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Art in Transition

on April 13, 2010

Creativity is a great tool for coping with transition.  In this two part series about creative methods of coping with transition I will cover art, appreciation, music, exercise and other physical activities.  Any activity you Love will boost your energy.  The important thing is that you are doing things you love to do on your own free will.  As far as activities go, being creative is always an energy booster.  Creativity does not come from us but through us, so as Great Spirit flows through us it creates magnificent things and in the process lifts the energy level of both ourselves and others.  The list of ways to be creative is extensive!

“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.” Henry David Thoreau

Art is a wonderful way to be creative.  Ever since mankind began to draw on cave walls art has been an important method of raising our spirits.  As we evolve, our methods of creating have evolved and we have come a long way in 40 thousand years! 

Art includes everything from painting and sculpture to music and theatre.  Even crafts or cooking would be considered art by many.  Remember it is the creative energy that flows through us that is important.  It is up to each of us just how we use art and if we for some reason believe that we are not artists the simple act of appreciation raises the energy of both the artist and the observer. 

In fact, I would go so far as to say that without appreciation art is just a thing, so the more people who can appreciate the artistic creation, the more energy that is created.  Thus is the reason for Art galleries, shows, and displays.  When we put art in our home and we enjoy it on a daily basis the effects can be very profound. Love is a key ingredient to any creation. 

As we are creating and loving our creation the energy of Love is released.  For example, an artist paints a beautiful scenic watercolor and as she does this she is imaging this beauty surrounding her and she puts that feeling into her work.  When she is done and satisfied with the results she shares the painting with others either by selling it or giving it as a gift.  Then each person that views the painting experiences the beauty and elated feeling the artist felt, thus adding to the energy.  The more people who enjoy this experience the greater the energy created, or the brighter the shine so to speak.  This all goes for whatever form of art you enjoy. 

Music lifts the spirits almost every time and that is why you hear music so much in public places, especially retail places.  Of course we go to concerts, live theatre, and parties for the same reason.  They help us feel better!  These events are literally raising our energy through our participation in the flow of life or put another way, the give and receive of life.  I guess we could just call it the cycle of life and appreciate life on a grander scale.  We must remember that what we put out we get back, so the energy we put into our creations and our participation will determine to a large extent the experience our art produces! 

Now nothing is set in stone and if another person loves your art, while you feel it is awful then their energy will increase the energy proportional to their appreciation, i.e. love for the art piece. Life is a group effort and a wonderful way to raise the energy of the world is to appreciate all that you see.  The very word “appreciate” means to raise in value.  How simple it is to appreciate all that you see around you!  This is done by honoring the effort and vision that went into creating anything and everything.  The saying “credit where credit is due” makes a lot of sense, so remember that we are one and what “another” created comes from the same place you do!  The choice to create is a choice to live!

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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