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The power of telling your story cannot be underestimated.  Your life is your story and yet your story is only that, a story.  It is not the essence of you or even the result of you.  Part of this journey is understanding you are much more than your story and at the same time using this story for your own enlightenment.  Celebrate your story by sharing it with others while you contemplate the nuances of the tale.  What lessons have you demonstrated?  And I say demonstrated because learning is a process of demonstration.  It is like building a tree house, looking up at it and appreciating your accomplishment, then using it for your highest Joy.  How would you do it differently next time; …can it even be improved on?

Share your story and then contemplate your desires and dreams.  This is the story of your past and who you were all along the path combined with your present story of who you are, extending to the story of who you will become… the future self…your dreams and aspirations.

My story is found here on my website and while it is brief, meaning much was left out, it is the part I find most significant to who I am now and who I desire to be.  Identity is a funny animal.  I mean identity is so fleeting and yet a core remains which guides the daily discoveries of self.  Certain identity is chosen before birth and is fixed for each lifetime.  Things like race, heritage, sex, gender, and such are fixed at birth.  As much as you may try to change these the reality is fixed.  So what you do with the cards you are dealt so to speak is up to you and this defines your story!

I find this journey of discovery and self-realization to be invigorating and enlightening!  While at the same time it is daunting and intimidating.  Looking into the eyes of God often seems to be more than anyone is willing to do.  However, this is our journey!

The next step for me is embracing my dream of a Love Based Society and while I left myself out of this book on the topic, this is the world I see myself living in.  What my identity is does not matter, it is unimportant.  What I crave most of all is the feeling of belonging without judgment… total acceptance… the support of society and the love of my neighbor, living in a world where everyone is supported and loved because we all realize our connection, our interdependence.

So Share your story!  Live your dreams and on every step of the journey give gratitude for the opportunity!  I certainly do, … deep gratitude to you for reading this tale and for sharing your own, together we make great harmony, a wave upon the ocean of life!

Sequoia Elisabeth 🙂

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Art of Listening Part II

The discussion of awareness continues and relates back to listening because listening is a form of awareness!

Awareness is about consciousness and being aware that we are aware. Try this little exercise. Imagine you are a person on the other side of the room and you are watching yourself sitting at your computer reading this article. Just relax and close your eyes if this helps and let your mind go. Can you see you? It may take a few minutes or just seconds, but with practice anyone can do this.  How you may ask? It is simple; consciousness is more than your body and as you become aware that you are aware your consciousness grows. Most of us are aware of the world seen through the eyes, but what I am suggesting is that there is far more to it. Spirit is another word we use to describe this universal consciousness and we are individuations of this one Spirit. This is how a psychic can see things that some people cannot.

In the words of Ernest Holmes, “there is but one mind, the mind of God, and that mind is my mind now”. What you believe; you experience, so if you do not believe in ghosts for instance then we will not see ghosts. If someone swears to you that ghosts exist and shows you enough “proof” then you can choose to believe and thus see ghosts, but that choice is always yours. What we are aware of in this world is largely due to our perspective which is based on cultural and personal beliefs. It can also be due to our experiences and work in just the opposite fashion. Say you have the experience of seeing a ghost but have never really thought about them and so had no opinion, but now you are a believer due to your experience. This is because you did not make the choice not to believe in them in the first place, and this lead to your awareness of ghosts.  If you were to say that you do not believe in ghosts and yet you saw one, then the evidence is proving otherwise.

