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A Purpose Driven Life

Have you ever thought about the details of how you live life? I don’t mean the basic questions we all have, like do I wear the red or blue top or what’s for dinner. I mean the deeper how’s as to what do I want out of life and what do I have to offer the world? The questions I refer to here are what I call the Purpose driven questions… and answers. I mean does this action or thought support my purpose? Of course, if you are still young you may have not even asked the question of purpose. Many adults don’t even know their purpose in the world. To me this is the most important question anyone can ask because it answers so many other questions we have in life. Every simple question you ask yourself can be answered with purpose just by turning it around. Will I go workout today? Well, does working out support your purpose in life? Without knowing your purpose the answers become willy-nilly and they will vacillate depending on your mood and will. Take time with your answer to purpose. Go to a quiet place and relax. Let life flow while you step outside of it all. Be the observer. Take inventory of your life. Remember the high points, those moments which feel significant. Then ask what brings me Joy? By joy I mean the elated feeling which stays with you always. Happiness is fleeting and will always balance with sadness, so don’t worry about being happy. There is something deep within your core that is always with you which can be described with three words interchangeably – Joy, Peace, and Love. We often think of these words as having different meanings and practically they do, however they each come from the same Source. They make up the essence of each of us. We are Joy, Peace, and Love. Please don’t get caught up in semantics. Forget what you think you know. Remember your Source. This is easiest in a quiet uninterrupted space. I have found this space walking in the woods, sitting on a boat, driving my car, resting in bed, sitting in front of the computer, and many other places.

What is Your Purpose? Is this always your purpose? Ahhh!! Yes, purpose changes as we grow and mature. We often have a layered purpose tied to the moment and the activity. Living in the Now is purposeful living. So while the purpose of what you are doing at the moment is important I ask you to look deeper. What is the purpose of your entire life? At the end of the day, what keeps you going? I know how difficult this question can be. It sits foremost in my mind in this very moment! Many a time I have been standing on the edge and staring at this question. All I do is speak from my own experience.

In our society career is one of the most important questions you can answer. I know for me it was tremendously difficult and took me far longer than it should have. I let life itself answer the question as many of us do. Looking back, I made an excellent choice ultimately, but not without first making a few miss-takes. Not until I sat down and reviewed my skills, what I enjoyed, and what was relevant to my life did I find what I was looking for. The choice was a conscious one! My career served me well (25 yrs as a Rad Tech/MRI Tech) and I blew it before I needed to, but that is another story. I got confused about my purpose and well, got off track. No worries, this happens sometimes. The beauty of life is it will reset no matter where you end up. All you have to do is stop and listen, sometimes this can take a while, years even. Be patient. Once you discover this new purpose all other answers will fall into place.

Sequoia Elisabeth

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Everything Has A Reason

Everything has a reason and purpose in life including pain, suffering, discrimination, bullying, inequality, and any negative you can imagine.  Besides just balancing the positive, negative experiences serve Spiritual growth and collective learning.  As the saying goes, it takes two to tango and you cannot experience loss without someone else volunteering to take it from you, or how about prejudice?  Most of us have been on both ends of this, how else can we muster the compassion to forgive?

Who are we to deny these experiences our fellow man?  Would you prevent another from learning their lessons?  There is no way to stay neutral.  I already tried that.  The only thing you can do is go with the flow by listening to your inner voice without judgment and do what you must.  It is not about being right or wrong, because once again we are all going to experience both and the more you focus on one the more out of balance you become and the more drastic the experience gets.   Instead focus on the message the experience offers.  Like a message in a bottle, every experience carries a gift!

We live in a Free Will zone (earth) so this means we all have free will and make our own decisions.  Imposing your will on others is a violation of the Law of One thus polarizing your energy in the negative.  There are two types of people on earth, those who live to serve others and those who live to serve the self.  The first is positive polarity and the other is negative.  Neither is right or wrong, however each has a path.  The service to self path is the scenic route to God, while the service to others path leads straight home.  The choice is yours, and mine…each person gets to make this choice.

There are certain paradigms for learning and growth.  Earth is a 3rd Density zone or Dualistic Paradigm.  For every up there is down, hot leads to cold, pain to pleasure, and sweet to sour.  Once our lessons are learned we move on to another.  Eventually our growth reaches a point of completion for that paradigm, so we jump to the next.  We grow out of these things on a personal level, like a passenger on a bus riding through town.  This also works on a collective basis, so this is what planet earth just experienced.  A shift to a higher consciousness or the next paradigm, 4th Density or Unity!

