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Every story has its own parameters within the larger paradigm. The story practically writes itself when staying within these parameters. The plots will change depending on the circumstances of the character and the choices they make. Choice is the driver behind the plot line. Say the character makes the choice to do XYZ. This will drive the plot in that direction within the parameters of the story, keeping of course, within the paradigm.

We are all playing out a story. Our lives are our story. This means we each operate within certain parameters within a paradigm. Early on our choices are bound to our parents or guardians. Once we become adult and get out on our own, the story of our lives diverges based on the choices we make. For instance, say a person decides to go into the medical field as a physician. The medical industrial complex comes with its own parameters. The many hoops must be jumped through to reach the goal and all along the journey the story further defines itself by the choices made. The student becomes the intern, becomes the physician, becomes the specialist in the chosen field, becomes the servant to public or private industry, etc. The choices made by the person are not really choices as we are made to believe. The choices are dictated by the story within the parameters of the paradigm.

It all comes down to a life lived within the parameters of the paradigm. So, the person has already made its choices before it is even born. The very act of birth sets the paradigm. The person’s identity and path are set at this point of birth. A family has been chosen and thus the paradigm. We like to think we can change our path. Society claims change is the rule, not the exception. In fact, it is just the opposite. Even this change is within the paradigm of the individual. The greatest show on earth! Your Life!

Sequoia Elisabeth

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Coping with Life

Life has its challenges, and these can be debilitating, or they can be invigorating. Choice is the way of life here. Choosing not to choose is still a choice. Often, we put ourselves in a position where we think there is no way out. Like being in a paper bag and we don’t realize with a little water the bag will dissolve. Are you seeing sunrises or sunsets? Both are a given here, and both can serve at various times in our lives. Life grows in spurts. It’s the plateaus we must learn to enjoy by going with the flow. The spurts can be painful, or they can be exciting, the choice is yours. Coping with either a spurt or a plateau really is the same. Row, row, your boat gently down the stream. When you reach the rapids relax into it. Hold on, yet not too tightly. Drunks who are in car accidents usually are not injured severely because they flex in the stress. Resistance is futile as the saying goes. A stiff tree breaks, while a limber tree bends and survives. Palm trees survive hurricanes because they bend and allow the storm to pass over them. My favorite motto from the Disney movie “Meet the Robinson’s” is “Keep Moving Forward”.

Shifting gears, yet still focusing on coping with life, consider taking more down time. Sitting quietly comes with choice. By setting your intention, the mind will silence with practice. Understanding the contributing sources of anxiety and discomfort will allow you to make informed conscious choices. In today’s society this comes from electronics mostly. Disconnecting daily for only a short time helps. Go for a walk without any electronics. Turn off the TV and Computer, lay aside your phone, read a book. Find a hands on project to work on. For me being creative calms my mind. We are, after all, made in our Creators image. So create!

While you are creating, know the difference between making and creating. People make things, God creates. Holy Spirit (The voice for God) works through us and thus the creation. Ego or Monkey mind can work through us also and this usually just makes a mess… literally. (LOL) The difference is both profound and subtle. Knowing this difference changes everything. The choice is a conscious one and we each have this privilege. With great power comes great responsibility. And this can be a gift or a burden. When used for others we grow together. When used for the self only, we all suffer. I invite you to notice the difference. Do your actions bring both you and others joy? Do your actions benefit more than yourself? The question of “how does this serve you” can be a powerful tool to guide your path. Our actions should serve both the self and other self (others).

Sequoia Elisabeth

Oneness Ministry

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Life is your Mirror

What does your lifestyle say about you?  Look around and see for yourself!  Is your car cluttered with “stuff”?  What about your desk, bedroom, living room, yard, or closet?  Is this stuff a sense of identity for you?  It is for most people and I question this.  Not if it is right or wrong, that is subjective, but what purpose does identifying with works of art or advanced technological devices serve for you?

Have you ever considered why you have to have the latest computer or that cute trinket from your vacation?  Everything you do, say, or think defines you.  Take a step back and see this.  Who are you?  Really?