Awareness is possible on several levels and by this I mean levels of consciousness. We are aware of our bodies and the bodies of others, we are aware of our thoughts, we can be aware of the thoughts of others, and we can be aware of the Great Spirit/Universal Mind/God. From a more complex point of view science has identified by the use of string theory up to 11 dimensions or levels of awareness. I will leave this more in depth study to the big boys, the physicists and scientists that have taken their entire lives to discover the vastness and complexity of all there is. Many good books exist on this subject, but for our purposes just know that this is an introduction.   A good example of shared thought is the parallel development of inventions. Take the radio for example, both Nikola Tesla and Guglielmo Marconi both developed radios at basically the same time in an era where communication took a long time and they did it from different continents. There were others too that were involved in this process and they were all working with the same mind. Remember “there is but one Mind”(Ernest Holmes). This same parallel thought can be seen in plants that evolve very similarly on different continents, the agave and aloe plants are a good example. When we start to look for similarities in the world we find them everywhere. The beauty of the process is no two things are identical, and yet similarity exists everywhere! Snowflakes are the classic example and this can be found in many things in our world. Whether we see the similarity or the differences is our choice. Try looking for the similarities in the world for a whole day while being aware of your feelings along the way. At the end of the day write down your thoughts and the next day look for the differences and do the same at the end of the day by writing down your thoughts.  What you will discover is that not only is there a whole world out there that you were unaware of, but you will have gotten to know yourself better in the process.

This applies just as well to listening, because we are all One, the person you are listening to is an aspect of this One, just as you are.  When this is fully appreciated the act of listening takes on a new importance and makes compassionate listening so much easier!

Life is a journey of discovery and holds many wondrous gifts that we need only be aware of. Listening is the key which completes the circle of communication in divine oneness. When we do this we exist on a whole new level which I call Peace. Consider this quote from A Course in Miracles,

                                      Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.

🙂  Sequoia Elisabeth

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Art of Listening Part I

Today I offer my perspective on the importance of listening and being aware.  The message is targeted to young counselors and therapists but really applies to us all in whatever pursuit we find ourselves in.

The first thing to remember is simply, it is all about them, not me.  Listening honors the one speaking; it connects you to them in a divine way.  This is simple respect.  Going beyond this communication is actually beside the point although we often think it is primary.  All Communication is about connection or unity.  We are expressing our Oneness!  With this in mind we hear their words and respond in a mindful way, expressing compassion, caring, and courtesy.

Second is to be present fully in the now.  This means you focus on the person speaking and put other activities or speaking aside.  You do not think about how to respond.  Empty your mind and allow them to fill it.  Then when they are done, you speak your mind.  Take your time, consider your words carefully.  Even if they anger you, remember to take your time.  It is not a race or competition, it is a sharing.

Listening is more important than speaking because without someone to listen we cannot say anything.  The role of the counselor and therapist is to listen above all else, it is not about giving advice or anything like that.  Simply hearing the client, patient, or friend validates their existence and connects you both in unity.  This is what it is all about!

Awareness is another key in the process of listening, so please consider this carefully.  A state of elementary or undifferentiated consciousness defines awareness in the dictionary but what does this really mean? To be conscious means that we are aware of our surroundings, what is happening to us so to speak, but to be more accurate it is what is happening through us! This is something that many people take for granted but I would suggest that it is very important to be aware of as much as possible.  Each person brings a different perspective of awareness to the world and that is what makes us all unique.

We are each valuable for the views, experiences and opinions we bring to this world. Let me explain by offering this example. Three people walk up to an apple bin and pick up an apple and take a bite. What each person notices, feels, and experiences will be different. In fact every time the same person does this same action their individual experience will be different! If you took only one bite out of the apple you might never realize that the apple has seeds. Can you remember the first apple you ever ate? Is it possible to experience eating an apple for the first time every time you eat an apple? The more we experience one particular thing the more we expect the experience to be the same, hence the expression “been there, done that”. Is it really possible to experience the exact same thing over? I don’t think so, but it is possible for us to imagine it so. The number of factors that make up our experience in life boggle the mind. Take the apple scenario for instance, the elements that make up that experience include all the five senses, the details of the physical surroundings, the time of day, the location, the circumstances leading up to the experience, the type of apple, the condition of the apple, our expectations of the experience, our cognitive abilities, and on and on. I am sure you can add to this list, so just realize that for every experience you have the number of things to be aware of is endless. It is possible on the other hand to eat the apple and not remember doing so, we can all relate to this as well. So what if we are unaware of the experience? Well, If we go through life unaware then we are missing the point and some would say we are not even living.   We would be zombies in a divine world!

