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Transgender Suicide

on February 13, 2013

“Transgender Suicide Report

For the last five years Laura’s Playground has prevented Transgender suicides on line. (Click Here for a link) The estimate of transgender suicides in our community is between 31% to 50% depending on who in the community we talk to. Few outside our Community acknowledge or believe these numbers including Dr Kenneth Zucker and Doctors Blanchard and Baily. Until now it’s all been guesswork. Actual numbers were hard to come by as it is hard enough for families to admit there was a suicide let alone that the victims were transgender. The fact is most medical examiners do not know if a person was gay or transgender due to families too embarrassed to report it. Here we have 5 suicide prevention crisis rooms in chat that are all busy. Our staff both moderators and supervisors are certified in youth suicide prevention. The fact is we have actual numbers not just an estimate. In a 5 year period here this site handled 78,800 suicidal crisis’s online. They were of 3 types. Type 3 being suicide ideation, Type 2 being suicide ideation with a plan and Type 1 being actual suicide attempts.

Type 3 = 46933 Type 2 = 20238 Type 1= 11629

In addition, in a survey here over 50% of Transsexuals had at least one suicide attempt by their 20th birthday some as young as 7. This was also verified by chat transcripts of the crisis’s especially in the early years. Reasons given for suicide in order:

1) Problems coming out to homophobic friends, families and co-workers. Homophobia in general including slurs.

2) Body Image Distress or disgust – puberty

3) Discrimination – Housing – Employment – Church’s

4) Victims of Hate crimes and/or violence

These are actual numbers and reflect what is really going on in the community. Many had more than 1 reason combining 1 and 2 and others. The biggest surprise was the role homophobia played in suicide ideation. If homophobia stopped tomorrow the suicide rate would be significantly reduced which means it is preventable.” (Laura Amato 2012)

The one reason I see lacking here is money.  Many transsexuals lack the money to have any treatment at all and most lack the funds to have SRS/GRS.  We are talking 50k to 150K depending on surgery, electrolysis, therapy, and hormones.  Those who are most severely dysphoric are most likely to end it all due to a lack of funds.  It is an option I keep in the back of my mind and review quite often.  Fortunately, I understand I am not my body and removing the body will not fix anything.  I even hesitate to have surgery at all knowing that ultimately it changes only my appearance.  My soul has no gender, but that is another story.

The good news is there are organizations working hard to remedy this predicament many of us face.  Advocacy groups are working to change the insurance laws and get transgender care including surgery added to most plans. The AMA has come out and stated that surgery is a medically necessary treatment for Gender Dysphoria, see my website for link to statement. As it stands now, a few carry it as a rider and most of these are because the Corporation or Municipality negotiated/demanded them into the options they offer.

Many larger communities have organizations who offer low cost therapy and Denver has several.  The Gender Identity Center, who I volunteer with, offers therapy and hormone letters to those in need on an ability to pay basis. Here is a link to therapists who specialize in gender care.  If you can’t afford them, ask for options in your area.  I am happy to help if I can, also check my website for other resources.

The Jim Collins Foundation offers a grant for surgery to those meeting their qualifications, click here for info.  Some surgeons offer scholarships or grant programs to assist their clients in payment.  Check with your surgeon to find out what they offer.  I do know Dr. Reed in Miami has a program for the first 13 per year who apply.  There are companies like Satori Medical who help clients find low cost surgery in Thailand and other locations.  Many creative solutions have been found over the years by many a resourceful individual.  Necessity is the Mother of Invention after all!

The best way to deal with a perceived lack is to help someone else fulfill their need.  This is one reason I started this website, to give what I need!  If you know of a need in the world, reach out and help, you will be helping yourself.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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