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on June 6, 2011

The new earth (a Love based Economy/Society, LBE) is made up of core cities all over the world close to, but not exactly where cities are located today.  Cities will come in four sizes, Metropolis (1 million or more population), Large city (100,000-999,999 population), small city (1,000 to 99,999) and rural maintenance city (under 1000 population).  97% of the population lives in a city.  The wilderness is left for wild things.

Each city is connected to all others by an inter-world communications net built right into any and all infrastructure.  Just as we have phone lines today each building has communication nodes installed which transmit signals wirelessly.  Each community/city has its own grid of wireless networks so anyone can speak to anyone else anywhere in the world from wherever they are with a good quality signal even from buildings below ground or in remote rural maintenance cities.  Like raindrop ripples on a smooth lake the calls go out to cover the world and beyond.

Communication in a LBE is conducted in diverse ways and as all else, it is totally free.  Public Comm Centers equipped with all available communication modes are provided in commonly used areas such as transportation centers, shopping areas, educational sites, and entertainment centers as a convenience to those who have misplaced theirs or simply as backup to personal communication devices.  All communicators automatically translate any known language, so talking to those in other countries is as simple as saying hello.

Traditional mail and email are still used on a limited basis for those who choose them, however most prefer telepathy or voice communication.  Protocols or guidelines are in place for the use of telepathy (a form of telepathy exists today, so this is not far off).  In a LBE each citizen respects the others right to privacy. It must be remembered that in a LBE all actions come from Love and are Loving.  As the ability to communicate by telepathy grows, learning to keep thoughts private is learned rather quickly. (In a LBE privacy is not an issue because we all realize Oneness, meaning the one mind knows all there is to know and we access it on a need to know basis.)

The new earth is characterized by a Universal understanding of Oneness and its ramifications.  Each thought, word and action is carefully processed by our increased mental capacity which has been growing over many years of evolution. (The future is now, consider how much more intelligent the average person is today compared to just 300 yrs ago).

A LBE exists today in a sparse peppered pattern all over the earth and it is growing daily.  The time has come and the masses are realizing they control their destiny, not some Government Official or Religious Leader.  Spirit works through each of us and as we awaken to the possibilities life will quickly follow suit.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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