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Plan On It

on September 26, 2010

Transition is not usually something that comes out of nowhere.  Most often it is a calling that draws, nags, and prods till it is faced.  When this compulsion is finally faced life can get very emotional and confusing.  One of the tools we can use in Transition is a plan.  Planning gives an overwhelming beast a tamer appearance. 

Once the decision has been accepted, (I believe transitions where chosen before we are born and are a part of our destiny) the next step is to assess where you are and where you feel you need to be.  In the case of gender transition, this is usually fairly simple.  You may say, “I have a male body but feel I need to be in female form”.   Or it may be that you desire to dress as a woman but not to be one all the time.  This is where it is important to listen to your inner feelings and take action, test the waters so to speak.

Now that you are dressing as a woman and it feels right, or you are living a lifestyle that feels right, it is time to make plans to further that path.  Look ahead, consider the options, talk to people who are on a similar path.  Those who have paved the way can make your journey smoother.  Listen to the advice and then do what feels right to you.  Take all the advice and pick out the bits that fit the cogs of your life. 

Sit down with a piece of paper and write down your plan.  Think this thing through carefully and write each step of the journey down and include a timeline.  When thoughts are put in writing they have more power and when shared with those who support you, they are further energized.  (I suppose it is obvious if you share your ideas with those who criticize or ridicule you then the energy is zapped – this means you must put more energy in and may not build up enough to reach your goal).  Make your goals clear and provide as much detail as you can visualize.  Once you are done writing your plan out, look it over each day and focus on small successes.  What have I done to move toward completing my plan?  Be easy on yourself and be quick to forgive the shortfalls and praise the successes.  If something does not work out the way you planned and I can assure you there will be something that does not, simply re-assess, formulate a new plan and keep on trekking.  Every journey is an evolution or a process and we cannot always see the entire path, so just keeping stepping up and before you know it you will be exactly where you want to be.  Then it is time to re-assess and start a new journey!  Life is eternal my friends 😉

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

One response to “Plan On It

  1. Sharon KathyJo says:

    Thank you for this… this is exactly where I’m at right now… developing a plan and timeline.


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