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Insights…Part I

We each have one life, our own. When it is over, the consciousness which makes us, us shifts and never occurs exactly that way again. The person you are born as becomes self aware from about the age of 2-6 years old. This person grows and evolves. In certain cases the person can die without the body’s death. This is in fact what has happen to me and possibly to many of us. The form this takes varies. One could say each of us has a different “story”. There are small ego deaths which change ones path only slightly and there are larger life changing deaths which can never be reclaimed. One could argue that each night we lay down to sleep and awaken the next morning a different person, however slightly that may be. On a conscious level we can be aware of these changes, although this takes focus and attention. When we set our intention to remember and map these changes a pattern can be discerned. I have had this experience. Putting all this into words is so difficult and I am doing my best so bear with me as I attempt to explain.

It is like life has access to only one point in Space/Time, the Now. What is shifting is our perceptions. Consciousness moves, we do not. So many lessons can be taken from this simple knowledge. This evening I had the realization that “I” am finite. When this body dies and consciousness transforms to other expressions it is indeed an end. Not in a bad way, but simply in a lasting way. For instance, Albert Einstein the person will never exist again from my perspective. He died 4/18/1955. His legacy will live on forever or as long as consciousness remains aware of him. There are people who are no longer in consciousness or awareness of anyone, so they indeed no longer exist. Again, this is not good or bad, so don’t think of this on those terms. I guess what I am saying is if you wish to be remembered then you must pass your knowledge to others, share a gift of yourself in whatever form works for you. Write a book, build a bridge, coach a baseball team, love your children, etc. Our gifts to others are indeed gifts to ourselves and to greater consciousness. (Working for money is just that, business, so this does not count as giving. Of course if your work comes from the heart as a gift then you are taken care of in return. Many books have been written on giving/receiving or what some call Spiritual Economics, so I will let you do your own research on this one.)

In my understanding, reincarnation as it is taught does not exist. The difference is that a particular mind/body complex does not recur in any form once it has occurred. There is no “soul” that comes back. There is One soul or One Mind and it knows all there is to know. We each are like a blade of grass in a vast never ending meadow! Each blade exists and then never again repeats exactly the same. Each blade of grass is a Universe on to itself!

Refocusing on the perspective of a Transgender individual like myself. My life existed as one mind/body complex to the point of transition and then shifted in such a large way that there is no going back to any part of the previous story. In effect the person I was died quite literally and a new person was born. I even remember grieving that former self. It could be said that he was murdered in order for the new me to exist. However, we are not separate. We are still and always have been one person. Everyone is connected through the One Mind. Since I don’t like long blogs I will close with this one thought. More in the next blog. We give for the greater good as well as for our own good. Goodness grows Consciousness! And who are we if not the One.

Sequoia Elisabeth

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Thanksgiving Is My Favorite Holiday

“Grace isn’t a little prayer you chant before receiving a meal. It’s a way to live.” Attributed to Jacqueline Winspear.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because I feel gratitude is so important and because I feel that I am pretty good at it.  The Native Americans teach several important things about this holiday, so let us look at a few.

The food you eat is a gift from Great Spirit (even if you paid for it).  Life is being converted to a Higher form by us consuming it with grace given to the animal or plant.  We always thank the animal or plant for giving its life so that we may live.  It is a thought and a feeling that becomes a habit every time you consume something, yes, so this goes for all consumables, gas, paper, products, etc.

