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Stepping Through Transition

on February 16, 2011

Transition is sometimes larger than you and involves the entire Universe as is happening right now with the Galactic Alignment in 2012.  And sometimes it is very personal such as an illness, career change, or moving to a new town.  One thing is for sure, you have, are, or are going to experience a transition. 

Successfully undergoing the transition involves, accepting the change, being practical and focusing on your goal.  For example you are diagnosed with a tumor and before you know it you end up in surgery and your life is changed forever.  You probably did not plan on this, although you may have prepared for it by having health insurance.  How does one handle a transition of this magnitude? 

By following the three steps of a successful transition!  First, accept the situation and then take a practical approach by assessing the situation.  Assessment is an ongoing process and should be done at least weekly if not daily.  So here you are and you desire to be there, the next step is to consider the options for getting there. 

In our example, you have had surgery and now you need to heal and put your life back together again.  Doing the same things you did before will likely lead to another crisis, so perhaps changing the way you live may be of benefit.  Ok, so you have determined the actions you need to take, such as eat healthy, exercise, talk through your challenges and release any pent up emotions. 

A short commentary about all dis-eases – they have emotional root causes that when dealt with prevent their recurrence.  If they have manifested into physical form then both the physical and emotional aspects must be addressed.  This is the purpose of an active Spiritual life, to constantly be in touch with your inner feelings and honestly deal with them before they manifest into physical reality. 

As you are taking action to move your life to a new level be as positive and practical as you can.  Every little thing you do, think or say affects your path so be aware of the details.  The last of the steps is to stay focused on the desired result.  This of course is not as easy as it sounds because as you move through life things change.  You may have desired one thing after the surgery and something totally different a year down the road.  This is the reason for the constant assessment.

The last step would then be to stay focused on the ultimate goal while taking actions in that direction and honoring smaller desires as they come up.  Once you are living the healthy life you desire, new desires replace the successes, just don’t forget to celebrate the successes and enjoy the journey!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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