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Row, Row, Row Your Boat

on April 3, 2012

Destiny!  This is what life is all about, so what does this mean?  Are you fulfilling your destiny?  How can you not?  Stop for a minute and look at your life.  Are you doing what you have always wanted to do, been where you dreamed of going, known those you desire to know, Loved and Lost?

No matter what your answer to the above questions consider the answer is YES!  It is as simple as “ask and you shall receive”.  There is one caveat to this whole process though and this is your Highest and Best Good.  It is also a function of what you believe deep down and what is supported by others.  How deep is your conviction to fulfill these dreams?  Who is to say that you have not already done so?  Reality is created in your dreams!  And it is done in your Highest and Best Good.

I would like you, my friend, to consider your journey carefully.  A river is used to symbolize life.  You are given a raft (body) when born and your journey begins.  The river may be calm and smooth or rough rapids and it will surely change from moment to moment.  The journey will take you through jungles, deserts, plains, and mountains.  Those you meet along the way will guide your path as well as provide both challenge and support.

The premise of Transgender is that you were given the wrong raft on this journey, however if God makes no mistakes, then how can this be?  Maybe the mistake is in your perception of the raft.  Maybe you desired to show the world that a kayak is the way to make it down the river of life?  Then again maybe you desired to take your raft and convert it into a houseboat.

The point being you make of your gifts what you will!  And I mean ‘will power’ here.  There are no limits till you place them there and often times the limits are there for your benefit and protection.  Limits guide your path just as a large boulder will do in a river, the water flows around the boulder and so will your raft!  The important thing is to learn Love – Love for your raft and the rafts of others regardless of who you think they are.

So embrace your raft and enjoy the journey!  Look ahead as far as you can while also noticing how the raft is supporting and serving your experience.  Are you using all the features your raft offers, by making the most of what you have?   Remember there is a reason for everything and Universal Intelligence (God) gave you that particular raft for a purpose!  Are you grateful or are you biting the hand that feeds you?

Row, Row, Row Your Boat – gently down the stream…

😀 Sequoia Elisabeth

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  1. Point well made! Thanks….

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