“Heaven “is merely an awareness of perfect oneness, and the knowledge that there is nothing else; nothing outside this oneness, and nothing else within” (text, p. 359; T-18.VI.1:6). This fact alone is true, and only this truth is Reality.” (Gloria and Kenneth Wapnick discussing A Course in Miracles)

To continue in the next blog…

🙂  Sequoia Elisabeth

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Be-Aware Of What You Say

How often do you stop and listen to your thoughts?  I mean really listen to what you are telling yourself?  It is called self-talk and we all do it.  What we all need to realize is that your unconscious mind is hearing everything said and saying YES, this is true and so it is.

This means that on a subconscious level you are creating everything in your life and often it is done in casual conversation like when you tell a stranger that the weather sucks today as you are filling your cup with coffee at the corner market, or when you say to someone in a discussion in the checkout lane at the supermarket you “have to go to work” after this.  If you carried a recorder around all day and then listened to everything you said that day you would be astounded!

Even little self-talk like “I am cold” or “I am hot”, etc. make a profound effect on your life.  I do it myself and have noticed this habit of thinking I am cold, which is in effect creating the experience, which then becomes a feedback loop (Think it, say it, feel it, think it, say it, feel it, etc.).   In order to break free from this habit takes a great deal of attention and living in the moment.  With practice anyone can do it and it gets easier the more you pay attention.

When you are focused on The Now and what you are doing at this moment, how your body feels, and every little detail of now the mind cannot be off getting into trouble!  When you contemplate the words you use, before using them, then you become empowered instead of being a slave to habit or whim.  The power comes from being conscious and thinking of what you desire – imaging the results you require.

Speak as if you are writing a book or a part in a play.  Be conscious of what you are creating with those words.  Put emotional intent into the words as well, which simply means “say what you mean and mean what you say”!   Speak with purpose even when in a casual situation.  For example, when at the market getting coffee, you could say “I look forward to the sun coming out” or “This coffee is so good”.

Using the words “I am” is particularly powerful as this is the name of God.  You may be aware that when Moses spoke to God, he was told that God’s name is “I am that I am”.  Translated into today’s terms this means that God is all there is; I am (God is) this and I am (God is) that.   When you use these words “I am” you are allowing God to operate through you and experience the world as God.  In effect, God is experiencing God.  So yes, this means that you are God.  You are made in God’s image because God is all there is!

The next time you utter the words, “I am” consider what follows and create with intent.  Feel the Love that is God and allow it to flow through you!  Speak consciously with authenticity and humility, while staying focused on your desires.  What you say is True!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Be The Change

What is this thing called transition and why do I care?  The basic term is fairly simple and broad in meaning.  It simply means a change from one state of being to another.  The key word here is being.  This is a state of being not doing.  Doing is not involved in transition.  There is nothing you can “do” to transition.  As you be that which you are, that which you are reveals itself. 

Once you think about this for a few minutes you will realize the profoundness of this statement.  I will repeat it so you can get your head around this, there is nothing you can “do” to transition!  It matters not what type of transition you are experiencing either.  The transition can be gender related, work related, life style related or whatever.  Transition is about being, not doing.   This can appear to be shifting, and you may have different experiences and points of view, but your essence does not change.

Mahatma Gandhi is quoted as saying, “Be the change you desire to see in the world”.  So what does this mean?  It means that your state of being is a product of your desires.  If you are being a woman then you are one and what you “do” follows this.   If you move to a new home far away does this change your state of being?  If you wear the clothes of the opposite sex does this change who you are being?

