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As much as I would love to see the world shift unilaterally over to a Resource Based Economy it feels like the more probable outcome will be small pockets of change growing like an infection, spreading to areas of less resistance first and then to the mainstream once the bubble bursts.

I can see it happening now all over the globe!  People are adopting sustainable living methods and lessening their dependence not only on oil but also on money.  Remembering of course that both are simply tools which have been grossly misused.  I for one am not ready to give up oil completely and we should not have to.  It simply needs to be used in a responsible manner.  Using it as a fuel needs to stop, we have other options now.  Using it in manufacturing is one way it can contribute to our future, and even this will need to be modified to be sustainable.  I must remind you that oil comes from Mother Earth and eventually it will return there.  How we use it in the interim is up to us, the consequences will vary.

A few principles are all we need to proceed from here.  One is “do onto others as you would have done onto you.”  Imagine you own the land being mined, imagine you are an animal or tree growing on the land!  What is best now?  We are not alone here on Gaia and with respect and forethought we can all live in harmony!  It is time we left our arrogance behind and lived a Loving Conscious Life.

Secondly “consider future generations of our ancestors who will be coming to take our place!”  The Native Americans say to plan for seven generations.  This is not so hard when you consider the connection we all have.  These generations are our future selves!  Just because life is eternal does not give humans the right to abuse it.  The future does not have to include humans!  We all know what happens to people who abuse the system, right?

Leaders like Gandhi, ML King, and St. Francis showed the way to live a humble life while at the same time standing up to authority.  “Peace thru non-action is the way of our future.”  Holding peaceful and loving thoughts no matter what you face takes courage and fortitude.  Simply staying focused on your morals and principles is all it takes.  This need not be difficult; the more people who do this the easier it gets, especially when we are all based in Love.  The other details are just that, details.  The core must be Love in both action and non-action.  All of life must be considered in our actions and we must work together for the betterment of all!  Lastly, “Interdependence of community is the way of the future!”  We live in a Loving Universe, there is no other option.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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Home Is Where The Heart Is

The next look at a Love Based Economy (LBE) is how the home is affected.  Certain concepts are key in this new economy and as the economy changes so will our homes.  This principle has been around for a long time, but is as important as ever.  Home is where the heart is. 

Basically this means where you focus your love and attention you are supported and safe.  When you enter a new house, say of a friend, with an open mind and positive attitude the reception you get reflects this.  It also means that even if you don’t have a house of your own, you can still make anywhere your home by how you treat that area, be it a mansion or a box on the street.    

The environment in which you live either supports or impedes you.  When you put loving, caring attention into a place that is what you get out of it.  This is done by keeping the area clean, organized, attractively decorated and comfortable.  You can tell if the area is supportive by how you feel there, and how you feel after you leave.  Being aware of your surroundings at all times is part of the experience in a LBE, because being aware makes the area alive and lifts your spirits quite literally. 

Houses are sustainable, eco friendly and supportive of everyone in the new LBE.  In order to create a comfortable environment all factors must be considered, because we know that life itself depends on our actions or footprint if you will.  Thinking of others even when it is only a tadpole or tree is what a LBE is all about.  Loving and supporting the environment leads to a loving and support place to live, simple huh?  

We are no longer attached to homes as a sense of identity in the LBE.  A home is where you sleep and live for a certain numbers of hours a day, but it is not who you are, just as your body or your car is not who you are either.  In a LBE economy self worth is intrinsic and it is not sought in the outside world.  Quite the opposite actually, because the home is made to support you and make you comfortable, life is about your activities and not about having the nicest home, or the biggest.  It is what you give, not what you get.  The egoic aspects to the home are a thing of the past. 

In a LBE everyone has the basics a home provides, as equally as possible.  This is about equal resource allocation and meeting each person’s basics needs, not about showing off or living a grandiose life.  Everyone and no one is a millionaire in a LBE.  In a LBE the citizens care about each other as much as they care about themselves.  If one person is deprived then everyone is.  This is the basic premise to Oneness and LBE.

Through the power of technology social class is eliminated.  The LBE has no need for social class or power mongering.  Since the basics of life are provided equally each person can explore self fulfillment in any way they choose.  The natural order of life will direct each person through there desire to serve humanity.  The more a person loves life the more life will love them back!  In a LBE everyone knows this and opens the door to exponential growth!

♥ Sequoia Elisabeth

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How To Change

The question was raised how to get from a money based system to a system based on resources or what I call a Love Based Economy.  To quote a famous Chinese sage, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” Lao-tzu. 

If you read the news and keep up with current events you will know that change is happening now and it is the perfect opportunity to make the jump to higher consciousness living.

Much has been written about this way of living which many call sustainable living.  So much of life today is a habit, and whatever is placed in front of you is accepted and integrated into your life.  Unless you are one of the growing numbers who are living consciously.  Do you consider the long term effects of every product you buy?  Is what you are using sustainable, meaning recyclable, reusable, or renewable? 

