienced an epiphany.  My first question to follow was “who am I” and I heard you are the soul.  This concept is not new either and getting a full grasp on this can be very enlightening.  In fact once you understand “who you are” you realize that you are enlightened!  You are a Spiritual being having a Human experience. 

The way most of us experience life at this point is that we hear two voices in our heads, the ego mind or human mind and the Spiritual mind, God mind, Christ mind, Buddha mind, or True self.  There are many names for these aspects of the mind and it serves you very well to understand them both so you can make informed decisions. 

Many books have been written on this subject and I will recommend two here now.  Eckhart Tolle’s book “A New Earth” is excellent and I think fun to read.  Oprah agrees with me as she endorses this book too.  Now is a good time to buy this book at the link provided, the lowest price listed is one penny.  The other book is one that has helped me tremendously, and one you may not have heard of “A Voice for Love” by DavidPaul and Candace Doyle.   The website link provided has the book and free tips for hearing the Voice of God which is just another name for the names listed above, Spiritual mind, True Self, Inner Voice, etc.  Many of us know this as the voice of God and thus their choice to use that title. 

Next time I will go further into this discussion of listening to your inner voice, and steering around the egoic mind.  Blessings on your Journey of Love  🙂   Sequoia Elisabeth

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Perception is a tool of the mind that can bring profound changes to your life.  First I believe it will help to clarify the difference between point of view and perception.  Standing on a hill high above a battle scene or actually swinging a sword on the battle field are points of view.  So is being a afro-american person who is required to sit in the back of the bus.  Perception on the other hand is how this person experiences the situation.  Is the person standing on the hill judging the battle below as good or bad, are they perceiving a win or loss?  Is the afro-american person grateful to simply be on the bus or are they angry they have to sit in the back?  Do you understand what perception is now? 

Take a hard look at your life and see if you can find a different way to perceive it.  Can you be grateful for something that maybe you were upset about before?  How about seeing an enemy as someone who is simply acting through compulsion and not necessarily targeting you?  Your choice to take things personally is a perception that you control!  Have you heard of no-fault law?  Where when an incident occurs each person takes responsibility for their own actions and no one is at fault.  It is a common law concerning auto accidents in some states.  Why can’t we simply use that principle in relation to everyone we meet whether they are in a car or not?  Someone bumps you walking out of a store, you say “pardon me” and go on like nothing happened, thinking “I hope they make it where they are going safely.”  This is the power of perception.  You have created peace, harmony, and good-will in a simple choice of perception.  Forgiveness can be a way of life! 

Our minds are so powerful that they are the tools we use to create the life we desire to live.  If you do not make choices consciously then they are made for you by your unconscious mind based on habitual decisions you made in the past.  We are even affected by other people’s choices which in some cases can be a good thing, like when someone drags you out of a burning building after you where knocked unconscious, unless it is not.  You decide everything, because it is your life!  Just remember that your life is connected to everyone else’s life to the point everything you think, say and do affects someone.  Now this can seem like a big responsibility, but it is not.  Why? Because all is interconnected and what you put out you get back.  Change your life for the better by shifting your perception of events to the Highest Good.  Look for the good things in life, expect opportunities to present themselves, and be grateful for everything that happens in your life no matter what it looks like on the surface.  😉 Sequoia Elisabeth



The next tool our mind offers up is memory.  This can be a double-edged sword, but then so can just about everything in our lives.  One of the main premises to my ministry is “what you focus on grows”.  The power of this can be enhanced though the use of memory. 

Do all your memories need to be happy ones to benefit you?  Absolutely not and here is why, gifts are present in every experience we have and if we suppress those feelings or refuse to process those gifts then they turn into obstacles, so even a horrible thing like getting raped or attacked can be a learning opportunity.  The lesson most often learned in this situation is forgiveness and love.  I will let you work out the how’s, because that is the process of learning! 

Memory can be used in so many beneficial ways and the simplest is the experience of Joy.  We can feel Joy any time we choose simply by remembering the most Joy filled moment in our lives!  The double-edge here is that it is possible to get caught up in these memories and no longer be living our life, but a past life.  Re-member the feelings of Joy, happiness, contentment and once you have that feeling in heart then go about your business, knowing that any time you need a boost all you have to do is re-member!  Once experienced an event becomes memory and the process of joining with that memory/experience is called remembering or joining again. 

Did you know that often times the things we remember never actually happened?  Or at least they did not happen the way we think they did, or did they?  This can get very serious since sometimes people are accused of doing things and in fact did not, even though a witness remembers them doing it.  Our memory can play tricks on us so just be aware of this and use this to everyone’s advantage.  Let go of any memories of anyone being harmed, what was done was done and once you have faced your feelings and processed your emotions, let the whole thing go and move on.   If you are in a difficult situation simply create a memory that will comfort you.  Use the imagination to create an event and then file that in your memory so that the situation is transformed into a pleasant one.  It is perfectly OK to create your life to your liking and in fact I would expect you to.  My motto is to remember that which we desire and forget the rest. 