What I am saying here is transition involves a lot more than just changing your behavior, location or circumstances.  Transition is a change in being-ness at the very core of who you are.  As an example the transgender community often talks about all the physical changes involved, but rarely do they discuss the deep inner changes required to fully transition.  Getting SRS or Breast augmentation does not change who you are or who you are being!

Cis-gender women and men rarely even consider their gender, because it is a perfectly natural state of being to them.  To a transgender person however their state of being seems off and they desire to change or transition to a state that is harmonious.  In order to fully transition then a person must change from one state of being to another.

Gender Transition is more than changing appearances; it is an awareness of the inner self and then simply being it.  The exterior conforms to the state of being.  This comes back to what we discussed earlier, As above so below. (see last blog)  The physical, mental, and spiritual are connected and as one changes the others follow.  This happens in the order of Spiritual, Mental and then Physical.  This means that it is not a conscious choice to change genders, but it is a Spiritual one!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Ultimate Power

In continuation of the previous blog post, “The ultimate power is in consciousness, because it makes up not only your thoughts and their thoughts but the very place you are experiencing!” What exactly is consciousness?  How can consciousness make the place I am experiencing? 

First of all it is important to understand what I mean by consciousness.  I mean the One Source of all intelligence that operates in us, through us and around us.  Many call this force God, and there are many names for it.  I am sure you have your favorite.  The term Prime Creator works for me. 

Consciousness: 1630s, “internal knowledge,” from conscious-ness. Meaning “state of being aware” is from 1746. ( 2010)

So what is it that you are aware of?  Consciousness itself?  Maybe so or maybe it is whatever you focus your attention on.  If you are looking out the window, what you see is a construction of the mind and the state of consciousness you are in.  If your consciousness is elevated you may see something beautiful like a rainbow or children playing joyously.  If however you are in a state of depressed consciousness then what you see (even though this is the same window) is very different.  It will often be the same ol’, same ol’. 

Does that beautiful scene really exist or is it a reflection of your state of consciousness?  If it existed it would be constant and unchanging, but instead is it constantly changing and if you go away and return to that same window it is likely to look different.  Not because the reality has changed, but because your consciousness has changed.  Time figures into this equation by adding a variable. By looking out the window you impart your energy onto what you see and this energy builds over time.  After you are gone, it dissipates so when you return the scene is very different depending on your state of consciousness. 

This concept can be tested quite easily, just be aware!  Try this experiment.  Choose a convenient window and look out.  Remember what you saw and take a few notes, pay attention to detail.  Were animals, birds, insects, flowers or colors present?   Write that down.  Now, find a quiet place away from that window.  You cannot see out that window.  Relax and meditate however you like.  Choose a method that makes you feel better, and if you do not meditate find something that “raises your spirit”.  Note how you feel and pay close attention to detail.  Now in this heightened state of awareness look out the window and notice if things are different. 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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The Art of Observation

The art of observation is our best tool in transition.  Children and babies use this technique and so should we.  So what do I mean “the art of observation”?  It is really very simple and it goes like this.  Of course we must know what our desired result is to start with.  It is like writing a good book, you start with the ending!

Let’s use the example of male to female transition.  I know I am a woman in a male body, so I hold a vision of the woman I feel myself to be.  I may even get a picture and keep it with me.  I share my vision with others who are supportive.  I desire to express myself more appropriately as the woman I am, however since I have a male body I have learned how to be a man not a woman.  By using the art of observation I simply observe women in action, walking, talking, getting angry, laughing, smiling, working, dressing, shopping etc.  It is good to choose a woman who you would like to be like, a role model.  Most of us use our mothers since we see them every day and this is precisely what I did.  I have always known I was like mom so she is the one I learned from just as any daughter would do, even though she thought I was her son. 

