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Living Without Money

on May 27, 2011

Living without money is the answer to the current economic crisis.  The current money system has been failing repeatedly since its inception.  This is a good thing because it is the way we evolve.  All systems on earth grow till they are no longer efficient and serving the needs and then they fail. Adaptations are made and a new modified system takes over and it seems little has changed. (This includes all living systems; the earth, plants, animals, and humans)

The roaring twenties are a good example where the economy grew very quickly, there were plenty of jobs and everyone (the middle and upper class) prospered.  By the thirties though the system had been stretched as far as it would go and it failed.  The great depression set in.  A new system was put into place and off the economy went fueled by war in the forties.

After the war, the system worked well till the seventies when we experienced our first energy crisis and it was declared that we needed to escape our dependence on foreign oil.  Things were propped up and life went on.  This is the cycle which continues today.  The government steps in and artificially props things up, mostly for corporations which run this country and everyone is lulled into a false sense of security.

The system is failing again and this time could be for good.  We have a wonderful opportunity to replace the old failing economic system with one that is vibrant and promises hundreds of years of prosperity for all.  This new Love Based Economy/Society (LBE) truly is an equalitarian society where everyone prospers to their own desire.

The documentary movie “Living Without Money” show cases one way in which we can make the shift from money to none.  They call it a gifting economy, and others call it modified barter, the important thing is that it works.  The system is still based on Love!  This is the critical part.  Without Love no system will work and at this point with the world teetering on destruction we need drastic changes.

I highly recommend seeing this movie so you can get an idea of how a gifting economy can get the world headed in the right direction.  You too can live a very comfortable life without money!  I am sure the system will look slightly different depending on the continent that you live on.  For instance, in the USA with corporations running everything, bartering with the supermarket may be difficult, so people will be going to farmer markets and creating co-ops.  Supermarkets will eventually fail or be replaced by a resource allocation system that is not based on money.

This is not about going back to the old barter system and living in the dark ages.  It is about moving forward into the new age of giving, sharing and interdependence.  It is about the world coming together as ONE, because we are One and the Earth is our sustenance!  We are biting the hand that feeds us and this must stop – NOW.

I believe the gifting system proposed by the movie “Living Without Money” is a bridge to the more sustainable and prosperous system of resource allocation.  I know that you realize a change is needed, so please do not think that propping the failing monetary system back up once again is an answer, it is only delaying the inevitable.  By consciously choosing a LBE the future will flow right into our laps.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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