The Earth (Gaia) is alive!  We need to treat her as such!  Take only what you need and leave each place you visit (including your own home) better than you found it.  This means depositing trash in the proper receptacle, being careful/mindful of the space you occupy and treat it as if it were your own while remembering others who may be using this space, if not now at some time in the future.  The Native Americans call this Seven Generational thinking, meaning your actions should consider the next seven generations who live on that land.

cornucopia-thanksgivingAbundance is everywhere!  Gaia provides for our every need and those who realize this and act with respect and gratitude draw this to them.  This is called Prosperity mindedness.  It comes from deep within you and springs out like a fountain, thus the cornucopia symbol used this time of year.  Have faith you always have what you need.  It may not be what you would prefer or you may desire more, but needs are always met.  The more one practices Prosperity Mindedness, the more one attracts to themselves.  This is done by giving till it hurts as the saying goes.  What you give another, you give yourself!  This is the very meaning of Oneness and if you have been paying attention you completely understand we are all One – One with Gaia, and all her family of animals, plants, and minerals.  Separation is the Grand Illusion… some would call it the Human Game, but that is a whole other story.

I wish to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for reading this blog and supporting Unity in Gender Diversity.  The feeling of gratitude includes grace, joy, wholeness, pleasing, praise, honor, and purity.  Take a minute now and feel it….  Practice/Remember this feeling often!   Know you are Love and we are Home.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Giving Is Receiving

Living is a dynamic process and it is easy to get caught up in daily dramas and just staying busy.  Transitions Blog is here to offer coping techniques in turbulent times.  Attitude and personal cosmology largely attribute to your experiences in life.

A “Polly Anna” does not necessarily have fewer problems than everyone else they just enjoy them more!  Since life is about Joy and not struggle this seems like a good approach.  Often though it is our family that teaches an approach which we adopt without even thinking about it.  Once we realize that life is a choice we can begin choosing differently, or not.

Another aspect to life is that it has no meaning.  Many people search their whole life trying to find something that does not exist!  I tell you this not to depress you but to offer an alternative.  By the way, it is the ego mind’s purpose to control your life by sending you on wild goose chases, so now that you know better, choose again!

Meaning is assigned by you!  It is your duty to decide what has meaning in your life and act appropriately.  Many Spiritual leaders have gone before us and offered their answer to this dilemma which I am sharing here today.  Mother Teresa is famous for her work with the poor and infirm, Gandhi for his contributions of Peace to his people, and Martin Luther King for his demands for Equal Rights.  Each of these leaders chose what was important to them and shared this with others.  The binding theme here is caring for someone besides yourself.  It does not have to be a whole country or even a whole community.  It can be a family or even one person.

The greatest gift of being in a loving relationship is the opportunity to care for someone other than yourself.  When you have children this purpose grows.  Life is no longer about you, it becomes about them and you have a reason to live!

Having a family or even a partner is not required.  Loving another human being is a gift that anyone can give. (This does not mean the other person must accept your love, by the way, so give to everyone.)  It does not require money, health, or good looks.  All that is required is making the choice and following through.  There is no limit on how many people you can love as Gandhi, et al showed us.  Do what feels right to you!

You will discover that depression, anxiety, and many other ailments disappear when you have a purpose greater than you to focus on.  Of course you know that in order to be most effective you must face your personal issues along the way.  Take care of you and then take care of others.  This is not an excuse but it is an important consideration.  Give what you need!  If you are having health issues, help others in the process of healing yourself.  If you have money problems then help others with their issues by volunteering with a charity.  What you give, you receive!!

🙂  Sequoia Elisabeth

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Money in a LBE

In a Love Based Economy/Society (LBE) standard of exchange no longer comes in the form of money.  Trade still takes place but without money, however this is not the central foundation, nor is it barter.  Instead things are based on gifting and resource allocation distributed equally.  All peoples are given their basic needs equally and since Love is the basis of society, compassion including the care of others comes first.  No one would take anything without considering the needs of others first.  Things of value are exchanged as gifts, such as flowers, a bottle of wine, a meal, jewelry, art or just about anything depending on the giver and receiver.

Whatever is needed is available from a central repository which operates much like a library.  If you need a tool or large item you simply walk in and borrow it for a certain amount of time, and when done you return it for someone else to use (it is the property of the people – not the state or government.  Each person is taught from birth that all material possessions belong to Mother Earth and her gift to anyone and everyone who respects and honors the gift).  Disposable items such as food or cleaning supplies are provided much as they are today, only there is no money involved.  Nothing harmful to the environment is ever distributed.

