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Trying is Failing

on August 12, 2013

Trying is failing, so stop trying to do whatever it is you do.  JUST DO IT.  For example trying to walk up ten flights of stairs implies you don’t feel you can make it.  It implies doubt and where there is doubt there is failure.  You may very well walk all the way up, but it is just as likely you will not!  “I am walking up ten flights of stairs” not only uses the power of God (I am) but it is positive and committed.  This may still not be a guarantee but it has a far higher chance of success than trying does.

Stairs spiral

Consider revamping your vocabulary and see what changes happen in your life.  Trying is just one word which is self-defeatist.  There are many which could be reviewed to see whether they are effectively communicating your desires and intentions.  The list is long for most people these days so I will not attempt to make one here.  Just look for words which compromise your principles and undermine your intentions.  Speak positively and believe in yourself.  Simply by being conscious of the words you use life will improve.

Sequoia Elisabeth 🙂

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