Your environment also defines you and tells you much about the person you are.  Is your life about clutter or order, dirty or clean, scarcity or abundance?  The cluttered mind is reflected in a cluttered life, dirty thoughts are reflected in a dirty life, and abundant thoughts beget an abundant life.  I hope you will take a minute to look at your life and start living with intention and purpose.  Make a conscious choice to be one way or the other.  Clean your house because that reflects the type of person you are, not because I or anyone else says you should.

Life is a reflection of your thoughts, words, and actions.  So if you wish to know yourself, just look at your friends, family, job, activities, and living space.  It can be a sobering event!  And it can be inspiring too.  This is one of the most important principles you can learn! Once you start living on purpose, the world becomes your oyster and you are the pearl.

Living Consciously means being aware of the details, appreciating them, but not obsessing on them.  It is a fine line, but one that is very rewarding!  What is important to you?  Who are you?  What do you need to align with this?  The mirror is your best friend, as is pain, the bully that kicked your ass, and the accident you had last month.

“A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world. Everyone you meet is your mirror.”  Ken Keyes

Be the Love (insert your choice) you desire!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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All Death Is Suicide

Musing about a recent death in my life, I came across the following quotes which shine a most illuminating light on things.  Just so you know, a dear friend that I worked and played with has left this earth plane by way of car accident (official designation).  It is my belief that she left by choice in a method agreeable by most she knew.  I find it strange that to die by “accident” is unavoidable but to die by suicide is sinful and unacceptable.  These beliefs serve a purpose of course, because they help us to make it through tough times when it is so easy to just end it.  Love is the answer, everything else are just excuses.  Consider the following quotes and make up your own mind.

“There is no such thing as an accident; everything that happens to you in every moment of every day is an exact vibrational match (thanks to the Law of Attraction) to the dominant thoughts you are thinking.

No exceptions, ever.

And, just to really throw the cat among the pigeons (as the saying goes), here’s one of Abraham’s most controversial (but completely true) sayings…

All death is suicide.

…which is a natural conclusion anyway if there is no such thing as an accident.” Stingray

It seems that everything is a choice, even death!  This goes right down to the color of your eyes and your genetic structure.  Not that all choice is conscious.  These choices were made before you were born and through thoughts, words and actions taken by you.

“However, the fear of death is unnecessary.  The truth is that all death is suicide.  At its core, everything is a choice.  There is an awakening occurring on the planet for those who are paying attention in which we are realizing how much choice we actually have in the creation of our reality.  As we accept our power we must let go of the desire to be accepted or understood by those who are stuck in mainstream thought.  This willingness to transcend the fears of others and become a pioneer is crucial to personal evolution.

In life, a central challenge is to let go of the idea that your body is decaying with time.  It is not.  It is actually recreating itself constantly.”

“In the Conversations with God Series by Neale Donald Walsh, God says that all death is suicide, and it is just a matter of whether we want to do it quickly, or over time with eating bad food, breathing polluted air, smoking, drinking etc. If someone is in pain, God does not want one to suffer, and does not blame someone for leaving their body quickly. If someone was to love you so much they would understand that, to keep you is selfish, everyone is sad when someone dies, not because so much they think something bad happened to them, but they cry for themselves, that what they want is no longer with them. Take this story for instance I was so in love with this guy, we lived together for a year, but I noticed he would go in the bedroom all sad and close the door sometimes. I found out he was looking at pictures of his kids he loved so much and his wife he was still in love with. I planned it out and talked him into moving to the city where his children and ex lived, and when we got there I said this is where I drop you off, I am moving on. I loved him enough to let him go and try to work things out with his wife and to be there for his children. Now, that is love.”  Kathy Miller

Remember that every thought, word and action leads to your experience in this world and ultimately to your fate.  We are guided by higher powers, no matter how you think of them, either Divine Being, God or Higher Self.  Listen to this guidance and you will make it through the maze of life to the Promised Land.  There is no right or wrong way home.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity


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Caring For Others

Living is a dynamic process and it is easy to get caught up in daily dramas and just staying busy.  Transitions Blog is here to offer coping techniques in turbulent times.  Attitude and your personal cosmology largely attribute to your experiences in life.

