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Learning Understood

on February 17, 2011

What exactly is happening when you learn something?  To answer this question an understanding of how energy works, what the human body is for and what makes up knowledge is required.  We cover them briefly here, so if you do not follow, please check out the materials available on the website (Link below). 

I will trust that you have had basic science and physics, so you know that Energy is Everything, it is matter, it is thought, and it is the thread that holds reality together.  Energy can be a wave or it can be a particle and more importantly it cannot be created nor destroyed. 

The human body has one purpose to communicate Love.  Anything that is done with the body either communicates Love (Divine Love, God’s Love) or what is Not Love (ego).  There are many ways we communicate including the five senses, body language, and mentally (telepathy – and Yes you are).

Knowledge is an awareness of a fact, skill, or circumstance. Everything there is to know exists right now through Infinite Mind, Cosmic Consciousness or GOD.  So learning is not acquiring something you did not have before.  It is becoming aware of a skill, fact or circumstance you were not aware of before.  So let’s look deeper.

Since everything is energy this means that all knowledge is energy.  Energy has a vibrational frequency and thus knowledge exists on different levels of vibrational frequency.  You are familiar with the grades we all went through in school.  As our knowledge grew, so did our vibrational frequency as we aligned with the awareness of certain facts, skills or circumstances. 

So now we take this to a new level, and consider what we learn without knowing we are learning.  This starts right away even before you are born.  Your mother lives in a certain environment and your vibrational frequency will be aligned with hers and to a lesser extent your fathers depending on how much time you spend around him.  Everything in the environment is exerting some influence on you and you either align with that energy or you resist.  It works both ways also, so understand that you too are radiating at a certain level of awareness/vibrational frequency and the Higher Energy wins.  This is not a given, however this is the way it works unless you consciously choose a lower energy vibration. 

What about heredity?  Remember that you are created by the genetic material from your parents and also from the environment you are in and the environment they are in.  Fundamentally speaking all heredity is energy alignment.  What your parents or guardians believe is being passed on to you by entrainment.  In case you don’t know what this means, think alignment and rhythm.  It is like when ten clocks on the same wall all begin to swing their pendulums in harmony/ at the same rate.   You are “learning” all the traits, propensities, talents and short comings from both your parents and the environment. 

This is very powerful information because you can align your energy with any source you like.  You are not bound by the limitations of your family ties!  These ideas are entrained deeply within the psyche and do take time to work their way out, but with conviction and persistence anything is possible. 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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One response to “Learning Understood

  1. ram0ram says:

    dear and divine….. learn lot from your writing…..wisdom post….thanks..
    love all…

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