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Money in a LBE

on June 14, 2011

In a Love Based Economy/Society (LBE) standard of exchange no longer comes in the form of money.  Trade still takes place but without money, however this is not the central foundation, nor is it barter.  Instead things are based on gifting and resource allocation distributed equally.  All peoples are given their basic needs equally and since Love is the basis of society, compassion including the care of others comes first.  No one would take anything without considering the needs of others first.  Things of value are exchanged as gifts, such as flowers, a bottle of wine, a meal, jewelry, art or just about anything depending on the giver and receiver.

Whatever is needed is available from a central repository which operates much like a library.  If you need a tool or large item you simply walk in and borrow it for a certain amount of time, and when done you return it for someone else to use (it is the property of the people – not the state or government.  Each person is taught from birth that all material possessions belong to Mother Earth and her gift to anyone and everyone who respects and honors the gift).  Disposable items such as food or cleaning supplies are provided much as they are today, only there is no money involved.  Nothing harmful to the environment is ever distributed.

Since all work is done on a volunteer basis from the Love within each person, money is not used.  Resources belong to everyone and no one.  No one hoards anything at any time because they understand the Universal principles which are taught from birth. Love, caring, compassion and the well being of all life is central to all teachings.

No one person or organization is “in control” although there is an organization responsible for basic functions such as maintenance of the technology and infrastructure.  The Central Council of Elders oversees the computer which runs all functions on the entire planet.  Every aspect of life is attended to, although it is done in a seamless fashion.

If you need a gift for a special occasion you go to the market area and simply pick something out or you make it yourself.  It is an honor to have your creations appreciated.  The principle of “what you give is received” is fully understood by all.  Great care and effort is put into making great works of art and craft.  Giving them is the reward.

The basic items are produced as needed and not made in advance as they are today.  This saves resources and wastes nothing.  No extra space is needed for storage or warehousing.  Old items are recycled.  Requests are sent to the distribution center where it is picked up by the person who ordered it.  If you remember the store “Service Merchandise” the process works very similar to their concept, however a computer displays the item in 3D hologram and is not actually manufactured till requested.

The aspect of a LBE that makes it so desirable is a good standard of living for all citizens, no one is above another and no one is treated with privilege or disdain.  Since all resources are carefully monitored and maintained by a neutral computer system, equality and efficiency are assured.  Money is no longer a motivator in society!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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