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The Gender Journey

on July 1, 2013

What is Gender?  I know many of you have some idea but this blog invites you to take a closer look and to put gender into context of life here on planet Earth.   For a basic perspective on what gender is please visit The Gender Learning Center and review the first few pages, either the article or the Power Point Presentation.  Ok, now that we have some idea of what gender is, look closer to find both aspects of gender within yourself.

Each person is a complete and whole being, including aspects of both genders and often a combination of each in different proportions.  Accept that your physical sex is one aspect and your gender is another.  For a Transgender individual this will be different than for a cisgender person, and maybe even more important.  Before you can release something, you must first accept it for what it is and embrace this reality knowing it is only one aspect of you.   What you resist; persists.  So this is why it is so important to accept things as they are, while letting go of any expectations as to how life is going to work out.

Now allow yourself to flow to the expression of gender which feels the most natural.   There is no right or wrong way, only your way!  Others will either accept you or not as you have no control over this, however the people who are meant to be in your life will eventually come around and accept you.  Hold no attachment to who these people are supposed to be.

The next question for those who are Transgender or Transsexual is are you transitioning because it feels natural/good or are you changing because you hate the other aspect of who you are?  If you hate your body, this is resistance and it will persist.  Even after surgery if you hated your former self you will still see it in the mirror.  The change happens on the inside and is viewed on the outside, so doing your inner work of self-love is the most important aspect of transition whether you have surgery or not.

The real reason Transgender or Transsexual individual’s transition is for the experience of authenticity and self-expression.  Life on Earth is about Identity and getting to know who you are!  As I put it on my website, “We are all on a journey to discover who we are. In the process of thinking, saying, and doing, we see who we are NOT.  Along the way many personas emerge, and with each step you draw closer to who you really are.  In the end we discover there really is only one, and this is GOD.  The Journey never ends…”

I recently found a video which speaks directly to this journey (Ask Teal – Transgender and Transsexuality) so I share it with you now urging you to give it a “look see” and find the wisdom you need.  One reason I love Teal is she speaks from the heart and I see myself quite easily in her.  Her teachings align perfectly with mine, and it is so rewarding to find someone who understands life as I do.  Please share your perspective and if you have questions please comment on this blog.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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