Memories that are very old often change over time and get “weeded out” leaving only the pleasant aspects and this is fine, because the purpose of memory is to experience an emotion on demand.  Memories can also be used to navigate and to share knowledge, however it is my belief that memories greatest gift is in the feeling of it.  Can you remember your greatest Joy?  How about your greatest adventure?  What about your best gift received? Or your best gift given!  Knowing where you left your socks is only part of the reason we have memories, so go out and use memory to fill your life with Great Feelings and Pleasant Remembrances.  😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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6 Senses of the Mind

We all know about the 5 senses of our physical body, but what about the 6 senses of the mind?  I talked a little about them last time and will go a bit further this time.  The six consist of Intuition, Imagination, Memory, Perception, Reason, and Will.  My plan is to cover each of these tools for transition one by one, last time I covered Imagination.  When used consciously these tools are your best friend and the funny part is we all use these senses every day without even realizing it.  Let’s take intuition for instance.  It is often referred to as the sixth sense and is attributed to women as women’s intuition.  Are you in touch with yours?  We all have this sense, even men!  In fact the most successful people in the world, such as Bill Gates, Steven Jobs, and Oprah Winfrey attribute much of their success to using their intuition!  The way that I use this sense is to get in touch with my feelings, which takes a few minutes of being quiet and some practice.  After a while you will just know when an opportunity is advantageous or the direction you are headed in beneficial.  Is that girl you just met the “one”?  By using your intuition you will know!  You can just feel it!  Teenagers are usually very good at this when they are young, but sometimes if they get too much criticism they shut down this faculty, so if you are one who did this maybe it is time to get in touch with your intuition.  For illustrative purposes let me tell you of one of the fun ways I use my intuition. 

I had just gotten out of a seminar at a local hotel and it was about 3pm in the afternoon.  We had been going at it all day and I was hungry, so I asked myself as I was getting into my car, what am I in the mood for?  Mexican came to my mind and I could feel, smell and taste a delicious Mexican Burrito with hot salsa dripping down, yum!  I started driving toward home, but since I was not from this city I had no idea where to find a good Taqueria.  I was driving down the interstate when the overwhelming sensation to turn came over me, so I got off at that exit.  I then focused on my feelings and it felt like I should turn left, so I did.  I drove for about a mile, all the time keeping my eyes open and my mind on that delicious burrito.  As I came around a corner I saw on the left side of the road the Mexican Taqueria that was to fulfill my appetite!  It was one of the best burritos I have ever had!  🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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A new consciousness

One of the greatest Joys we share in this world is the feeling of connection.  This feeling has many avenues to the experience.   Love is the biggest one that comes to mind immediately, and  it is expressed in many ways, compassion, empathy, caring, respect, and affectionate play are to name but a few.  These are principles that Spiritual leaders have been teaching for centuries, so they are nothing new, but no less important.  I would like to share with you today another way to connect with others that is purely Spiritual, and goes beyond human interaction.  This is what I believe we are experiencing in this world wide transition we are experiencing right now and which culminates in 2012. 

It is time to take this human experience to a new level!     I will do my best to put this into words that convey my meaning, although please understand that the human languages are limited in what they convey.  The way we will move beyond this misunderstanding that is so prevalent in society is to communicate more directly through thought.  We are already doing this to some degree and some people are better at it than others.  For instance two soul mates in a close relationship can sense what their partner is feeling and thinking.  Some people can even pick up words from others.  Simple mind reading is sort of what I am speaking of but it is more than that.  Telepathy is the term we have given it and I feel like even that is too simplistic. 

Based on the philosophical belief that we are all of one mind, the mind of God (or whatever Deity you prefer) it is not hard to understand how we can communicate in this direct fashion.  All of your thoughts come to you from Great Spirit, God, or Universal Mind, and they are not your own until you claim them.  It is our ego’s that have us believing that we are brilliant and that no one else could have come up with that great invention you patented.  Or that wonderful story you have copyrighted.  When in fact the idea came from the “only” mind there is.  This concept is as deep as our oceans so I don’t expect you to grasp it all from this short blog, however I do hope to get you thinking in a contemplative, open way. 

The movie “Avatar” that just came out demonstrates this concept of one mind very well through the Na’vi and Pandora.  The parallels between that world and our own are profound to those who chose to see them.  Planet Earth is no less connected than Pandora and our bodies are simply our Avatars!  The timing of this movie is perfect because consciousness has come to the tipping point of not only being self aware, but being aware that it is self aware.  I find it increasingly easy to “see through the eyes of Great Spirit” which we can do since we are all using the same mind.  Yes, we are separate, but in a fashion much like rain drops are separate, or maybe you prefer the image of snowflakes sense they seem more distinct.  Either way we are all one, because we are not our bodies, we are of the one mind – Great Spirit, Universal Mind, or God.   😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Post Transition Grief and the working of the mind

Post transition grief or some call it Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Whatever you call it, I just know that it is a part of change.  Any transition involves some stress, grief and pain.  Our attitudes and beliefs about the transition process will determine the degree in which we experience trauma. 

The symptoms that result afterwards depend on how deep our experience went and how well we processed the whole event.  One of the characteristics of this condition is an inability to stop thinking about the transition or event.  Basically we get stuck looking in the rear view mirror and forget to look forward.  Driving blind is always dangerous and so is not getting help when we notice that we are having a hard time letting go of the past.

The intensity of our dreams and the nature of our behavior are clues also to needing help.  Usually there is a reason we are not letting go and it is often because the event brought up an old issue that has not been dealt with. If we choose not to address issues as they arise then they are put “on file” to be dealt with later.  It is always best to deal with issues as soon as you can, because it is easier that way. 

Let me explain “dealing with an issue”, I mean facing it, seeing it for what it is and accepting it.  This can be done in a flash or it can take years!  We simply have to be willing to do it.  Later I give you a great method for applying this.  Traumatic events are harder to process because in the heat of the event much of available data goes straight into subconscious because the conscious mind shuts down when it is attacked (or perceives attack).  Then a long process must begin to bring it up out of subconscious so that we can “deal” with it.  I realize that I am speaking in generalities here and I am doing so because it is important to realize that transition grief can occur in many situations that we would not even consider being important. 

To re-emphasis this point, transition grief and PTSD differ in degree only.  Regret for the decisions made is something different and that is another discussion that maybe I will cover at a later date.  I will stop here today because I don’t want these entries to be so long.  Check back tomorrow for the “rest of the story”.

Blessings 😉 Sequoia Elisabeth