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Identity Vs Role Play

Identity vs. Role Play

When was the last time you considered your identity consciously?  I mean were you really aware of your self-identity and how you relate to the world?  Who are you?  Where does the roles you play fit into your identity and where do they separate?  These are questions I ask myself regularly so I will share some of my insights.  Your experience here will likely be different than mine, but then this is what makes life worth living.  Variety is the spice of life.

Breaking down the question “Who are you?” leads to who = person, are = state of being, and you = ???  “You” is a broad term and as we grow spiritually we realize that there is a lot more to “you” than realized. There is the individual you (the self-identity), the roles you play as you (Mother, Daughter, housewife, friend, etc.), the larger you connected through community (teacher, activist, citizen, steward, etc.) and the Universal One you, which is the only “real” you there is.  I use “real” loosely here which is why I put it in parenthesis.  Perhaps it is “real” which we ultimately seek, but for now we will stick with identity and roles.  Using them as the barometer for which we measure these things.

We each play roles constantly and this includes the one you are playing right now as you read this. It is important to clarify the roles in each situation of your life so you may more fully experience who you really are.  Wait, is this true?  Are you the roles you play?  Perhaps the answer lies in context and it is the very Matrix you exist in that determines who you are at that moment.  Not to say because you swim in the ocean you are fish, but it does mean you are fish like and the connection to life in the sea is that much more relevant to you.  The sea will also inform your actions and vice versa.

I believe life to be circular, meaning who you are informs life and life itself informs who you are; it is a give and take, an ebb and flow!  This means that who you are is constantly changing depending on your thoughts and the feedback you get from “the Universe”.  Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am”.  Does this mean we are our thoughts?  Or that it is thought that creates us?  Who is this “I”?  Most likely you have some idea to your answer to these questions and it is as valid as any I can offer, however since this is my blog I will offer up my answer.

Identity is like an onion with many layers each informing the whole as an aspect of the greater whole, the totality of existence.  As one aspect of this totality, Universal Intelligence or “All that is”, I am as I identify, and in each moment this identity takes the form of a role I play.  So I am not the role, but the role is who I am at the moment.  The role will shift often instantly from one to another and so does my identity from the perspective of the Universe, but not from my own perspective.  I see myself as unchanging (often we identify with our body) and so to really know who I am, I must interact with this Universe (other people, nature, etc.).  We know ourselves through others; they reflect back the identity I project.  This is done through thought, so what you think about yourself determines your identity in this world.  To know what this is one must engage life.  Looking in the mirror only shows you the exterior form, which is far from who you really are. This is one page in a very long book!  In the end the only way to know what is, is to know what isn’t.  This is the lesson we are each here to learn in our own way.  For more on this scroll to the bottom of this page, and experience the Journey of Love!

Sequoia Elisabeth 🙂

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Sustainable Living

As part of the series on a Love Based Economy, I focus today on the loving actions we can take right now with the homes we live in.  Technology is enhancing our lives in so many ways, why not use it to re-integrated our lives into nature? 

Imagine living with nature without any fear.  What if as a society we could get back into harmony with nature to the point where our homes were built in consideration of the native animals and wildlife.  I am talking about a home that not only keeps you dry, warm, and comfortable, but also is open to the outside world.  It is constructed of recyclable materials that are not harmful to nature.  If you walked away from your home and allowed it to decay over 100 years, nothing toxic would get into the soil, water, or air.

This home is powered with renewable energy and constructed with conservation in mind.  Waste water is recycled by separating the toilets to a septic system that composts the waste into fertilizer for the garden.  Gray water from the sinks, dishwasher, and washing machine are used to water the lawn and garden.  Rainwater from the roof is channeled to a cistern for storage and is filtered before being used for washing dishes, clothes and bathing.  Drinking water would come from another source or would be purified in a stricter process. 

The home is built to harness nature in as many ways as possible including, passive solar heating, cooling towers and landscaping.  The home would have back-up systems in case of drought or electrical failure.  The less the home relied on electricity the better, but could still support modern day luxuries such as TV, Computer, Audio system, high efficiency lighting, heating and cooling system. 

The home would fit into the natural surroundings and encourage engagement with the outdoors.  Depending on the location, there are many ways to do this.  Coming from a place of Love is key to making it work. 

The amount of forethought that went into a home like this would be considerable, but the payoff would be worth it!  Consider the possibilities if a system could be developed to create sustainable neighborhoods!  Imagine localized green power distribution, community gardens, gathering centers and recreation areas for each grouping of homes. 

Imagine a world that was not afraid of nature but embraced it as a part of life, where children were taught the wonders of life, how to love and respect it, not what to fear, or stay away from.  Animals can sense fear from those around them, so if everyone could come from a place of love, respect and compassion while focusing on harmony, we could all live joyfully as one great community.

The research has been going on now for many years and all that I speak of is available now!  Many are already living this way!  It is simply a choice to integrate these ideas into the mainstream and expand them to include all new construction, while encouraging existing homeowners to convert what they can to higher efficiency systems. 

Our grandchildren deserve this as do our animal friends!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Christmas Silence

The truest gift of Christmas is the opportunity to enjoy The Spirit within the Silence.  Connection with Source energy is something we all instinctually know how to do.  It is not something you can teach, so this message is a reminder and tribute to this fantastic experience that comes but once a year, unless you claim it every day.

Thinking back over my last 48 Christmas’s one experience stands out above all the rest.  Please join me here as we revisit this moment of deep unabiding Joy.  The traditions of Christmas are many and one in particular touches my heart each year, the Christmas tree.  It is a symbol of reverence to all life and has always played the center piece at Christmas throughout my life.  No matter where I am or what the circumstances are, I manage to get a few minutes alone with the Christmas tree.  