When you are out in public at the zoo, park, ball game, etc. do you still follow the guidelines of living sustainable, or is it just when it is convenient?  There are so many ways that you can embrace the change without worrying about money!  The first step is to adjust your thinking and behavior!  A “YES” attitude is imperative to making the change, as is an honest concern and curiosity about living sustainably. 

The good part to this change is that many of the changes actually use less money and with a Loving and giving approach it is amazing the abundance available to all of us.  I would never dream of wasting anything because I have been conditioned to live frugally.  If you do a survey you will find that most wealthy people live a conscious and frugal lifestyle, even if it is not sustainable.  The jump to sustainable living is not far. 

The other important step you can take today to start shifting to a Love Based Economy is to stop supporting the old system!  This is a lot to ask for many of us, but the alternative is catastrophic.  I would rather shift my behavior little by little than having the floor fall out from under me, which is precisely what is happening to many people right now. 

How reliant are you on fossil fuels?  Most of us are totally dependent on them for every aspect of our life.  How about putting solar power into your home?  There are programs to help you financially with this change.  Even if it is only a water heating system, it is a step in the right direction.  Do you grow your own food?  Why not?  Another way to lessen your dependence on money is to grow it!  It does not have to be a major project, but it can be.  Whatever suits you! 

Another option to ease into being free of money is Fourth Corner Exchange,  They offer a community based system of exchange that keeps resources in the community and encourages growth locally.  “Local, alternative and community currencies replace the money drained away, allowing the people to continue trading the essentials of life. Fourth Corner Exchange Life Dollars cannot be removed from the communities in which they circulate, because the members issue Life Dollars as and when they need them by trading their goods and services within their communities. This is democratic money, issued in sufficiency by the people to meet all their local trading needs.”

The other trend that we will be seeing is interest free money, issued by community banks, and local authorities for the betterment of the region.  Once the profit motive is removed and people feel they are being treated fairly and with care (Loved Based) the incentive to repay the loan is high which leads to personal success and promotes the abundance of the community.  Kiva Bank is a good example of this.  I recommend reading up on their site.

I hope you will continue your pursuit of living free!  Please share your ideas for a Love Based Economy and how it will benefit the greater community!  New ideas are the fuel that drives change.  There are plenty of these going around, LOL.  I will also recommend you read up on The Light Party’s ideas on money and ways to remedy the financial collapse we are currently experiencing.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Sustainable Living

As part of the series on a Love Based Economy, I focus today on the loving actions we can take right now with the homes we live in.  Technology is enhancing our lives in so many ways, why not use it to re-integrated our lives into nature? 

Imagine living with nature without any fear.  What if as a society we could get back into harmony with nature to the point where our homes were built in consideration of the native animals and wildlife.  I am talking about a home that not only keeps you dry, warm, and comfortable, but also is open to the outside world.  It is constructed of recyclable materials that are not harmful to nature.  If you walked away from your home and allowed it to decay over 100 years, nothing toxic would get into the soil, water, or air.

This home is powered with renewable energy and constructed with conservation in mind.  Waste water is recycled by separating the toilets to a septic system that composts the waste into fertilizer for the garden.  Gray water from the sinks, dishwasher, and washing machine are used to water the lawn and garden.  Rainwater from the roof is channeled to a cistern for storage and is filtered before being used for washing dishes, clothes and bathing.  Drinking water would come from another source or would be purified in a stricter process. 

The home is built to harness nature in as many ways as possible including, passive solar heating, cooling towers and landscaping.  The home would have back-up systems in case of drought or electrical failure.  The less the home relied on electricity the better, but could still support modern day luxuries such as TV, Computer, Audio system, high efficiency lighting, heating and cooling system. 

The home would fit into the natural surroundings and encourage engagement with the outdoors.  Depending on the location, there are many ways to do this.  Coming from a place of Love is key to making it work. 

The amount of forethought that went into a home like this would be considerable, but the payoff would be worth it!  Consider the possibilities if a system could be developed to create sustainable neighborhoods!  Imagine localized green power distribution, community gardens, gathering centers and recreation areas for each grouping of homes. 

Imagine a world that was not afraid of nature but embraced it as a part of life, where children were taught the wonders of life, how to love and respect it, not what to fear, or stay away from.  Animals can sense fear from those around them, so if everyone could come from a place of love, respect and compassion while focusing on harmony, we could all live joyfully as one great community.

The research has been going on now for many years and all that I speak of is available now!  Many are already living this way!  It is simply a choice to integrate these ideas into the mainstream and expand them to include all new construction, while encouraging existing homeowners to convert what they can to higher efficiency systems. 

Our grandchildren deserve this as do our animal friends!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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