She taught me to coordinate colors and styles, how to cook, how to clean, and all the usual housekeeping tasks because she wanted me to be self sufficient.  What she did not realize is that she taught me how to act like a lady in public, how to walk like a lady, hand & body gestures, ways of styling my hair, going to the salon every 2-3 wks, and the list goes on.  You get the idea now, that we watch our role models every move and copy it!  The result will be as good as our choice in role models.  We will obviously have our own personality, likes and dislikes, however even most of these are learned from our parents and family or the people we are around the most.  If you were raised by your grandmother then she will be who you learn from. 

If there are traits you do not like, then you can pick and choose just as you would in a buffet line!  You may decide that you wish to be like Lady Gaga or Madonna, it really does not matter.  Just be observative and in the end you will create the person of your dreams.  The secret to it all is being aware enough to make the observations consciously so that you can incorporate them into your behavior.  Be very attuned to detail and notice the small things.  Life is full of nuance and that is the beauty of it all.  For more on awareness check out this article on Unity in Gender Diversity.

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Beware What You Wish For

Are you aware of what you are wishing for?  Did you know that every word and thought is a prayer?  Once you start paying attention to your words and thoughts it is amazing to see how you are creating all the wonderful and not so wonderful things that occur in your life.  Some of these are deep issues that you chose to work on before you were born, so you will experience them whether you wish to or not.  Many others though are things you have picked up along the way.  We are constantly learning as soon as we have consciousness at some point in the fetal stage and the learning never stops.  By learning I mean receiving and processing data from your cognitive centers though both your physical senses and your mental senses. 

What role do you play in your life?  Only everything.  Creating the life of your dreams is one of patience, persistence and faith.  On a conscious level, the thoughts you have connect to feelings you have about those thoughts and it is the feelings that are the fuel to manifestation.  Our beliefs about the thoughts or dreams are the doorway that either allow them or not.  This process can be a crazy seesaw effect of yes – no – maybe, so focus on your desire and let the doubts go.  When I say it takes persistence and patience I am not kidding, sometimes it is years before things actually materialize because of many reasons including the seesaw action combined with the feeling of knowing or faith that it is done!  Actually see it as done while feeling the effects of it. 

This is how fear works so well to create that which we do NOT want.  Fear is often accompanied with deep emotions and feelings of dread, and the amount of energy combined with the obsessive nature of fear gives it fuel to manifest.  Since you know this now, use this same process in reverse by focusing on your dreams!  I cannot stress this more.  See only your desires and release all else. 

Just by being aware of your thoughts and feelings you can pick and choose the ones we like most.  Choose Joy!  Because many of us have experiences of let down so often it can become a habit!  If you expect the worse then you reinforce this happening.  So if a thought crosses your mind that is unpleasant simply ask yourself what you want?  What is my desire?  “Oh I choose Joy”!  Where is the Joy in my life?  If I don’t see any then I need to look deeper, anything is possible.  Create it if you don’t see it.  Talk with a friend, see a movie, listen to music, or whatever you need to and the feelings will change to support your beliefs.  I am Joyful!  🙂  Sequoia Elisabeth

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Unity in Diversity and the One Mind

“There is but one mind, the mind of God and that mind is my mind now!” Ernest Holmes.  The concept of Oneness is a growing movement in the world today and my ministry is all about expanding that awareness.  There is no greater feeling than the feeling of knowing we are all connected as one living organism.  Planet earth is one cell in the Universal Body of God! 

We are made up of planets, solar systems and galaxies!  Whether you are looking through a microscope or telescope all system are a reflection of the whole.  We are holograms; which means that we each contain the whole within, and no matter how much we are divided we still contain the whole.  This is a principle that makes up the entire Universe!  No matter how big or small we expand our view we are looking at the One – system within system, body within body, cell within cell.  As Dr. Bruce Lipton says, our bodies are living systems of organisms made up of billions of cells, which are each living organisms.  So each Human is a community onto themselves!  A healthy human body is a community in harmony that works together for the greater whole.  So maybe now you can see the larger hologram of Gaia which is made up of communities within communities within communities and in order for the communities to be in harmony, each of the communities which make up the larger community must be in harmony. 