The Christmas tree symbolizes eternal life its evergreen nature and green color.  The triangle shape denotes the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The tree points up and has a star at the top to denote the Highest Power.  We wrap the tree in light too symbolizing the Light that fills each of us and connects us to Heaven.  The gifts we place underneath are acts of charity and love.  The ornaments we place on the tree provide our individual or ego touch, an expression of personality!   

As a child I would lie on the living room carpet under the tree before the gifts were added and marvel at the lights and simply feel the energy flowing through this gateway to Heaven.  As I ponder this experience, the smell of the pine scent takes me back to a simpler time when people were still living in nature.  The lights of the tree are magical and colorful each representing a color of the rainbow and the diversity on earth.  It is a reminder that we are all of One Light.    

The best part of the whole experience is doing this early in the morning when everyone else is asleep and the silence is pervasive.  This is when the Spirit within the Silence is easiest to hear.  It is a feeling more than a sound of course.  How does one hear silence?  Lying there looking up, taking in the beauty, and listening…

Amid this season of hustle and bustle, please remember to connect with this Silence as it is indeed the reason for the season!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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What Next Cont.

By loving a transgender person you have embarked on a grand journey of discovery that has no bounds.  We are all on a journey to discover who we are.  In the process of thinking and doing, we see who we are not.  Along the way many personas emerge, and with each step you are closer to who you really are.  In the end we discover that there is really only one, and this is GOD.

Who you are attracted to guides you closer to discovering your inner self.  Since the world is an inside job, we must look within to find the source.  We do this by looking around us and discovering what we are creating!  It is much like a house of mirrors that distorts and exaggerates our true nature.  This is where we resort to our feelings and let them guide us because our eyes betray. 

Close your eyes and connect to your feelings right now.  I will wait.  …. Take a least a minute to feel deep inside.   Identify each feeling and simply acknowledge it.  Maybe it is calm, maybe it is anger, maybe it is affection but no matter what it is say “I see you, and all is well”.  Be careful not to judge here, but simply observe.  Make a list of all the feelings you observe and yes this may take longer than one minute, it is worth every second.  The deeper you look the more you will find, so let consciousness flow.  Now set this list aside for later use and go about your day, still making no judgments.  Anger is not bad and loving affection is not good, unless you say so, which just happens to be the next step.

Somewhere in that soup of feelings are desires and dreams.  Get in touch with those next and this can be done at any time, but usually best when things are quiet.  Notice what feels good and what seems to cause pain.  Certain thoughts or dreams will excite you and make you feel lighter, write these down.  Other thoughts will scare you and can be painful, write these down also.  Action is not required at this stage so just relax and feel.  Take your time and keep these writing in a journal or diary.  It is important to come back to them at some point though. 

The next step is to embrace these feelings and explore each one all the while being aware of your thoughts, emotions and feelings.  If you are male but have the desire to dress as a woman then do so and get help if needed there are links on my website.  If you are female but feel that you should have a penis then try one on, most XXX video stores have strap-ons you can purchase(for adults only!).  Take your time and notice how you feel along the journey.  If you are adolescent then it is even more important to take your time and not to run from your feelings.  Write to me if you need someone to talk to, I am happy to help. 

This process of looking within and feeling your feelings can take a lifetime, so do not get discouraged.  Remember it is about loving all of your aspects and simply being who you are.  Let go of expectations and relax, simply be yourself!

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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No Order of Difficulty in Miracles

One of the most powerful if not the most powerful concept you can understand is that there is “no order of difficulty in miracles”.  This concept comes from a book called “A Course in Miracles” which I highly recommend picking up.  Do not be in a hurry, because it will take you over a year to read this book.  But then what’s the rush, you have the rest of your life; let’s just hope that lasts longer than the year! 

The main premise of this world we live in comes down to one thing, separation.  Everywhere we look we see separate people, things and places.  This is not a new concept that I am introducing here, I talk about it often because it is so important to the workings of life.  God is all there is and by now I suspect that you are pretty comfortable with that idea, but are you comfortable with that reality?  I would think not since you and I are still here! 

ACIM calls the world illusory and what you think you are seeing is only a product of your thoughts.  Notice I did not say imagination, because this world has rules and structure so that it seems very “real”.  To quote a favorite character of mine Morpheus from the movie The Matrix, “What is real”?  You will remember that he asks further, “Is it something to can touch, taste, see or feel?  If so those can be broken down to electrical signals running through out your body.”  Real suddenly becomes a lot more ephemeral!  ACIM teaches that God is the only “real” there is and we are already there, cradled safely in “all that is”. 

Life takes on a new meaning when we understand that there is “no order of difficulty in miracles”.  So what is the purpose of miracles anyway?  ACIM teaches us that the false belief that we are separate from God is corrected by miracles.  So this means that miracles are simply here to “correct our misperceptions”.  You can think of this as a shift in consciousness.  Miracles join us with Christ mindedness or Buddha consciousness or simply with GOD.  Unity is indeed the goal of all Miracles! 

With this understanding now we can see that miracles join or unify, and it makes no difference whether we think something is hard or easy, big or small.  Moses parting the Red Sea so that Hebrews could re-join their brethren is a wonderful example of miracles having no order of difficulty. 

Looking at miracles this way means that a simple smile can be a miracle when it joins two people.  If you are not experiencing miracles everyday then you are out of synch and need to take another look.  All it takes is a shift in consciousness and that can happen in a instant!  😉  Sequoia Elisabeth

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