Since all work is done on a volunteer basis from the Love within each person, money is not used.  Resources belong to everyone and no one.  No one hoards anything at any time because they understand the Universal principles which are taught from birth. Love, caring, compassion and the well being of all life is central to all teachings.

No one person or organization is “in control” although there is an organization responsible for basic functions such as maintenance of the technology and infrastructure.  The Central Council of Elders oversees the computer which runs all functions on the entire planet.  Every aspect of life is attended to, although it is done in a seamless fashion.

If you need a gift for a special occasion you go to the market area and simply pick something out or you make it yourself.  It is an honor to have your creations appreciated.  The principle of “what you give is received” is fully understood by all.  Great care and effort is put into making great works of art and craft.  Giving them is the reward.

The basic items are produced as needed and not made in advance as they are today.  This saves resources and wastes nothing.  No extra space is needed for storage or warehousing.  Old items are recycled.  Requests are sent to the distribution center where it is picked up by the person who ordered it.  If you remember the store “Service Merchandise” the process works very similar to their concept, however a computer displays the item in 3D hologram and is not actually manufactured till requested.

The aspect of a LBE that makes it so desirable is a good standard of living for all citizens, no one is above another and no one is treated with privilege or disdain.  Since all resources are carefully monitored and maintained by a neutral computer system, equality and efficiency are assured.  Money is no longer a motivator in society!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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Giving Therapy

The transition journey can be long and lonely at times and one of the best therapies I have discovered is giving.  I will call this Giving Therapy and it is good for the soul.  One of the most basic principles we all should know by now is if you want something, give it away!

Ok, so this maybe giving from a different perspective, however I think you are going to love this once you understand what I speak of.  The first question that comes to mind is how can I give away something I do not have?  This is the materialistic point of view and one that we have all experienced at some time or another. 

The principle works like this.  Give what you do have and work up from there.  Work from your desires and give what you want.  Say for instance that you are craving love and affection, then you should be giving love and affection to others.  Not forcing it on them of course.  Focusing on your successes is imperative in this practice, because if you focus on your rejections then you will be setting yourself up for more rejection.  By focusing on what you desire and helping others get it, then through the law of attraction you get it. 

The same principle works for money.  If per chance you do not have much money, then you simply help others get it!  The important thing to remember here it is not about you.  In the process of helping others we help ourselves. “It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson). 

The benefits of giving are immense and start with a feeling of satisfaction.  This feeling makes you feel warm in your heart and it flows out all over your body.  Even small gestures such as giving the homeless person on the corner a dollar brings warmth, giving is circular.  It is best not to hold the conscious thought that if I help this person they will help me or God will favor me.  This is very archaic thought and simply does not work.  Giving for the sake of giving and giving from the heart not the mind works. 

Make a habit of it and it becomes easier.  Just remember to push your established limits from time to time.  It is easy to get in the habit of giving at church every week and then forget about all the other opportunities we have all week.  In this authors opinion one of the best gifts is something that cannot be gotten from any other place.  Love, Hugs, Attention, Gratitude, Acknowledgement, and Compliments rank up there as the most valuable gifts that can be given or received.  Material gifts can also be valuable when they serve the needs of the recipient. 

Putting thought into your gift so that the recipient can use the gift shows that you care and that you know them which in itself is a gift.  Another way to give is to offer your services or simply do things for another.  This can be simple like making breakfast for your partner or friend.  Making sure chores are done so they do not have to do this (this is a great way for a child to show their parents they love them).  Courteous gestures such as buying gas for the car you are borrowing, cleaning up after yourself when using public space (or any space really), and allowing others to go ahead of you in the line. 

The options for giving are endless and the benefit is that you feel better and won’t be worrying about your challenges anymore.  Caring for others is the fastest way to move beyond your own personal transition challenges.  Love is the answer every time.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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