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Transgender and beyond

on August 24, 2011

It is time we revisited Transgender, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation so that everyone understands the meaning of certain words and concepts.  The Unitarian Universalist Church as a wonderful site (beside my own site of course) that gives a good overview of these principles, so please visit by clicking here after you have read this blog of course, lol.

First and foremost it is important to understand that gender and sex are different things and have multiple meanings.  Gender is your self-concept of who you are man, woman, transgender, androgynous or other.  Each individual is born with this, but is not aware of it till the ages of 3-6.  If a discrepancy is perceived then this awareness is often suppressed or denied in order to fit in.  I pray this is changing and from what I have observed it is.  Children are coming out and telling their parents who are actually respecting their concerns.  Cisgender is a term that describes “people who are not trans or gender variant—in other words, those whose gender identities, presentations, and behavior “match” (according to the gender binary) the sex they were assigned at birth.” (

Transgender and/or Trans is a person appearing or attempting to be a member of the opposite sex, such as a transsexual or habitual crossdresser.  This term is often as an umbrella term to include the entire community of individuals who cross gender boundaries on a consistent basis.  For more on terminology I cover it extensively at this link.

Sexual Orientation is also hard wired at birth and does not change, although many people now days are bisexual or pansexual meaning they are open to the individuals personality and not so concerned with physical sex.  A homosexual is attracted to their own sex and will not consider being with the opposite sex, just as a heterosexual is only interested in the opposite sex.  With Transgender individuals these definitions get blurry, so it is up to the individual to identify.  Make no assumptions because each person is different and may change their mind from time to time, especially if they are young and exploring.  The term sex can also mean physical or biological sex.

The traits of the Aquarian Age person is that of being bisexual and androgynous which explains much of the trans-revolution we are experiencing today!   We are moving from the end of the Piscean era to the new era of Aquarian!  I have spoken of this in other blogs and find that this explains much of what I have been experiencing.  I have decided not to get too drastic with my transition because I can see the bigger picture!  I am exactly the person I was meant to be straight from birth!

Does this mean I was not to transition?  Of course not!  That is the purpose of these times and my life is a mirror of the greater whole just as your life is!  All I am saying is I have chosen not to have sex change surgery.  Your path is up to you and if you have questions I am happy to assist!  Please visit the website below and explore the Gender Learning Center.  It goes into gender at length as well as sexual orientation and the different aspects of each of these.  The eBook “Sex and Sexuality” is available free on this website also.  The eBook is an extensive look at gender, sex, orientation, sexuality, and more.  So please give it a look see.   The website below lists the info in several formats -video, powerpoint, written, quiz, and eBook, so you can find what works best for your learning method.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity     Discover Sex and Sexuality click here


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