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on May 8, 2010

In celebration of Mother’s Day this blog is dedicated to Motherhood.  Being a new parent certainly qualifies as a transition and a quite drastic one at that.  In nine short months to be the host and caretaker of a new life is one of the grand gifts of human life.  At the same time it can be the most overwhelming event in one’s life.

Last week we talked about birth being a transition and it is, so now we are looking at the process from the Mothers perspective.  After enjoying the spiritual sexual union that plants the seed of human life, Mom gets to experience the changes for nine whole months.  Even though the child is not born yet the blessed woman carrying the seed is a mother.  Her responsibilities begin the moment she realizes that she is pregnant. 

It is up to Mom to make sure that she conducts her life in a way that supports her unborn child, meaning healthy habits of eating good foods, taking the proper vitamins and exercising.  Engaging in physical activity after discovering you are pregnant is a must because this builds your heart strength and ensures that the baby is getting enough oxygenated blood.  What you do – your baby does, so do things that are fun!  Other activities that support and encourage the unborn child are listening to music that makes you feel good.  Be sure to include some classical music like piano and string instruments because the sound vibrations not only stimulate your mind but your child as well.  Sexual activity is good for the child, so do not stop that activity just because you are pregnant.  Spend time around people you love, like family and friends while avoiding situations that may lead to arguments or bickering. 

Once the baby is born relax and let your instincts kick in.  Loving, nurturing, caring, altruistic behavior is human nature, so just follow your instincts.  To say that another way, listen to that small still voice within that speaks in your mind.  If the thought is anything other than loving then sweep it out.  Doing your research while the baby is “in the oven” is a good idea so that you will be prepared.  Getting advice from family will sort of just happen and it is almost impossible to avoid, so take that with a grain of salt and move on.  This means to use the advice that works for you and your child.  Remember that everything you do is a reflection or expression of who you are.  Being a Mother is an honor to be cherished and enjoyed!  Like everything else in life, it comes with its ups and downs.  Relish each and every moment for Motherhood is a journey of Love like no other.  Happy Mother’s Day!

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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