A “Polly Anna” does not necessarily have fewer problems than everyone else they just enjoy them more!  Since life is about Joy and not struggle this seems like a good approach.  Often though it is our family that teaches an approach which we adopt without even thinking about it.  Once we realize that life is a choice we can begin choosing differently if we so choose.

Another aspect to life is that it has no meaning.  Many people search their whole life trying to find something that does not exist!  I tell you this not to depress you but to offer an alternative.  By the way, it is the ego mind’s purpose to control your life by sending you on wild goose chases, so now that you know better, choose again!

Meaning is assigned by you!  It is your duty to decide what has meaning in your life and act appropriately.  Many Spiritual leaders have gone before us and offered their answer to this dilemma which I am sharing here today.  Mother Teresa is famous for her work with the poor and infirm, Gandhi for his contributions of Peace to his people, and Martin Luther King for his demands for Equal Rights.  Each of these leaders chose what was important to them and shared this with others.  The binding theme here is caring for someone besides yourself.  It does not have to be a whole country or even a whole community.  It can be a family or even one person.

The greatest gift of being in a loving relationship is the opportunity to care for someone other than yourself.  When you have children this purpose grows.  Life no longer is about you, it becomes about them and you have a reason to live!

Having a family or even a partner is not required.  Loving another human being is a gift that anyone can give. (This does not mean the other person must accept your love, by the way, so give to everyone.)  It does not require money, health, or good looks.  All that is required is making the choice and following through.  There is no limit on how many people you can love as Gandhi, et al showed us.  Do what feels right to you!

You will discover that depression, anxiety, and many other ailments disappear when you have a purpose greater than you to focus on.  Of course you know that in order to be most effective you must face your personal issues along the way.  Take care of you and then take care of others.  This is not an excuse but it is an important consideration.  Give what you need!  If you are having health issues, help others in the process of healing yourself.  If you have money problems then help others with their issues by volunteering with a charity.  What you give you receive!!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity


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Destiny Fulfilled

This blog is a continuation of the previous blog titled Destiny.  Gender transition is not a conscious choice like most people think of it and neither is homosexuality, pedophilia, autism or any other condition.  These are choices made before birth that must manifest and be worked through.  It takes your entire life to fully experience these gifts and they affect everyone you meet, even if only for a few minutes.  The affect can be positive or negative, that is up to the individual you meet.  If you are positive and giving of your talents, then the meeting will be positive.  All Universal Laws apply! 

The message I wish to convey in this blog is a continuation of the previous blog and it is very simple.  Even though transgender is a choice before birth, it is not something that can be ignored.  It cannot be made to “go away”, it is not something to “cure” and it is not a disease!  Gender Identity is what it is and the hard part is that it is not listed on your birth certificate or in any way known to anyone at birth. 

Gender identity must be discovered over time and with introspection.  The child of 3-6 years old can usually tell others what it is, and sometimes if ignored must be rediscovered later in life, usually at puberty or much later in life.  Most children have a gender identity that matches their physical sex, so gender is often over looked or just assumed.  However in about 3% of the population the gender identity and physical sex do not match as in my case. 

I was too scared and confused to know what was going on, so the issue was not addressed.  My life was in full swing by the time I figured it out as a senior in high school, so I ignored the feelings and sometimes overwhelming urge to express my feminine nature.  To release this energy I crossdressed for 30 years and finally I faced the feelings I was having and transitioned.  It was not something that I could ignore.  It is not a choice, because the choice was made long before birth.  Please understand this when you are dealing with anyone who is coping with this condition.

Transgender, and any other condition as mentioned above affect the whole family and each person involved in this person’s life.  So the one’s closest to this individual must transition along with the transgender individual.  This is often a soul agreement made before birth as mentioned in the last blog.  The opportunity for growth here is phenomenal and must not be ignored.  This is a divine gift!  Embrace it and work it out with everyone you love.  Be not afraid to be yourself!  As hard as it may seem the rewards are worth every effort filled, painful and joyful moment.  Remember one thing above all else, Love is the way…

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Isolation of Choice

Transition is all about choice and the effects of the decisions we make along the road.  As we navigate the many options available to us we make the best decision we can with the information available to us at the time.

