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Merry CHRISTmas

on December 20, 2009

What if life is a gift to support you?  Could you live humbly or would you let ego take you as it does so many.  If God intended for each of us to have all that we need when we need it, then life truly is a gift and we are Blessed.  In the dawn of our conscious mind the Truth is emerging.  All we need to flourish and thrive is provided us right here on this earth, right now and all we need do is accept the gifts.  The ego mind tries to control life through guilt, false belief and manipulation, but this is no longer possible because we are awakening.  We are emerging from the fog to behold the Garden of Eden.  We realize now that Adam and Eve are one person and that no one else even exists, although it seems like they do.  It seems as though the entire world is full of people, when in fact they are each an aspect of the whole.  The one has shattered into slivers of glass each unique and each a part of the whole, complete onto itself. 

Our transition is a journey of awakening to our true self.  Christmas is a time when we can celebrate that oneness by giving gifts to each of those aspects we treasure the most, those people in our lives who share our experience.  I sit here contemplating why, if saving the world is so important, Jesus did not save us from our lot?  Maybe there is no one to save, maybe there is no thing to save, maybe life is perfect just as it is.  Our purpose here is not to do anything but to be who we are and know it.  Yes, not just go through the actions of our life, but to be conscious of reality, knowing we are the Christ and that the birth of Christ is that very realization!  Each year another aspect of the one awakens to this truth.  Are you this aspect of the one that is awakening to the reality of Oneness? Are you the birth of Christ?  Of course you are, awaken dear one and feel the oneness.  One means one, it means that all of life is connected like petals on a flower, leaves on a tree or drops of water in the ocean.  Every aspect of nature that we observe is a reflection of this oneness.  We support our self always and in all ways.   

The next time that someone says that anything can harm you, tells you this is bad for you, or offers you a reason to feel bad, question their motive, see that they are coming from ego mind and that they are not guilty of a crime or anything other than unconsciousness. Your very awareness of this truth lifts you above harm.  See them as a shadow of your own mind and embrace them.  Know the Truth and hold this in the front of your mind and let this comfort you.  As the saying goes, “Live and let Live”.  Simply observe yourself in action and that self is all that you see around you!  Celebrate it, Bless it, Love it!   Merry CHRISTmas everyone!!  😉  Sequoia Elisabeth

One response to “Merry CHRISTmas

  1. Sharon Williams says:

    Dear Sequoia,

    I have another way of expressing our oneness that makes such sense to me — in a hologramic/creative way. We are a cell in the body of God — a part of the living energy system of the I AM. Here there is not the sameness of the drops of water in an ocean but the complexity of a fantastic organism and one might be a brain cell, a heart cell, kidney or liver cell?????? Each of us have specific functions but are in union with all others.

    Then I read that in the heart are special cells that vibrate slightly faster than the other heart cells and help trigger them. I will send you my word document on that — it is such a confirmation of why we who are in higher vibration can be of assistance to those still reaching out.

    Blessings to you my dear friend — may love, light and laughter texture your every day with joy……….sharon w.

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