The next time you think about protesting or advocating against something like slavery, discrimination, crime, or other inequality remember the Law of One.  There are no victims, only volunteers!  Be grateful for ALL the gifts you receive, even the ones which most consider “bad or undesirable”.   Forgive and forget!  Be the observer and witness your life while you are living it.  It takes a little practice, and it works like this, allow yourself to do what you will and at the same time move your conscious awareness beyond your body. The tools used for this practice are will power and imagination.  Try it while you are resting or sitting still as this is a good place to start.  Let go of any expectations or judgments and accept that it is all GOOD.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Destiny!  This is what life is all about, so what does this mean?  Are you fulfilling your destiny?  How can you not?  Stop for a minute and look at your life.  Are you doing what you have always wanted to do, been where you dreamed of going, known those you desire to know, Loved and Lost?

No matter what your answer to the above questions consider the answer is YES!  It is as simple as “ask and you shall receive”.  There is one caveat to this whole process though and this is your Highest and Best Good.  It is also a function of what you believe deep down and what is supported by others.  How deep is your conviction to fulfill these dreams?  Who is to say that you have not already done so?  Reality is created in your dreams!  And it is done in your Highest and Best Good.

I would like you, my friend, to consider your journey carefully.  A river is used to symbolize life.  You are given a raft (body) when born and your journey begins.  The river may be calm and smooth or rough rapids and it will surely change from moment to moment.  The journey will take you through jungles, deserts, plains, and mountains.  Those you meet along the way will guide your path as well as provide both challenge and support.

The premise of Transgender is that you were given the wrong raft on this journey, however if God makes no mistakes, then how can this be?  Maybe the mistake is in your perception of the raft.  Maybe you desired to show the world that a kayak is the way to make it down the river of life?  Then again maybe you desired to take your raft and convert it into a houseboat.

The point being you make of your gifts what you will!  And I mean ‘will power’ here.  There are no limits till you place them there and often times the limits are there for your benefit and protection.  Limits guide your path just as a large boulder will do in a river, the water flows around the boulder and so will your raft!  The important thing is to learn Love – Love for your raft and the rafts of others regardless of who you think they are.

So embrace your raft and enjoy the journey!  Look ahead as far as you can while also noticing how the raft is supporting and serving your experience.  Are you using all the features your raft offers, by making the most of what you have?   Remember there is a reason for everything and Universal Intelligence (God) gave you that particular raft for a purpose!  Are you grateful or are you biting the hand that feeds you?

Row, Row, Row Your Boat – gently down the stream…

😀 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Multi-Purpose Life

What if you have thousands if not millions of purposes in life and not just one?  New books on the purpose of life or finding your true purpose in life come out all the time.   We all feel a need for life to have meaning!  What if that meaning is in the mix and simply by breathing and engaging in this realm your purpose is served?

Think about this for a minute.  It could be your purpose is to smile at that certain person at work at just the right time to give them hope when they are feeling down.  Or take your granddaughter to the zoo and inspire her to be a zoologist or simply to love her.  Your purpose could be simply to think positively and love each person you meet with an open heart and kind words.

Super Heroes are one of our favorite subjects for the movies, however we are each a super hero in ways that really matter to those we love and care about!  The movies are just there to inspire and entertain you.  We each have our gifts to offer the world and what I am offering here today is the realization that you cannot miss your purpose as long as you wake up in the morning and live your life.  The details take care of themselves.

Humanity has a higher purpose also that each of us is here to share.  Some people call them principles to live by, but I see them as Universal Purpose.  The first one is to “Be Here Now”.  This simply means to be awake and aware of as much as possible at all times.  The easiest way to know you are aware is to feel your breath as it moves in and out of your body.  This can be done as you go about your daily activities.  Simply feel your body, every cell is alive, pulsating with energy and carrying you to your destination – Feel It!

The next Universal Purpose is to “Love Unconditionally”.  I think this is self explanatory; however I will point out some key points here.  Love has no limits, and it is your very essence.  Love is who you are!  When you are embracing this gift you serve your purpose.  Love feels good always and all ways, so if you are feeling pain that is a sin or a sign you have missed the mark.  Loving is actually the easiest path or the path of least resistance, so go with the flow and stop trying so hard.  Remember Love is your nature, it is as easy as breathing and as close as your heart beat.

The third Universal Purpose is to “Tell the Truth – as you see it”.  We each come from a place of our personal understanding and knowledge.  It is important to always operate from this point of Truth.  Lying is a deliberate avoidance or aversion from this place of Truth and it harms you every time you do it.  A layer of separation or veil is created each time you lie and on the journey home you must clean through these layers to reach source.  All humans have a certain number of layers; it is simply an occupational hazard of being human.  We make mistakes, do not fret my child.  Instead focus on the Truth and be honest with yourself and others always.

We each have personal purposes as well as the Universal and these are discovered by listening closely to your heart and being observant of life and that which inspires you.  What brings you Joy?  I am not talking about having fun; I am talking about a deep feeling of blissful satisfaction and serenity.  The answer to every question is always right there and all you have to do is look, listen and feel.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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