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Eating in a LBE

on April 11, 2011

As part of our continuing series on Love Based Economy/Society (LBE) we explore an aspect of life we all can relate to.  Eating in a LBE is more community based than ever before.  Food is grown locally and shared freely.  No one goes hungry in a LBE because each person lives knowing we are all family.  We now understand that poverty is a consciousness and is perpetuated by both the have’s and the have not’s.  Those who hoard wealth are just as responsible for starving children as the children themselves.  Not to say that each individual is not responsible for their own abundance.  Poverty is based in fear, so when you live with Love there is no fear of having enough, what you have is shared freely and you know there will always and all ways be more.

Each community works together to provide as much fresh farmed food as possible using the most modern equipment and automation.  Beside the large agrarian areas, food is grown in aquaponic greenhouse factories in the city and in individual homes.  Each home that has land will grow basic food items to reduce the need in the overall system. 

Hunting is no longer practiced in a LBE although it is not outlawed.  Hunting preserves are allowed where the Native practice of honoring the animal is exercised and the entire process is a Spiritual joining of man and beast.  All parts of the animal are used and meat eaten. 

Meat for the mass population is farmed with loving intention, the animals are treated humanely and sustainably.  Since meat is not longer the main course the demand for meat is far less which makes sustainable farming more practical.  Farmed animals know their purpose and live to serve just as their ancestors did for the native peoples. 

Eating is still a ceremony that is celebrated in diverse ways and gratitude for those who brought the food to the table, from the plant or animal itself to the person consuming the food, all are honored.  We all know that the whole process is energy changing forms and is as natural as a seed germinating. 

In a LBE food is one tool for living a life based in Love.  Because each action we take is a statement of our Love.  This means respecting our food, being grateful and using sustainable methods in the entire process.  Carrots and Broccoli are as alive as a chicken or cow, so it is this life vitality that is consumed.  The method of doing such is what makes a Love Based Economy/Society different than today’s.  As you bless your food so does your food bless you.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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