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New Energy Paradigm

on May 29, 2010

Transition involves change, but is more than a simple change.  It is a shift from one paradigm to another. Changing shoes is quite different than transitioning to a new home or a new energy paradigm.  The world is undergoing a major transition now which has many aspects.  The one aspect we are looking at today is Energy.  Our energy paradigm or ideal system has been based on fossil fuels for the past 300 years or so and the time has come to shift our consciousness in a new direction.

Renewable energy is the term I prefer because we need energy that not only is plentiful, but does minimal damage to our Mother Earth and will not run out.  The earth does have a good energy source in the molten core of this rock we live on.  Geothermal is a great source of energy and I know this first hand as I spent an entire three day weekend in a community in Alaska that runs entirely on geothermal.  For more on this site go to, Chena Hot Springs.  To say I was impressed with Chena would be an understatement! 

Most of us have seen the huge wind turbines emerging all over the USA.  When I lived in Maui they constructed a dozen or so wind turbines they are supplementing the oil power plant that supplies energy to the island.  This process is one of attrition and will be occurring slowly over the next 50 years or more.  The shift to renewable energy began with the industrial revolution.  In 1839 Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect.  Wind power has been in use for several millennia in china and other countries around the world.  With the advent of electrical power it did not take long before it was figured out how to produce energy from a windmill.  The slower development is the battery technology to make them practical which is finally getting to the level we need. 

Energy sources are being developed all the time and recently we have seen a large movement around the globe that is accepting the simple fact that in order for earth to survive we must stop using oil and fossil fuels.  The oil crises of 1973 set the stage for this change in the USA.  President Carter implemented rebates for solar energy in 1979 and we had another surge toward change.  More recently we have seen volatile changes in oil supply and the effects of dependence on oil.  The spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a loud signal that we have an energy crisis in the world and need to put all our efforts into shifting to renewable energy.  The power regimes of the past are failing and smaller more diverse companies are emerging as contributors to the new energy paradigm.  It is our responsibility to participate in this transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. 

If you do an internet search for renewable energy or simply read some of the articles I have linked here on this blog you will get an idea about what is available.  Certain areas are better equipped for solar and for wind, however there is some form of renewable energy available everywhere.  The Tennessee Valley Authority has been using hydroelectric energy for decades, and China just installed the largest dam in the world to produce hydroelectric for its growing population. 

Consumers run this economy by the demand they have for products.  We really do have more power than most understand.  Your available choices to buy energy from a company that supplies renewable energy is growing every day.  Some companies are offering an exchange program where they will install solar panels to your roof and allow you to use the energy while they take the left over.  Look for new programs in your area and if they are not available then make phone calls and send letters to your energy provider.

Cars are surprisingly a small part of the greater issue but they too are part of the solution, so please demand cars that get 40+ miles per gallon.  We have them now and it is possible to have cars that get 60-80 mpg, necessity is the mother of invention.  Recycle your old cars, update your appliances, and do an energy overhaul to your home.  There are so many ways we each can contribute to the thriving of our planet by taking simple small steps leading up to giant leaps.  This is jump time so be prepared!

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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