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A Moral Journey

on February 11, 2010

The transgender journey is not a moral issue, or is it?  Morality is related to doing the right thing based on social norms.  These boundaries are determined by societal acceptance and so they are constantly changing.  For me this can be a difficult issue since there is no right or wrong, only what you decide to do.  When we make things right and wrong we automatically set ourself up for feeling bad, because someone is going to be wrong, this is the way of our dualistic world.  So what if I told you that you are always right?  You are right in your own mind and from your perspective.  When considered like this no one is ever wrong.  There is no reason for anyone to feel bad for being wrong.

The morality of being transgender is a mute point really since it only really matters what you think of you, not what anyone else thinks.  I concede that knowing you are supported and even loved by others is feedback we all benefit from, but just because someone supports you does this make you moral?  I suppose it does if you consider being accepted as being right.  So the issue is not about whether being transgender is moral or not it is about whether the way you treat a transgender person is moral.  Are you treating this person with the respect you would give your grandparents?  Transgender people are no less or more deserving of morality than anyone else and I can speak from my perspective, all we want is to be treated as any other man or woman.

I bring this up because I was discussing moral behavior today and got to thinking about the Transgender journey.  Morality is no different for transgender persons than it is for anyone else, we are all human beings and how we treat each other should not include different rules for different groups.  It really is quite simple, “Do on to others as you would have done on to you”!

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