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on August 3, 2011

Just to clarify, I am calling for the end of all borders, release of the concept of land ownership, religions to let go of any dogma, wall street and the like to be shut down all over the world, and the large organized governments dissolved.  The people are free to make their own decisions and create community where they live which is fully by the people and for the people.   High value is placed on integrity, authenticity, and mutual cooperation.  The concept of Oneness is embraced by every person on earth.  Gaia is one being and each of us is a part of the whole.  Peace, Perfection and Wholeness are now the rule; there is no need for exception as we have experienced that and see beyond it!

Borders have gone away.  We no longer need to define borders as they will shift with the times.  The land itself has energy and the people of that land will define it.  That space is honored and respected for what it is.  Recognized for its inherent value, it will shift and change over time, frequently at first, but eventually becoming constant and harmonious.

Land ownership is absolved.  The land belongs to Gaia and cannot be owned, just as any person cannot be owned.  It is wrong to enslave people so we will not enslave the earth!  Respectful and Grateful ceremony surrounds all use of the land which is taught our children from birth.  We learn to work in harmony with the creatures of earth and to use Gaia’s resources with respect and gratitude.  All food is raised with loving intent including animals, insects, sea life and the plants.  Processing food now means we bless the food and prepare it with care and love.  Gaia comes first!

The process of shifting away from ownership is slow, so the house is still owned and so are the objects within, but with an attitude of responsibility and honor.  These things serve our needs and are shared freely.  If someone needs a roof to protect them for a night, doors open freely and space is shared with respect because all understand the concept of Oneness.  What is done on someone else is done to you, and we have evolved to feel it also.  If your fellow man is hurt you feel it, if they are Joyous you feel it, these are capabilities innate to our being but have been shut down in the past.  No longer do we forgo this gift!

Religions open their doors to everyone and no longer teach separation.  The ceremony is preserved but interpreted to reflect Oneness and that particular religions take on it.  Other beliefs are respected and not only tolerated but embraced.  Many religions merge over time and many are now the few, all with Oneness as their core.  Love is taught in churches, schools and in the home.  There is no stronger force in the Universe.

Wall Street is shut down because it serves the few and not the many.  The financial markets are dissolved as money becomes less and less important in the daily functioning of life.  All money is backed by a finite source such as gold, silver or platinum.  As such this money is of Gaia and is no longer used as a means of power and control.  It is simply a tool to facilitate trade and honor those you love.

Large governments are no longer needed so they are dissolved.  The people take responsibility for their own lives and form communities to support one another.  Government is truly by the people and for the people – all people equally.  Difference is respected and seen as one aspect of the whole.  It is our similarities which bind us, but our differences are the sauce that adds value.  Just as each cell in the body has a purpose and role to play, so does each person, creature and thing on Earth (Gaia).

Man made laws are no longer necessary because we realize that Oneness precludes law.   Each person understands their connection to the whole and to do harm is unthinkable.  If it does occur we realize that punishment is inherent in the system, so individuals are not responsible for this.  Universal Law operates without any governance and is taught in all churches, schools and homes.   It is woven into every story and demonstrated by our very lives.  Universal Law is our source.  Oneness is its expression.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity



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