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on July 5, 2010

Have you ever considered how perfect your life is?  I know this is a pretty uncommon way to think but it is actually the road to success.  Not just success but happiness and authentic inner joy.  How does one discover this?  By embracing the sadness, the failures and the losses!

I am not saying that you need to seek out pain, trials or tribulations, but what I am saying is that when they show up in your life, see the perfection in that.  Embrace the gifts you are given for the simple fact that “resistance is futile”!  As Carl Yung so eloquently pointed out long ago, the fact is that what you resist persists.  What this means is as long as you fight something the more likely it will be in your life.  Look at the USA government for a perfect example.  The war on drugs, the war on crime, etc. etc. all lead to more of what they resist.  We have more drugs in society today than ever before and it can be attributed to the “war”.  What are you fighting in your life?  A war on alcoholism, a war on prejudice, or maybe it is just a dislike of your fat thighs or pot belly.  It is time to throw the towel in!  Give up!  Sometime when you win you lose and this works in reverse too. 

Take a different perspective on your life and see the perfection in all that occurs.  Look deep within and see how you really feel about losing that job which you did not care about anyway.  What puts you into a panic is the fear of loss.  Starving to death in this day and age takes some determination, but there are still some who insist on taking this road.  May they be blessed in the adventure. 

Have you considered the possibility that you create your life by your thoughts and actions?  I must agree that some things seem out of your control and beyond the scope of your desire.  I certainly have wrestled with my inner urgings and a few years ago I gave up the battle and embraced them.  The inner battle I speak of is my gender identity which did not match my outer appearance.  I was given a male body but a female brain and I have been fighting this all my life.  Transition is letting go of the battle and accepting life as it needs to be

The path to acceptance is paved in understanding.  Get to know yourself and accept him or her as you need to be.  Not as you want to be or even desire to be.  Your inner self is patient and when you (your ego) step aside it will emerge!

Life is full of easy times, hard times, trials and tribulations.  Once you accept this and start seeing the perfection in the grand plan which is beyond your control the world will open up for you and you will experience life as your choice as if you designed it all.  Because you did 😉

 🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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