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Reason for Reasoning

on September 12, 2010

In our discussion of the 6 senses of the mind we have arrived at reason.  The power of reason comes from the use of the logical mind.  Typically thought of as a left sided brain activity, recent research suggests it is not that simple.  I would be more inclined to say that the mind is not even in the body, but around it.  What is the mind if not intelligence and this is found everywhere. 

The logical mind is simply an aspect of the larger mind and is a tool which we use to navigate our lives.  The reasons for using reasoning are multifold.  Reasoning balances the imagination and intuition giving us balanced information to work from.  Every decision we make is run through a gambit of mental testing before we actually choose.  Of course we are talking about higher functions here not a simple, ouch that is hot!  Say you would like to get a new job.  Your friend approaches you with an idea of applying with her employer.  Your logical mind takes over and you quickly assess if this is an actual possibility.  The power of reason comes in when you compare the pros and cons of this new idea.  This is the way in which most of us use reason on a daily basis.  There is another way to use reason you may not have heard of. 

Reasoning is a great tool when used in prayer.  This is a Religious Science technique that Ernest Holmes taught almost 80 years ago.  It goes like this, state your connection to the divine, feel this connection.  I am one with all that there is, God is in me, through me, is me!  State what it is you desire in a positive way.  I am a money magnet.  Now use reasoning to reinforce this statement and create a feeling.  I am a money magnet because I see money everywhere, pennies on every corner, bills filling my wallet, and whenever I need money I have what I need.  I know this is true because I experience it every day in so many different ways.  State as many reasons as you need to create the feeling you desire.  Now give thanks for this as it is already so.  Know it, feel it and then you will experience it.  Gratitude is the juice that fuels this engine!  I am so grateful to be a money magnet! As you experience this in your mind, you will experience it in your “reality”.  The last step is to release the need for this to be true.  You know it is so, there is no doubt, so let it go and allow it to manifest.  I release these thoughts, words and feelings knowing they are created in the now.  Let go and let God.  Release is an important part of the process.  It is meant to be; so it is. 

Reasoning is a great way to make decisions, to create that which you desire, and to come to terms with that which has already manifested.  You may not be aware of everything that you create, and so you must reason with yourself as to why you are experiencing whatever is.  If you are in the later position, then I suggest opening your mind, eyes and heart to what is being created in your life and that you are the creator.  When you are consciously creating, you will still be surprised from time to time, but they will be pleasant surprises!  Use the power of reason in your life to make your manifestations more to your liking.  Accept your gifts so to speak. 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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