Oneness Ministry

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on March 7, 2010

Transitions take on many forms and serve many purposes.  Right now we are witnessing a great deal of change in the world all around us.  It may even be touching your life personally.  This is where we each must embrace the change and let go of what we think “should be” happening.

Pain is inevitable so attempting to avoid it is pointless.  Pain is essentially our attachment to an outcome or end result.  It is resistance to what is!   Let pain be your friend and guide you.  If you are feeling pain then this is a sign that something needs to changed or be released.  For instance if you are standing on a tack it is likely that you are feeling pain and the pain is telling you to get off the tack!  If the cold wind is chapping your face and causing pain on your cheeks, then get out of the cold wind.  If the person you think you Love is causing you pain in anyway, then it is not Love.  Take a good look at what is causing your pain and make the appropriate steps to relieve that pain. 

Pain is a distraction used by the ego mind to control your life and avert you from Divine Truth.  Sometimes we know we are on the right path and pain is simply a byproduct of the actions we know are necessary for our healing.  Elective surgery is one example of this.  Pain accompanies the changes we are making to our bodies and to our lives.  Our responsibility is to reduce this pain as much as possible by following the doctor’s orders, and talking about our pain with a compassionate person thereby releasing our attachment to it.  In your own mind accept the pain and instead of focusing on the pain, focus on the results or something that pleases you.  Occupy your mind with a task like planning on what you will do upon your recovery.  Focus on your desires!  What you focus on grows so will it be the pain or Joy filled moments of Peace and Love.  Don’t feel bad if you cannot get past the pain.  I have been there before and another technique is to face the pain head on.  Explore the pain fully, ask its purpose, feel it totally, show it you are not afraid! 

Transition may be painful, but it does not have to be beyond your control.  We have so many tools to assist us on the path!  Pain can be your friend on this journey of transition.  Know that you are Loved, beyond anything you can conceive, feel it and know it!  Blessings on your journey of Love.  😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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