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Humility Part Two

on December 3, 2010

St. Francis teaches that humility is the path to God.  Jesus teaches that humility honors your Father.  I am passing this message on in my own words.  First let us look at the life of St. Francis.  He continually put himself in situations that would embarrass most people to tears and he thrived on it.  Why? 

He used this gift to put his life into perspective and keep his ego mind in check.  Humility is a great tool to cope with the demands of ego mind.  In this world of bigger, better, and more you are constantly pressured to conform to ego demands.  It comes from all directions, every person you know, including yourself, or at least your ego self!  If you don’t understand the difference between ego and Spirit, then I suggest you do some research.  I have talked much about this myself.  A Course in Miracles is the best explanation I have found and many ACIM teachers teach this difference in ego and Spirit.  I am not speaking of ego in the Freudian sense of personality.  I speak of ego as the man made part of you, and it includes all things in this material world.  The Spiritual part of you cannot be seen and this is the part to which Humility directs you.  

Examples of how St. Francis used humility are his frequent trips to town to beg for alms.  He would stand in town center and sing or dance, sometimes giving speeches, but all the time drawing attention.  Many people thought he was crazy, but most saw the innocence that made up his being and gave to him all that he needed.  He made profound statements without uttering a word, like the time he denounced his claim to family inheritance.  He came from one of the riches families of the day.  His father was a textile merchant and well to do business man.  He was embarrassed by all the fame and attention that this lifestyle afforded him, because he saw the poor and knew they needed it more than he.  In front of the entire congregation at church he removed the wealth his father had bestowed upon him and gave it to his father walking completely naked from the church never to step foot in that world again, at least as one of them.  This symbolizes his choice of Spirit over the ego, nothing more.  This is what humility does!  It is a declaration of Spirit instead of ego. 

Jesus taught humility everywhere he went. He would always put himself in the physically lowest position in every situation.  He stood below in order to lift up.  He allowed himself to be put in the lowest of positions, that of being crucified.  He carried his own cross, meaning he chose this path, and he allowed the crucifixion because he knew that to humble himself before God is a demonstration of choice.  This was his way of choosing God over ego.  He did not fight with ego, represented by the authorities of the day, because he knew what true power is.  Ego has no power unless you give it by your actions.  Each choice you make is a demonstration of either Spirit or ego.  Humility is one path that all faiths teach at some level, so I am not saying it is the only path or the best.  That is up to you to Choose!    

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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