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The way you make love is the way God will be with you ~ Rumi

Have you considered how you connect with the rest of the world?  And I am not just speaking physically but multi-level… think chakras and the energy each manifests.   This is what is meant by a multi-dimensional being. This is who you are and perhaps a source of dysphoria or simply a feeling of not belonging.  Why do you feel this way, you know the feeling of being separate from everything.  Others don’t understand you and at times you don’t understand them either.  Is this feeling necessary to live in the world of physical matter?  Perhaps, however we are looking at the big picture today and your task is to relate this information to your own life and perspectives.

For more on the chakras and what I speak of there being different levels of being please read this article which is quite good at explaining each level of chakra, and remember each level has different dimensions(bodies) such as physical, emotional, mental, astral, etc. for more on this I found this article on human nature.

I realize this topic can be a bit overwhelming it has taken me many years to grasp only a fraction of this knowledge.  Take one step at a time and with only a little effort the puzzle pieces fall into place.  I can’t tell you how beautiful the finished product is because you must see that for yourself, and this could quite possibly be the reason you are here reading this now.

Moving on to another message which I find intriguing and again quite possibly the reason I am here writing this blog.  I wish to more fully understand and embrace my inner being.  This quote sums it up…

“When we touch the place in our lives where sexuality and spirituality come together, we touch our wholeness and the fullness of our power and at the same time our connection with a power larger than ourselves.”
― Judith Plaskow, Standing Again at Sinai: Judaism from a Feminist Perspective

Focusing more directly on just one aspect of the greater system, the second chakra in orchestra with the others seems to be extremely important to living a whole life.

“If sexuality is one dimension of our ability to live passionately in the world then in cutting off our sexual feelings we diminish our overall power to feel, know, and value deeply.”
― Judith Plaskow, Standing Again at Sinai: Judaism from a Feminist Perspective

How does this fit into the gender journey?  And, how does our relationship to other-self determine the quality of life we live?

The answer lies within each person uniquely.  Speaking from the transgender perspective I know I am a multi-dimensional being as I sense this acutely.  Even the label human feels odd to me and as I work down the path, male, caucasian, american, heterosexual, woman, each identity is ephemeral in reality.  Must I embrace my sexuality to define my being?  Can I be without orientation?  Is this desirable?  The quote above would suggest embracing ones sexuality is the key to a full expression of self.  From experience I have to agree.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Celebrating Diversity Revisited

Transitions Blog is meandering along and in keeping with topics related to Gender and Sex I am re-posting a blog from 2010.  It is fairly basic, but I bet many of you have not thought of sexual orientation as I present it here.  Thanks for reading and please share your ideas for new topics.

Sexual expression comes in many different flavors, and is possibly as unique as the number of people on our beautiful blue planet.   The old school wants us to conform to the old ‘boy meets girl, girl has baby’ scenario and while that does serve its purpose as a race we are moving beyond that.  Relationships are so much more than adding one more baby to the rising population, or even the aspect of replacing the self.  The world may appear to be a binary system with only men and women, but I can assure you it is not.

Sexual orientation is an aspect of gender that Dr. Carl Bushong describes as “Brain Sex”.  “Our love/sex patterns, and how we relate to others on a social and interpersonal as well as sexual level, often referred to as our “Sexual Orientation”.” (1995) This aspect, like gender identity, is hard wired from birth, which means our brains, being much like a computer, are programmed to be attracted to certain physical attributes, genders and personalities.

To restrict every person on the planet, all 6.8 Billion +, to being either heterosexual or homosexual is unrealistic.  Instead it is much more feasible that each person on earth has their own unique sexuality which falls into several categories.  The categories as they exist today are, heterosexual, homosexual, asexual, bisexual, and pansexual.  There are a few other words being used but overlap these so I will stick with this list.  Within each category will be a sliding scale so that each person falls somewhere on the scale and is not necessary stuck exactly in that spot, although they will stay within a category.

Just briefly hetero means opposite sex attraction, homo means same sex attraction, The (a) in asexual means no sexual attraction, The (bi) in bisexual means both sexual attraction, and the (pan) in pansexual means all sexual attraction.  I do not like the term bisexual because it implies there are only two sexes, male and female.  This is the old world paradigm and no longer works (if it ever worked).  Pansexual includes everyone and applies to anyone that is sexual but not strictly attracted to the opposite or same sex.  This term is far more appropriate in today’s society.

