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Sequoia’s Wisdom Part 2

It is time for us to dive a little deeper and address gender identity and sexual orientation. This is a continuation from yesterday’s blog, so here we go.

“I am a spiritual being having a human experience”.  It behooves you to keep this in mind along the way.  Do spiritual beings have gender?  Per Buddhists teachings, all attachments lead to pain, so since we are in a body and “have” a life – pain is inevitable.  However suffering only occurs when you hold on, resist, or ignore the signs/messages.  Pain is a messenger!   It means something, and it is up to you to figure it out.  If you need help with this many others are available to help.  When you listen to your guidance you find the answers you seek.  Life is like a game of connect the dots.  You move from one dot/spot/experience to the next like a string of moments and it all adds up to your life.  Being attached to gender identity or any identity can be painful!

Gender Identity is your personal sense of who you are, man, woman, or other.  It is in your mind and relatively fixed, however the brain has little to do with this contrary to what many think.  Nor does any physical body part!  The body is simply an effect of previous thoughts.  The DNA is a code for encrypting these thoughts which have been decided long before you are born.  This slide show explains it further, but keep in mind this was made a few years ago and my understanding has advanced since then.  It includes scientific information which is dated.  Click here to view.

I wish I could explain self-identity fully (gender and sexual orientation are aspects) but it has taken me years and many books to figure this much out.  I am still working on it.  My advice to you is to ask questions and above all listen.  Here are three authors who can help, Tom Youngholm, Neale Donald Walsch, and Dr. Michael Newton.

The secret to understanding Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation is to understand the Divine Plan.  It is bigger than you are and so it is unlikely that you will fully understand it in this lifetime.  Suffice it to know that everything is connected – literally.  Man is a part of Woman who is a part of Animal who is a part of Plant, Mineral, and Stars.  The web is multilayered, all reaching, and complex.  The Divine Paradox of life is complex beyond comprehension and yet as simple as One (1).  Thus computer language is a series of (1’s) and (0’s).

Man’s taboos, social norms, and societal behaviors are all “make-believe”.  You can do whatever you choose, however there are consequences.  Not because there is good or bad, but because of Universal Law and even this is not fixed, all you need do is go beyond this Universe.  Gender is a human experience and a man-made condition of this world.  How you experience this is up to you.  I encourage you to explore, but be careful because everything you do affects another.  (Remember this is not good or bad)  Even choosing to “do nothing” has effects.  Can you imagine life without gender?

Sexual Orientation is another aspect of the human experience, nothing more, nothing less.  Because of soul contracts made before you were born you have certain proclivities, although it is not fixed per se.  It is my belief that everyone is basically neutral or if you prefer bi-sexual (given you believe only two sexes exist).  I like the term Pansexual, meaning you are attracted to all sexes per personality coupled with appearance and not sexual body parts.  Personally I have been attracted to many different people at different times of my life depending on who I am with, how I feel, and the situation.  Bottom line, sex is an expression of love or at least it is supposed to be.  It can also simply be a biological function when existing in lower forms.  The animal human is designed to encourage sex on a basic level; however it is possible to move beyond these urges and in fact evolution requires it.  The pleasure derived from sexual encounter may be used on the path to God as the Kama Sutra teaches.  The intention behind the sexual encounter becomes paramount.  Sex for the sake of sex or to reproduce is one thing, but sex for the purpose of obtaining higher states of being is something altogether different and can be attained with either a same sex or opposite sex partner.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Coming Out Process

Coming out is a tiered process that starts with a personal admittance.  It then touches those closest to you and branches out.  The depth of your personal admittance determines the effect you experience and in many ways determines the reactions others show you.

It is like an explosion with shock waves which reverberates out and back again.  The energy you put out will come back to you!  This is why it is so important to do your inner work or shadow work and forgive yourself to start with. (Even though there is nothing to forgive, but the illusion forgiveness is necessary.)

Coming out is usually a LGBTQ thing, however it can apply to any aspect of your life that you have denied.  It is a way of getting to know yourself; a labeling process if you will.  Self-identity is so important in society and will determine your success in this world.    The reason is simple, as a beacon of energy your thoughts are transmitted out to the world and come back to you in your experiences.  Love yourself and the world loves you back!!  Hate yourself and watch out!

Are you aware of your inner feelings?  Have you sat in front of a mirror and looked deep within your soul (eyes)?  This is the first step in coming out!  The next step is to embrace this identity and live it.  Live the life you know is right for you!  Share with those close to you… “I have great news…etc.”.

The next tier of coming out is to dress and act in a fashion that is authentic to your soul.  Allow those close to you to see the person you truly are within.  It may be like coming out all over again so be patient with them.  Maintain your positive attitude and allow them space to adjust to the new you.  Ask them not to jump to conclusions and offer to educate them or for them to do it themselves.  This is why websites like this one exist, to educate on gender and sexual orientation.  This is a soulful, spiritual journey, thus the Spiritual Learning Center is offered as well.

As the journey progresses you will get to know yourself better and so will your friends and family.  It is a win-win because we are all in this together!  So, coming out is a process that begins within and is shared with close friends, family, and associates (conceptual level).  It then progresses to the visual and interactive level where you are living the life you desire in the fashion you choose.  After a time, this will become natural and the process goes deeper and sometimes goes full circle leading back to where you started, although now this state has been processed and everyone is comfortable with it, most importantly you!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Self Identity

For those with Gender Identity issues understanding who you are is indeed a life long journey.  When you ask that profound question of “who am I?”, take a few minutes and feel the answer.  You may hear words, but instead of listening, simply feel. 

You are the only person who can truly know who you are.  No one can tell you although they may try.  This blog is about the journey of discovery in which one explores the inner depths of their own psyche and beyond.  As you may remember from earlier blogs, the mind is simply a tool used to interface with this environment, it is not who you are! 

Neither is the body “who you are”.   The body is simply a vessel which carries us about and to experience this world in which we live.  Our body has 5 senses, our mind has 6 and together they make up a complex system of collecting information about life.  Being human is all about the experience of life from every perspective and aspect.  So what does it mean to be a woman or a man?

This is the question that leads many gender variant individuals to therapy.  The odd thing is that most people would simply say “this is who I am” while looking in the mirror at their body, and really have no clue as to whether they feel like a man or woman!  You feel the way you do, so how do you know that is like a man or woman?  Who decided those parameters? 

The transgender journey is largely about accepting who you are, how you feel and the behaviors you are compelled to participate in.  Part of identity is self expression and this is often not a conscious decision, although sometimes it is.  For a man to have the desire to wear pantyhose or other woman’s clothing can be very confusing and frustrating.  The idea of being a woman trapped in a man’s body for me seemed absurd.  This question depends on how you define self. 

You are you and the rest is simply how you are experiencing the world.  The choice is yours how you experience the world and yet it is NOT.  It is like you have made the choice to get on a particular train (born male, female or intersex) and now you are having that experience.  The current choice comes in your attitude about the ride.  Are you going to enjoy it?  Will you jump off the train?  Will you feel sorry for yourself because you choose the “wrong” train?  Have you ever started on a trip and then forget where you were going before you got there?  Then you end up standing in the middle of the sidewalk wondering how you got there?  This happens more than we are willing to admit, especially in life’s journey. 

The next step is to choose again and move on with a renewed vigor for our new goal.  Happy to just be alive!  Paying attention to every little feeling and thought.  Not judging them but just noticing them and using them as a guide to our next step.  …Row…Row…Row…your…boat…gently…down…the…stream

🙂  Sequoia Elisabeth

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