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on July 1, 2011

As much as I would love to see the world shift unilaterally over to a Resource Based Economy it feels like the more probable outcome will be small pockets of change growing like an infection, spreading to areas of less resistance first and then to the mainstream once the bubble bursts.

I can see it happening now all over the globe!  People are adopting sustainable living methods and lessening their dependence not only on oil but also on money.  Remembering of course that both are simply tools which have been grossly misused.  I for one am not ready to give up oil completely and we should not have to.  It simply needs to be used in a responsible manner.  Using it as a fuel needs to stop, we have other options now.  Using it in manufacturing is one way it can contribute to our future, and even this will need to be modified to be sustainable.  I must remind you that oil comes from Mother Earth and eventually it will return there.  How we use it in the interim is up to us, the consequences will vary.

A few principles are all we need to proceed from here.  One is “do onto others as you would have done onto you.”  Imagine you own the land being mined, imagine you are an animal or tree growing on the land!  What is best now?  We are not alone here on Gaia and with respect and forethought we can all live in harmony!  It is time we left our arrogance behind and lived a Loving Conscious Life.

Secondly “consider future generations of our ancestors who will be coming to take our place!”  The Native Americans say to plan for seven generations.  This is not so hard when you consider the connection we all have.  These generations are our future selves!  Just because life is eternal does not give humans the right to abuse it.  The future does not have to include humans!  We all know what happens to people who abuse the system, right?

Leaders like Gandhi, ML King, and St. Francis showed the way to live a humble life while at the same time standing up to authority.  “Peace thru non-action is the way of our future.”  Holding peaceful and loving thoughts no matter what you face takes courage and fortitude.  Simply staying focused on your morals and principles is all it takes.  This need not be difficult; the more people who do this the easier it gets, especially when we are all based in Love.  The other details are just that, details.  The core must be Love in both action and non-action.  All of life must be considered in our actions and we must work together for the betterment of all!  Lastly, “Interdependence of community is the way of the future!”  We live in a Loving Universe, there is no other option.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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