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on November 6, 2010

Bullying is getting blamed for a string of suicides in the LGBT community.  Since I am not responsible for my own life, it must be the other guy’s fault, especially those mean kids who call me names and disrespect me.  Right?  This is portentous ground we travel on here!

Here is a video from the “It Gets Better” project started by Dan Savage.  They offer some compelling statistics and a convincing argument against bullying.  Is this not a “no brainer?”  Harming anyone in any way, verbally, physically, or mentally is simply wrong, not because there is a right way and a wrong way, but because what you do onto another, you have done to yourself!  The Oneness concept is so important to understand in this regard. 

Suicide is hard to explain because the individual committing the act is not around to explain.  However, since there is but one mind, the reasons can be ascertained by simply looking at the individual’s life.  Being a transgender woman who has attempted suicide I can tell you from personal experience it is not about blaming anyone.  All suicide is a cry for help on some level.  The reason anyone commits suicide is because they have no other options they are aware of.  The key is “aware of”.  Let’s give our children options!  Anyone who has felt different or for some reason stands out must learn to deal with their situation. 

Once again I am very familiar with this as a 6’11” transwomen!  The best gifts I have received along my path have been coping skills combined with Loving support.  There is often at least one person in your life that cares enough to show you that you are Loved.  For me it was my Grandmother, along with others in my family who taught me that I am a worthy individual and a valuable person in this world. 

Is this not what we all desire?  A gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender person is no different than anyone else in this regard.  We are human beings and we need to treat all members as equals!  Just because someone is different is no excuse for abuse! 

This Transition Blog’s main purpose is to teach coping techniques and Spiritual concepts.  I am telling you now that when you have something to believe in, something larger than yourself, getting through the difficult situations that we all face is so much easier.  You are never alone.

The other thing that helps get you through the rough spots is having friends; a community that supports you and loves you for YOU.  I know that sometimes you feel like you cannot trust anyone, not even yourself!  As the world closes in on you all goes dark, there is no way out!  So Hara Kari wins…  It does not have to!!  There is always another choice, all ways and always! 

The one thing that has helped me lately is to help others.  When you help others you are helping yourself, it is an awesome principle. “It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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