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“Welcome to Oneness Ministry

Explore, Discover, and Experience our Oneness. Know thyself and you will know the world! We are dedicated to revealing Truth using our guide, Jesus and his teachings in A Course in Miracles.

The Journey of Love is about acceptance and non-judgment. We are Spiritual Beings not these vessels we use to interface with this world. There are no limitations with Mind. The One Mind, the only Mind, the Mind of God. Holy Spirit is here to show the way.” (

The Above is the intro to our website Oneness Ministry. Upon review I feel like Oneness needs more explanation. All my pages here are related to oneness, some more than others. We cannot be too focused on Oneness, why? Because it is the essence of all existence. “Know thyself and you will know the world!” Simply stated, by knowing yourself, you know everything! This is Oneness, You, me, others… all of the One. It all seems separate – an illusion of ego mind. Most of the time connections are invisible, we see other people, places, and things as Other and this is right, they are Other Self. They are us projected into the world so we can know ourselves. This is both reassuring and terrifying!

“The Journey of Love is about acceptance and non-judgment.” So our journey here is to accept it all as One and most importantly not to judge it as good or bad or other at all. The Eastern Religions and teachings are less cryptic about this teaching than say Christianity, though all religions teach these concepts. Judge not, lest ye be judged! Do onto others as you would have done onto you! Take these cliches literally. There is no one else to judge or to do upon!

“We are Spiritual Beings not these vessels we use to interface with this world. There are no limitations with Mind. The One Mind, the only Mind, the Mind of God. Holy Spirit is here to show the way.” This comes from ACIM, A Course in Miracles which is the direct channeled teachings of Jesus. So what does it mean to be a Spiritual Being? We are not the observer, we are not the action taker, we are not even the master mind, we are Spirit, that which is beyond time and space. Spirit is reality… all that is real. “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” (ACIM) So to explain this further, our lives are dreams or projections of mind. The aspect of Mind which believes itself to be separate from God, the Ego. While there is only One Mind, the Mind of God, we are constantly choosing between the false and the true, unconsciously most of the time. What we see, hear, feel, touch, taste is of ego mind. In fact an easy way to distinguish the false from the true is to know God, to know yourself. (My eBook Livin’ Large Ch. 12 goes into this further)

According to ACIM Holy Spirit is our go between and guide home. God knows nothing of this world and has nothing to do with what happens here, which frankly, explains a lot! Our choice is between Ego and Holy Spirit. It is as simple as that. Ego makes things complicated, Spirit is simple. As we say, we are giving up nothing (the ego or unreal) and receiving everything! (Spirit, who we are, the real)

Sequoia Elisabeth

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Keys to Learning

What is learning first of all, so we know what we are doing? Simply stated learning is becoming aware of knowledge, information, or the acquisition of a skill previously unavailable to an individual. This is my own definition based on my level of understanding. Oneness dictates we are all using the same all knowing, omnipotent mind. Or are we? When born into this 3D realm of humanness our minds are veiled in the forgetting. “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts,…” ( As Shakespeare points out our roles here are various, they are not who we are, and they are scripted. How we play these roles are up to the individual.

I don’t know about you, but I have never been good at Acting, however I play my pre-programmed roles brilliantly if I do say so myself. <G> These roles guide your path through life, because we tend to do things we are good at. What if you desired to change directions though and learn something totally new to you? Is anything totally new? Of course not, because we are still operating with the One Mind. The veil makes our skills and knowledge unique to us and the path we have traveled before. The saying goes, ‘Life’s lessons are provided on a need to know basis’ (my paraphrase). So this is the key to learning.  Learning is really re-membering!

Necessity is the mother of all invention and learning. Have you ever had to learn something you hated or were not interested in at all? For me this was math and boy was it a struggle! It took me years of practice and finally understanding that math was useful in the everyday world to learn it. I had several teachers share wonderful “tricks” that helped me re-member math. It took focus and a desire to learn to even get started and the more I learned the more I en-joyed it and the cycle repeated. Having studied education and learning for many years now I know from experience learning is a process. There are techniques which facilitate learning and these are spelled out nicely in books and websites. I encourage you to explore and if you seek, you shall find!

The point I make here summed up – Learning takes emotion, desire, intent and practice. The choice to learn is not up to anyone else. Most of all though it is driven by need, even if it is just an ego desire to learn a skill or knowledge for the fun of it. If you have no desire or need to learn something the actions you take will be futile. I have studied Spanish, for example, for years, however my efforts where half-hearted and not driven by desire. At times I could have used this skill but I found others to translate for me and since I don’t need it on a daily basis. I have not become proficient in Spanish. I suppose this goes for any manifesting one attempts, e-motion is required! Those things that come to you easily have been learned before in a previous lifetime or were pre-programmed for this one. I am still amazed at how easy Radiology was for me. It eventually became boring though after a quarter century and I moved on. This is how life works though, we are driven in certain directions (for me it was the path of least resistance) by forces unknown. To truly succeed one must trust this path and learn to listen to the Holy Spirit and not the Ego. Ah, but this is another blog. Blessings on your Journey of Love!

Sequoia Elisabeth

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The Power of Place

I challenge you to notice how your thinking and interests change as you are in different places.  The power of the environment to effect change in your thoughts and behaviors is an important tool for coping in Transition. 

It has long been known that who you hang out with is a reflection of who you are.  This is the big reason why your parents worked so hard to get a house in a nice neighborhood with good schools and low crime rates.  The question that keeps coming up for me is which came first, who you are or the environment.  Does the environment reflect you or do you reflect the environment? 

I believe the answer is both.  Visualize the neighborhood where you live.  Did it look this way before you moved here?  How do you know?  What has changed since you moved there?  Is it to your liking or otherwise?  Has your thoughts about the neighborhood changed since you moved in? I suggest that the fabric of space and the appearance of your environment are a reflection of your thoughts, so you are experiencing the same space that others experience but in your own way based on your thoughts about it. 

Each place you go has its unique energy and when you experience that energy you combine with it to create your unique experience.  So this is what I mean about both came first, the environment and you.  You make the environment and the environment makes you!  The small changes you observe when you go to a place you visited only a month ago or even a moment ago are reflections of your consciousness changing.  These changes validate your thoughts and in doing so they empower the thoughts to become stronger or not depending on what you think about these changes.  The environment is a reflection of you and your thoughts combined with other people’s thoughts or the ripple effect.

To better explain this ripple effect, remember that there is but one mind.  There is no one else!  What you experience as other people’s thoughts is only a ripple of your own thoughts.  The other important thing to understand is that the conscious mind is not aware of all thoughts and in fact 90-95% of thoughts in the average person are unconscious thus supporting this effect of other people. 

I hope I have not lost you.  If you are still reading let me transition into the way this works to your advantage.  When you know how a process works you have more control over its operation.  You can visualize the process supporting you.  Things happen to help you grow and experience what you need. 

Often people go to the library to study or relax in a place of silence, or go to the mall for the excitement of shopping and seeing many other people.  In this way you cope with your moods and feelings.  You are using the power of place to shape your experience!  Let’s say you are at a bar late at night and you decide to walk home.  Which route you take or if you decide to take a taxi and the thoughts you are having about the trip home will reflect your thoughts and feelings.  If you feel safe you will be and if you take a path that supports that safety.  They work hand in hand. 

I believe the key is to be aware of your feelings and thoughts at all times and this is done not only by being in touch with your heart chakra, but by your surroundings. 

In Loving Awareness,   Sequoia Elisabeth 🙂

Unity in Gender Diversity

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