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A Cell In The Body Of God

on October 9, 2011

A group was discussing how we relate to god.

Is he out there and we here?   What do we mean by oneness?   Many other questions were raised.  I have always loved that we are a wave in the ocean of God, but then a more ‘scientific’ and realistic analogy came to me.  I shared I felt we were a cell in the body of god.  Many different cells living, dying, and all a part with a purpose in this body of god.

Another thought I have shared and wondered about is how our energies as a peacemaker help humanity even when we are not ‘doing’ anything – just being.   I believe this is true but how?

These two ideas came together when I read: Just as there are specialized cells in the physical heart that set the rate and tone of heart activity, so do we affect those around us and beyond us now as we radiate the energy, vibration and consciousness of peace.

The footnote explained that these cells are called the SA (sinoatrial) pacemaker cells and are located in the SA node in the upper right section of the heart.  Although all of the heart’s cells possess the  potential to generate these electrical impulses (or ‘action potentials’) that trigger cardiac activity, the sinoatrial node is what normally initiates it, simply because it generates impulses slightly faster (higher frequency) than the other areas.  Because the sinoatrial node is responsible for the rest of the heart’s electrical activity, it is sometimes called the primary pacemaker.   We, as higher energy peace beings in the world act similarly in the “Heart of Humanity”.

Now look at this closer.  Each person plays different roles in life, just as different cells in the body play their roles.  Leucocytes (White Blood Cells) are the “cops” involved in defending the body against both infectious disease and foreign materials.  Erythrocytes (Red Blood Cells) are the delivery persons of the body bringing oxygen to the body.  And the list goes on with each cell type of the body corresponding to a function in life!  Brain cells are simply neurochemical translators so they function to provide commands and interpret signals like lawyers do.  I will allow you to be creative here because I think you get the point.   Each person is who they are and this is their purpose!  Even criminals serve a purpose.  Just as bacteria and viruses do.  Without them it would not be earth.

Look closely at your life and ask what type of cell you are.  Does this serve you?  Are you reaching your full potential?  What can you do to fully live your purpose?  There are two sides to every coin so if you are giving, someone else is receiving, and we all play both parts at one time or the other.  If you are an angel it means at some point you were a devil or will be.  This is how we gain the wisdom to be compassionate!

When going through your day understand that the stupid politician on TV or jerk who cuts you off in traffic are just playing their role and you have a choice as to how you react or even better act in response.  You may be the antagonist or the protagonist!  You may forgive or condemn.  The choice is yours, but then maybe that is your purpose.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity


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