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Slight of Mind Revisited

on May 9, 2013

The actions you take are necessary as proof to yourself that it is not only possible but reality.  The concept of reality is not as fixed as one would believe and because of this we are constantly testing reality.  If it happens then it must be true is the mentality we use.

Have you ever been to a magic show?  Is that reality?  Does the rabbit really disappear from the hat? Of course it does, the question is where does it go?  If reality was fixed could we even believe a trick like this?  Don’t we have to know there is a possibility of the rabbit actually disappearing to make this trick work?  Deep down we all know that this 3d world is an illusion.

A trigger is required for us to believe a certain event.  Let’s take surgery for instance.  Say a large benign tumor exists, can be seen on x-ray and with a large bulge in the skin.  We wish this tumor to be gone.  How do we make it go away?  We go to a surgeon and he cuts it out.  Why don’t we go to the magician to make it disappear?  Belief, personal experience and precedent!

We need matching action of a believable nature to create the result we seek.  The movies use this technique all the time.  Two scenes are shot at different times and spliced together to give the appearance they happened in sequence. (Called Matching Action)  It is a trick for the mind!  In fact movies are all about tricks, they are actually a series of still images shown very quickly ~16 frames per second (sometimes faster up to 32 FPS) and appear to be moving…appear to be real.

Surgery is the matching action, like in the movies, which allows the mind to perceive a miracle cure!  When in reality it is done at a level beyond the mind.  Reality exists beyond the mind and the mind is our lens to this world.  Without the ego mind this world does not exist!  This is why the mind needs proof, i.e. surgery to experience the healing.  The Spirit does not need this trick, because it operates at the level of reality and knows there is no tumor at all.  There never was, because in reality we are perfect beings of light/energy made in the image of God/Universal Intelligence/Great Spirit.

The magic trick diverts the attention while the appearance is manipulated, but in reality the rabbit does not even exist so anything that is done is perfectly believable.  Now that we have this information, do we still need surgery to remove a tumor?  Or make a rabbit disappear?  This depends on your level of belief and faith in reality!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

Ps. Apply this to SRS/GRS and ask yourself if you really need surgery to believe who you are?  In the Spirit world there is no gender… perhaps this is what you desire.


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