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The Human Gift

on June 21, 2012

We all have certain ‘gifts’ which we are born with.  They have been developed over many lifetimes.  Each time you learn a lesson or develop a skill it becomes a part of you.  (You are what you eat)  It is sort of like picking a fruit from the Garden of Eden and this fruit is not forbidden.  In fact it is waiting on the vine just for you!   Some would call this destiny, others opportunity.  Whatever you call it, a gift is a gift!

Imagine yourself in a big dark forest.  You look around and see a path so you start walking.  Along the way you see other paths.  You get confused, and wonder which one is the right one?  But then you remember, God is infinite intelligence and you trust the path before you was placed there for a reason.  The most illuminated path is the one to enlightenment!  So off you go on your Journey of Love…

Life is so simple.  The easy part is up to you.  Most important is believing in yourself and having faith in Divine Guidance.  It is a human gift to have this direct connection to Divine Source!  We are conscious of it and thus make the aware decision to follow the path to enlightenment.  Along the way we realize enlightenment is our divine birthright of which we were born.  Yes, you are enlightened and as you become aware of this gift, the light gets brighter and brighter; the path clearer and more rewarding.

Humanity is a gift unto itself!  Society has many tools for exploring this gift.  The one most of us enjoy is story telling.  The movies and TV make this process very compelling, because you can experience another’s journey indirectly and learn about yourself in the process.  The moral shared most often in these stories is the most profound lesson of them all.  “Love is the most powerful force in the Universe.”  We have heard this so many times that many forget its importance.  Love is who we are, not what we seek!  Did you get that?  Once again, You are Love, expressing!!  What greater gift to humanity could there possibly be?

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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