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Transgender Perspectives

on March 4, 2010

Today we are going to focus on Transition from the perspective of a Transsexual.  Most of the people I talk to have difficulty understanding what it is like being transgender or transsexual.  First of all the terminology can be a little tricky because there is no set standard.  I have a list on my website that will provide more insight to the terminology.  Just click here to see the list of terms. 

I speak from my heart and from my own perspective.  I chose this journey for the experience of transitioning from male to female, to experience Truth, and as an expression of infinite possibilities. (Your soul chooses its path before you are born, you choose every aspect of your life including your parents, siblings and friends, through agreement)  There is a quote that I just love by W. Clement Stone, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”  I have always been a woman, although I did not always realize it.  I originally believed as most of you, because I am in a male body, I must be a man.  It does not work that way!  We are not our bodies!!  I like to think of it in terms of cars.  You were given a car at birth and spent years getting used to using it, caring for it and identifying with it.  Can you imagine having a mismatched car all your life?  What if you alter this car to match your inner self?  When you “die”, you are simply given a new car!  For those who think they can cheat the system, think again, suicides go back to the very beginning and start all over, so embrace your gifts because you have many. 

The fact that my first car was a convertible ’69 Pontiac Firebird is not a coincidence!  I loved being able to put my top down, be free and show off my sexy body.  When I was in my car I forgot my physical body and could just be me.  I used to curse my human body and hate the fact that I am so different than everybody else.  Not only am I a woman in a male body, but this body has been supersized!  I stand 6’11” now and in college I stood an easy 7’.  At one time I weighed 310 lbs.  A petite woman I am not!  It took many years to realize that this difference is my greatest gift.  I sit here and laugh at the absurdity of the whole affair, and yet I can sense larger forces at work. 

Mary 1950s

I am told that I pass well now, and I certainly feel totally feminine.  My Mom was tall too so I use her as a role model.  She worked as a model for a short while and I must say she is one of the most beautiful women I have seen.  The pictures here of my mother are when she was a young adult.  To be like her is indeed the ultimate honor!  May you rest in Peace Mom.

Life is full of gifts and when we look at it from this perspective a whole life of Joy opens up.  Driving against traffic is suicide, so stop!  Let go and Flow with life, be yourself and know that as you Love yourself, so will others. 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth 

Mary 1953

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