You may have heard the expression, “hindsight is 20/20”.  The reason for this is simple.  Looking back you have more information available so you can make a better decision.  Knowing this, it makes no sense to beat yourself up for missed opportunities or decisions that did not work out.  Look around and see where you stand and move from here.  Focus on your desires and be consistent. 

This does not mean that desires will not change and that once you get to a location that you may decide to move on or go back.  Nothing is ever in vain.  Nor is anything lost in the process of pursuing your dreams.  Even if you fail, you have succeeded in moving closer and had experiences that show you where not to go, so be grateful for what you have!  Always and all ways be grateful for what you have in any given moment.  Yes, all moments are gifts!  They are gifts from you to you. 

To those who are aware in any situation, condition or place has a gift waiting there to be discovered.  Winning the lottery may seem like a wonderful gift but can be a disaster if mismanaged.  The same goes for a seeming disaster like the death of a child or the murder of your partner.  In the midst of the situation it is not always easy to see the light (the gift).  This is where friends and family come in. 

Transitions are always a big deal and facing something like this alone is simply a formula for failure.  The isolated mind turns in on itself and life gets distorted, things seem worse than they are or perhaps they seem better than they really are.  The only way to get a clear picture of where you stand is to get feedback from those who care. 

This can mean going to the doctor or therapist, talking to your closest friend, or confiding in your immediate family.  I am not saying you look to others for approval, but only for other opinions or view points.  If a person has a long history of shooting your ideas down and telling you how much you mess up, it is not a good idea to confide in this person.  Don’t laugh!  People do it all the time.  The best favor you can do for a friend is to give them an honest objective opinion from your point of view.  It is up to the person asking to take the news maturely and put the information to good use. 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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New Beginnings

Today is a new day so start fresh.  Leave any thoughts that no longer serve you and move on to new pastures.  Animals realize this and we can learn from them.  If an area is over grazed and the food (thought) is not fresh and nourishing then they move to another area until they find what is nourishing and uplifting.

We are constantly given the choice to think and act from habit or transition to a new more satisfying pattern.  I was thinking about this the other day.  Our lives are like a movie with each moment a frame on the movie film.  As we go from moment to moment in our life the movie comes to life!  The movie can be spliced and edited too.  Take for instance a memory.  Each time you have a memory what happens is your movie is re-edited, the past is brought into the present and becomes “real” again.  No, not reel, real!  Oh, I know that nothing is “real” unless we make it so.  If we only knew how powerful we actually are. 

Would you still make the choices you make if you knew how powerful you are?  Is there something in your life that you would like to change?  OK, so choose again and again and again, until it is just the way you want.  What?  Oh you have been doing that already, lol.  Well then, now you know the nature of life.  Events happen based on all energies and actions, and sometimes it is difficult to predict things.  What I do when life is not going my way is stop making choices myself and instead ask Holy Spirit to help me.  Holy Spirit can see what I cannot and does not have the limitations I have created for myself so things improve rapidly this way.  Please don’t get tripped up on the word Holy Spirit, use a word that suits you, like maybe God, Yaweh, Allah, Buddha, Baha’u’llah, Great Spirit, or Universal Mind.  I will continue to use Holy Spirit since I follow The Course in Miracles

In a way when Holy Spirit is guiding our path we are simply actors in a movie, the movie of our life.  Getting back to editing the movie, let’s take a look and what happens when we splice the future into the present.  Oh yes this works too and in fact is a powerful tool that requires the use of our imagination.  Can you imagine the perfect life?  Have you ever seen a movie and wish it was you up there on the screen?  Then make it so, by dreaming a little dream, holding the desire close to your heart and putting it all in the hands of the Master Editor, Holy Spirit.   Blessed Be  🙂  Sequoia Elisabeth

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