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on September 10, 2011

Living is a dynamic process and it is easy to get caught up in daily dramas and just staying busy.  Transitions Blog is here to offer coping techniques in turbulent times.  Attitude and your personal cosmology largely attribute to your experiences in life.

A “Polly Anna” does not necessarily have fewer problems than everyone else they just enjoy them more!  Since life is about Joy and not struggle this seems like a good approach.  Often though it is our family that teaches an approach which we adopt without even thinking about it.  Once we realize that life is a choice we can begin choosing differently if we so choose.

Another aspect to life is that it has no meaning.  Many people search their whole life trying to find something that does not exist!  I tell you this not to depress you but to offer an alternative.  By the way, it is the ego mind’s purpose to control your life by sending you on wild goose chases, so now that you know better, choose again!

Meaning is assigned by you!  It is your duty to decide what has meaning in your life and act appropriately.  Many Spiritual leaders have gone before us and offered their answer to this dilemma which I am sharing here today.  Mother Teresa is famous for her work with the poor and infirm, Gandhi for his contributions of Peace to his people, and Martin Luther King for his demands for Equal Rights.  Each of these leaders chose what was important to them and shared this with others.  The binding theme here is caring for someone besides yourself.  It does not have to be a whole country or even a whole community.  It can be a family or even one person.

The greatest gift of being in a loving relationship is the opportunity to care for someone other than yourself.  When you have children this purpose grows.  Life no longer is about you, it becomes about them and you have a reason to live!

Having a family or even a partner is not required.  Loving another human being is a gift that anyone can give. (This does not mean the other person must accept your love, by the way, so give to everyone.)  It does not require money, health, or good looks.  All that is required is making the choice and following through.  There is no limit on how many people you can love as Gandhi, et al showed us.  Do what feels right to you!

You will discover that depression, anxiety, and many other ailments disappear when you have a purpose greater than you to focus on.  Of course you know that in order to be most effective you must face your personal issues along the way.  Take care of you and then take care of others.  This is not an excuse but it is an important consideration.  Give what you need!  If you are having health issues, help others in the process of healing yourself.  If you have money problems then help others with their issues by volunteering with a charity.  What you give you receive!!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity


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