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Who’s Song Do You Dance To?

on November 4, 2010

Have you ever considered who rules your life?  Do you?  Or does someone else?  Think about the laws which we submit ourselves to every day.  Some make divine sense and are easy to accept, while others are not so easy to accept. 

The thought of taking another’s life seems absurd to me as does the thought of harming anyone.  When I eat anything I thank Great Spirit for providing me nourishment, whatever form it may be in.  The concept of Oneness dictates that we are part of the whole so energy is simply changing forms.  From plant  to human, or animal to human, vice versa, etc.  Life feeds on Life!  When anything eats anything it is one form changing to another, and yes it is as simple as that, place no judgment on it!

What about more civil matters such as relationships?  Who’s rules are you following?  Society has certain dictates, as do you on a personal level.  You have made certain promises to yourself, correct?  What about legal rules like laws against sodomy or incest?  What about marriage laws?  Do you allow others to dictate to you who you can Love?  Why?  Have you ever jumped out of an airplane or off of a cliff?  Many have and they are still here to tell about it. 

The way I see it you either conform or not.  If you desire to play the game of society you must play by their rules.  Such as no same sex marriage, no sodomy or incest, no love unless you conform to the societal laws.  If this brings you Joy and fulfills your heart then I say Awesome!  If not, then I say listen to the heart!  If you are following reason or listening to your thoughts you are most likely conforming to societal laws. 

It is not about changing society!  STOP trying to change the world around you and go within.  It is about listening to your heart and ignoring society!  Love, my children, comes from within you!  Those who look outside them for love, go without!  This goes for all situations and circumstances, although the way in which it manifests will be different for each person.  The world around you is a message.  Take heed!  Love the loving and forgive the hate!!!  Nothing in the world around you can harm you, for it is illusion.  Have you ever considered why we can watch someone on TV or the movies die and not be concerned?  We know it is illusion, right?  So is this world!  TV and movies are a message! 

We basically have two choices, Love or not, and ultimately even those choices are illusion.  Love is all there is, so attempting to be anything else is illusion.  It is all Good!  Make everything in your life OK.  If you are transgender, then Love your body, if you have been abused then Love (for-give) your attacker, if you have been abandoned, then accept yourself!  Just enjoy the ride!  Row, Row, Row your boat 😉

I Love you Dear Ones!

Sequoia Elisabeth

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