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Resources In A Material World

on June 10, 2011

Since technology is so critical to a Resource Based Economy, so is manufacturing.  Products and supplies are still needed and this is the beauty of the new system. Manufacturing is all automated as is most all of the transport and distribution.

Raw products are mined by machines, processed and distributed by machines.  People are not need or very few will be around to oversee operations and make sure repairs are being done and the product is getting where it needs to go.  Eventually no one will be needed in this role.  The transition period will take a few years and is already in motion.

Most manufacturing these days is automated, if not totally, then partially.  This is mainly concerning mass production, because there will always be the individual shop owner that provides a personal touch to a service or product.  Disposable products such as flowers, food, and drinks are a good example.  Machines can pick flowers, but having a person give them to you adds that personal touch that we do not want to lose.  People are the reason for the season so to speak.  We all will have jobs that make us happy and fulfilled.

Construction and building maintenance is done by machines or volunteers.  The idea of resource management without the profit motive makes implementation so much easier.  People will work from a giving perspective and the rewards will be in the joy they bring to others.  Quality will be higher as will be the energy of the building.  We all know that the amount of love and care put into a building or anything really, is reaped by those who enjoy it daily.  Visit a custom or home build building and see if it does not have a more “homey” feeling.  The principle is “what you put into a job is what you get out” or what you give you receive.

Farming is automated as much as possible, but will still need a few people to oversee things and do the jobs a machine cannot.  This is why in the outlying regions rural maintenance cities will be hubs for farming.  Areas that are not suited to farming or mining are left as natural spaces, no hunting or fishing will be allowed.  Only nature watching, scientific study or communing will be allowed in these areas.  With the equal and efficient use of resources there is plenty of land left over for wild areas.

Farming will be warehoused to as large a degree as possible, with things like lettuce, tomatoes, berries, and other vegetables being grown in hydroponic warehouses that are lit with artificial light and clean filtered water systems which require no pesticides.  This can be done underground or wherever it is needed, even on artic, ocean or off world locations.  The possibilities are only as big as your imagination and desire.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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