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I am as I think

As I think, therefor I am. Works either way!  Powerful words meant to be taken literally. We quite literally think ourselves into existence. A dream within a dream? Many have an issue with who is driving the bus, but this blog is simply explaining how powerful our thoughts are and encouraging you to explore deeper.

I speak from experience when I say my observations support the statement “As I think, therefor I am.” When one steps out of the way they can suddenly see the forest through the trees. The ego mind will block you from actually seeing your manifest thoughts or it will try to aggrandize them. Its not like we consciously think, I am a millionaire and a million dollars show up in our bank account. The effect is metaphorical and over time can become literal. The more you think upon it the more these thoughts drive action which creates the experience. It could be you take a tour of a palatial palace and as you stand there it feels like it is all yours, because on the Spiritual level it is, we are all One.

Perhaps the thought is I am loved or loving. Say the prayer, “Show me how loving I am”, and then observe your life conform. If you have not been loving lately perhaps you run across a dog fight, literally or figuratively. Or you could see children playing or simply feel a strong warmth within. This is why you must observe and be open to what manifests around you. Subconscious guilt is always showing its ugly head when we start looking, so don’t be afraid. Have faith! Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real. The more one practices this and the purer of heart one becomes the truer the experience becomes. To thy own self be true! Its all you after all ❤

All paths lead home. Don’t be concerned with deception, fake news, or the like because what you focus on grows. The more you obsess on any one topic or belief the more it becomes true and like a magnet this experience is attracted into your life. This is why we say worry is negative prayer. Be not afraid to look at the world AND seek the good, the loving, the compassionate. It matters not what you see, it matters what you think and what you focus on or think on the most. This is one way to be a great gift to the world, by being a shining light. It is a choice and the choice is yours.

Sequoia Elisabeth

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Trying is Failing

Trying is failing, so stop trying to do whatever it is you do.  JUST DO IT.  For example trying to walk up ten flights of stairs implies you don’t feel you can make it.  It implies doubt and where there is doubt there is failure.  You may very well walk all the way up, but it is just as likely you will not!  “I am walking up ten flights of stairs” not only uses the power of God (I am) but it is positive and committed.  This may still not be a guarantee but it has a far higher chance of success than trying does.

Stairs spiral

Consider revamping your vocabulary and see what changes happen in your life.  Trying is just one word which is self-defeatist.  There are many which could be reviewed to see whether they are effectively communicating your desires and intentions.  The list is long for most people these days so I will not attempt to make one here.  Just look for words which compromise your principles and undermine your intentions.  Speak positively and believe in yourself.  Simply by being conscious of the words you use life will improve.

Sequoia Elisabeth 🙂

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Thought Power

Have you ever considered the power your thoughts have?  You may have heard of The Secret or Law of Attraction which states that like attracts like.  Today’s blog is about the power of positive thinking and the safety valve that is built in.

In the movie The Secret they show an elephant sitting on the couch next to an actor who has just wished for an elephant and poof there it is.  Our wishes do not manifest this quickly for a reason!  You may not want everything you wish for!  “Success is getting what you want. Happiness is in wanting what you get.” Dale Carnegie

The trick to this process is being aware of what you wish for!  Make note of it, and when you get it, Celebrate it!  Now this can be as simple as wishing for a scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sprinkles.  When you get it – Celebrate it!  Feel the joy that comes with success, even if you went to the freezer and served it yourself (sure way of getting things).  Once you get this down, move on to bigger and better things.

This techniques works on any aspect of your life, take your health for instance.  You imagine that a low fat, non-dairy Yogurt is good for you and you even imagine yourself smiling and happy after eating it.  Take a mental inventory here, you can remember wishing for this and when you do enjoy it, feel this success deep within your soul! 

It matters not what you choose to do this with, because every thought is a prayer.  Also, as stated in the A Course in Miracles, there is no order of difficulty in miracles.  This means that if you see yourself happy, healthy and free of any dis-ease, then that is what you will experience, eventually, even if you have just been given a terminal prognosis with 3 months to live by your doctor.  It does take time in this ego world, however for those who have moved beyond the ego like Jesus, the window of time is almost immediate.  (STOP – Yes, you are like Jesus)

Think about this for a minute.  How does Jesus do the things he did such as walk on water, turn water into wine, raise the dead, etc.?  He wishes it so and knows in his mind that it is so.  He has no doubts, he feels the Truth and it is so.  I know this is how it works because I have experienced it!  Not that I have walked on water or such as that, but I am working within my beliefs and making great strides! 

I am healthy, happy, and whole, because this is my wish.  I choose it!  I have also chosen to express my feminine nature as this feels more natural to me, and it is so!  There are pictures on the website below if you need proof.  I also had the experience of imagining myself taking a medicine, without actually taking it, and it works! 

I encourage you to experiment with this and take small steps while remaining aware and awake.  Throwing away all your medicinces is not a good choice, but you can be free of them all when you take small steps.  Get professional assistance if you desire, just know that anyone can do this.  Notice your successes and ReJoice!!!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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