So when we say that Peace starts at home or Love comes from within, maybe now you will have a deeper awareness of this Truth.  For those of you who know what homeostasis in the human body is you will know that this state is reached naturally when the body is left alone.  So using this model, there is nothing we need do but live and let live or as I like to say, Let go and Let God!          🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Merry CHRISTmas

What if life is a gift to support you?  Could you live humbly or would you let ego take you as it does so many.  If God intended for each of us to have all that we need when we need it, then life truly is a gift and we are Blessed.  In the dawn of our conscious mind the Truth is emerging.  All we need to flourish and thrive is provided us right here on this earth, right now and all we need do is accept the gifts.  The ego mind tries to control life through guilt, false belief and manipulation, but this is no longer possible because we are awakening.  We are emerging from the fog to behold the Garden of Eden.  We realize now that Adam and Eve are one person and that no one else even exists, although it seems like they do.  It seems as though the entire world is full of people, when in fact they are each an aspect of the whole.  The one has shattered into slivers of glass each unique and each a part of the whole, complete onto itself. 

Our transition is a journey of awakening to our true self.  Christmas is a time when we can celebrate that oneness by giving gifts to each of those aspects we treasure the most, those people in our lives who share our experience.  I sit here contemplating why, if saving the world is so important, Jesus did not save us from our lot?  Maybe there is no one to save, maybe there is no thing to save, maybe life is perfect just as it is.  Our purpose here is not to do anything but to be who we are and know it.  Yes, not just go through the actions of our life, but to be conscious of reality, knowing we are the Christ and that the birth of Christ is that very realization!  Each year another aspect of the one awakens to this truth.  Are you this aspect of the one that is awakening to the reality of Oneness? Are you the birth of Christ?  Of course you are, awaken dear one and feel the oneness.  One means one, it means that all of life is connected like petals on a flower, leaves on a tree or drops of water in the ocean.  Every aspect of nature that we observe is a reflection of this oneness.  We support our self always and in all ways.   

The next time that someone says that anything can harm you, tells you this is bad for you, or offers you a reason to feel bad, question their motive, see that they are coming from ego mind and that they are not guilty of a crime or anything other than unconsciousness. Your very awareness of this truth lifts you above harm.  See them as a shadow of your own mind and embrace them.  Know the Truth and hold this in the front of your mind and let this comfort you.  As the saying goes, “Live and let Live”.  Simply observe yourself in action and that self is all that you see around you!  Celebrate it, Bless it, Love it!   Merry CHRISTmas everyone!!  😉  Sequoia Elisabeth

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Awareness of the Journey

What transition are you in right now?  How is it going?  My ministry is focused on raising the awareness of each person I meet or that visits my website.  For those who are aware of the journey life is so much simpler, richer and more meaningful.  I love to sit and think about how much I adore the people in my life and how much I love a world where Love is the rule and not the exception.  The older I become the deeper this realization becomes.  Life is not about what you see is what you get, but rather what you believe is what you see!  We all want our illusion to match our dream and unfortunately things do not work that way in this world.  It is often difficult to discover the Truth, but rest assured it does exist.  In fact it is the only thing that does exist!  All that we see is an illusion.  I often feel like I live in a house of mirrors with this illusion being reflected in so many different ways.  Part of the journey of change we are all on is to let go of the illusions and get to the Truth.  Our simple awareness that this is our journey and our acceptance of it will open many doors for us.  ACIM (A course in miracles) teaches that the ego is the master of illusions and when we feel like we are distant or something is happening to create separation in our lives then that is the ego at work.  All we need do is to acknowledge that and laugh to ourselves with a calm reserve.  “Resistance is Futile”

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth


Hello world!

Welcome to Transitions is an Awesome Blog!  The journey of Love is indeed a fantastic experience with gifts around every corner and exciting new adventures on each horizon.  Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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