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on March 4, 2011

As part of the series on a Love Based Economy, I focus today on the loving actions we can take right now with the homes we live in.  Technology is enhancing our lives in so many ways, why not use it to re-integrated our lives into nature? 

Imagine living with nature without any fear.  What if as a society we could get back into harmony with nature to the point where our homes were built in consideration of the native animals and wildlife.  I am talking about a home that not only keeps you dry, warm, and comfortable, but also is open to the outside world.  It is constructed of recyclable materials that are not harmful to nature.  If you walked away from your home and allowed it to decay over 100 years, nothing toxic would get into the soil, water, or air.

This home is powered with renewable energy and constructed with conservation in mind.  Waste water is recycled by separating the toilets to a septic system that composts the waste into fertilizer for the garden.  Gray water from the sinks, dishwasher, and washing machine are used to water the lawn and garden.  Rainwater from the roof is channeled to a cistern for storage and is filtered before being used for washing dishes, clothes and bathing.  Drinking water would come from another source or would be purified in a stricter process. 

The home is built to harness nature in as many ways as possible including, passive solar heating, cooling towers and landscaping.  The home would have back-up systems in case of drought or electrical failure.  The less the home relied on electricity the better, but could still support modern day luxuries such as TV, Computer, Audio system, high efficiency lighting, heating and cooling system. 

The home would fit into the natural surroundings and encourage engagement with the outdoors.  Depending on the location, there are many ways to do this.  Coming from a place of Love is key to making it work. 

The amount of forethought that went into a home like this would be considerable, but the payoff would be worth it!  Consider the possibilities if a system could be developed to create sustainable neighborhoods!  Imagine localized green power distribution, community gardens, gathering centers and recreation areas for each grouping of homes. 

Imagine a world that was not afraid of nature but embraced it as a part of life, where children were taught the wonders of life, how to love and respect it, not what to fear, or stay away from.  Animals can sense fear from those around them, so if everyone could come from a place of love, respect and compassion while focusing on harmony, we could all live joyfully as one great community.

The research has been going on now for many years and all that I speak of is available now!  Many are already living this way!  It is simply a choice to integrate these ideas into the mainstream and expand them to include all new construction, while encouraging existing homeowners to convert what they can to higher efficiency systems. 

Our grandchildren deserve this as do our animal friends!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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