The whole labeling game gets a little absurd after a while because the terms become contradictory and putting people into boxes is both confining and inaccurate. For instance, a transwoman who is attracted to women is lesbian or are they heterosexual since they were born into a male body?  And what about the woman who was attracted to this person not realizing they were transgender?  Does that make them a lesbian?  So what if it does?

The world is coming out!  We are becoming more aware of gender identity and sexual orientation, which is leading to more understanding and eventually to more acceptance.  I ask only that you stay away from the labels as much as possible and simply love the person.  This is why I like the Pansexual label best because it is defined as “A sexual orientation characterized by the potential for aesthetic attraction, romantic love and/or sexual desire for people, regardless of their gender identity or biological sex.” (, 2010)

Who you are attracted to should not be grounds for discrimination. (In reality there are no grounds for discrimination) Could you imagine if the world judged you on the grounds of your attraction to hair color?  “Oh you like redheads, uggg or ewww”!   Actually Blondes often get joked about and while it may be in fun, it is only fun to the person joking.  Sexual orientation is just another of many category’s that are used to separate or define humans.  Being unique is a gift, and it makes us lovable and desirable.  Just think of a rare diamond or rare flower.  Uniqueness is a desirable trait in our society, so why not extend that to your relationships.  Celebrate differences and LOVE the person – stop separating!  We are One – one big family of Human.  Love the One your with!

😀 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Porn and the Effects of Sex

Recently I read a very interesting message about the energy exchange that happens with porn or any sexual fantasy. The object or subject of the act feels the energy (both parties feel it). An actual exchange of energy takes place on a mental/astral plane. The intent has a lot to do with the energy’s frequency. There is still much about this I do not understand, but I can attest to the energy exchange as I have been on both ends. Unfortunately this energy can be addictive working much like any other drug; however with a Loving intent and focused meditation the energy can be transformed for the positive. It is best to ask Holy Spirit to assist in this endeavor. The bible warns of worshiping idols and as history shows it, it is the men who fall prey.

The power of human sexuality is explained in this video, so I invite you to explore this energy at a deeper level.  Then take this understanding to the experience of masturbation, either by yourself using your imagination or by using an image on the page of a magazine or monitor.  It is like opening a door and releasing a vastly powerful healing energy.  Focus on the healing aspects, the release of vital hormones, and brain chemicals that revitalize the body.  Feel Love as you are doing it.  Express Love in every action you take.  This is where all is transformed to a higher vibration.

While having a partner makes the experience more profound, masturbation still serves its purpose and can be beneficial.  Same sex partnerships can be beneficial as well depending on the energies of the partners.  Remember that all attraction is magnetic in nature so the polarity will be opposite, even if the physical sex of each person is the same.  Give the experience to Higher Spirit and allow this energy to guide the experience, surrendering to the forces of nature.  A positive loving intention is most beneficial.

After the experience, let go and move on with your life holding no attachment to your partner and placing no demands on either yourself or them.  Remember this is not idol worship; this is a sharing of being with no expectations or attachments.  Love is unconditional… the purer the Love and the deeper the sharing – the more profound the benefits.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Transgender and beyond

It is time we revisited Transgender, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation so that everyone understands the meaning of certain words and concepts.  The Unitarian Universalist Church as a wonderful site (beside my own site of course) that gives a good overview of these principles, so please visit by clicking here after you have read this blog of course, lol.

First and foremost it is important to understand that gender and sex are different things and have multiple meanings.  Gender is your self-concept of who you are man, woman, transgender, androgynous or other.  Each individual is born with this, but is not aware of it till the ages of 3-6.  If a discrepancy is perceived then this awareness is often suppressed or denied in order to fit in.  I pray this is changing and from what I have observed it is.  Children are coming out and telling their parents who are actually respecting their concerns.  Cisgender is a term that describes “people who are not trans or gender variant—in other words, those whose gender identities, presentations, and behavior “match” (according to the gender binary) the sex they were assigned at birth.” (

Transgender and/or Trans is a person appearing or attempting to be a member of the opposite sex, such as a transsexual or habitual crossdresser.  This term is often as an umbrella term to include the entire community of individuals who cross gender boundaries on a consistent basis.  For more on terminology I cover it extensively at this link.

Sexual Orientation is also hard wired at birth and does not change, although many people now days are bisexual or pansexual meaning they are open to the individuals personality and not so concerned with physical sex.  A homosexual is attracted to their own sex and will not consider being with the opposite sex, just as a heterosexual is only interested in the opposite sex.  With Transgender individuals these definitions get blurry, so it is up to the individual to identify.  Make no assumptions because each person is different and may change their mind from time to time, especially if they are young and exploring.  The term sex can also mean physical or biological sex.

The traits of the Aquarian Age person is that of being bisexual and androgynous which explains much of the trans-revolution we are experiencing today!   We are moving from the end of the Piscean era to the new era of Aquarian!  I have spoken of this in other blogs and find that this explains much of what I have been experiencing.  I have decided not to get too drastic with my transition because I can see the bigger picture!  I am exactly the person I was meant to be straight from birth!

Does this mean I was not to transition?  Of course not!  That is the purpose of these times and my life is a mirror of the greater whole just as your life is!  All I am saying is I have chosen not to have sex change surgery.  Your path is up to you and if you have questions I am happy to assist!  Please visit the website below and explore the Gender Learning Center.  It goes into gender at length as well as sexual orientation and the different aspects of each of these.  The eBook “Sex and Sexuality” is available free on this website also.  The eBook is an extensive look at gender, sex, orientation, sexuality, and more.  So please give it a look see.   The website below lists the info in several formats -video, powerpoint, written, quiz, and eBook, so you can find what works best for your learning method.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Union of Souls

I share with you a message today that sings to my Soul and ignites a fire of passion.  My article on Sexuality found HERE, speaks to this very subject of which is one of the reasons we are incarnated here on Earth, to experience this union.  Let me point out that this is energy we speak of not strickly male and female.  Even in same sex relationships one person will embody the Masculine and the other Feminine, this may change or flip-flop depending on the relationship just let go of stereotypes and feel the JOY.

The Masculine and Feminine Union

I often hear that a fundamental feminine practice is to surrender–to the masculine in your life, and to the divine. I believe this is true. A great relationship is not created by trying to control one’s partner. A joy-filled life does not happen in the midst of clinging on to a false sense of security, or trying to control events and people around you. Your feminine practice is to learn to let go and trust. But, trust is not blind faith. Trust does not mean giving yourself to just anyone. Trust requires you to listen deeply. Who is worthy of your trust? In partnership with the loving masculine presence in your life, are you listening to your heart and his heart? Are you open to the gifts he wants to share with you? Are you tuned in to the “masculine” way he wants to connect with you? If you are single, the same questions apply. Listen to whether his heart is really open and if he is ready to share himself with you.

Surrendering to our partner is not just for women. Men who want to experience a great relationship are called to surrender to the feminine’s awesome power. The magical union that occurs when both the masculine and the feminine surrender to the other is beautifully depicted in this piece of writing by Lakota Sioux, Henry Houston

“When a woman is in her center, she is like wild mare taking flight freely through the open plain, her mane whipping in the wind. The strength of her powerfully sculptured legs merges with the earth, majestically creating its own drumbeat in tribute to Source. She is pure and primal expression of creative power.

What is possible for her becomes totally transformed when her beloved is riding her, the masculine strength who knows and honors her power. It is through his surrender to her that he is able to become one with her. His masterful leadership and understanding of her raw power, her desires and her vision guides and directs the powerful energies in a manner that manifests the greatest good for the unified collaboration. He harnesses the energy into a purposeful end for both.

He does not fear or compete with her magnificent power. Through surrender and union, he experiences his True Nature beyond the world of form and this unleashes his own spiritual power. He is free! She gratefully surrenders to his leadership, for it grounds her, stabilizes her energy, and allows for its manifestation on the physical plane. Both are empowered by the union. Still each of them stands sovereign in his and her own power. Out of the balanced unity is created a third force, a natural flow of synergistic energy between them that combines their individual wholeness into an infinitely expanded wholeness together. All of creation joins in the celebration of this Divine Union .”

I invite you to print this out and read it with the masculine presence in your life. What do they feel when reading this? I’d love to know what arose in your conversation if you want to share.

Blessings for a magical union of masculine and feminine.
Written by Rachael Jayne Groover,

Please visit her website,listen to some of her videos and participate in her workshops.  The Yin Project is a fantastic message for women!

🙂  Sequoia Elisabeth

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