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Is College The Right Choice?

on July 12, 2013

A college education is the single most important thing a child can aspire to… FALSE!

College is the answer to your employment troubles….FALSE!

Education itself is a life-long endeavor…True!

Please understand I totally support the value of education and learning, it makes us human!  There is no way to live without learning and like most other things in this world there are different levels and applications for this learning.  Babies are learning even before they are born and we never stop growing one way or another.  The physical body is constantly replacing worn-out cells till the day you pass on.  The mind is learning and growing constantly (perhaps a few exceptions) and the Spirit is expanding along with the Universe!

This said; how important is College?  Be skeptical of the statics you hear surrounding what you get from a college or “higher” education center.  The bias runs deep and because we live in a capitalistic society money always figures into the equation.  So I suppose your individual goals and purpose will determine if it really is the path to choose.  The medical industrial complex is deeply entrenched in the educational systems of today, so if you desire to be a Doctor, Pharmacist, Nurse, etc., then yes, college is your best option, although there are alternative schools which teach alternative methods.  Most hospitals and clinics will not allow alternative methods so you will not find a job there.  The Insurance Empire will not support alternative methods, and neither does the government.  This is slowly changing, so there is hope; just weigh these things carefully when choosing a career.  The best schools teach specific skills for a particular job, it is a step beyond vocational training. It comes down to a choice to conform or not.

The real bottom line on college is the cost vs. return on investment.   The College Conspiracy movie does a nice job of explaining this, but I also suggest you research our debt based fiat money system asap.  Youtube has some great videos on the subject.  A few recommendations are: Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview , The Secret of Oz (by Mr Bill Still), Robots Will Steal Your Job, but That’s OK, Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein.

Always question the source, if the movie is made by someone who sells precious metals they are probably not objective in the “facts” they present.  The above movie about college is from the NIA, National Inflation Association who believe we are headed into a hyperinflation period, so this is their bias.  Everyone has some form of bias, even me!  So I encourage you to do your research first and hold off on getting a loan to attend college.

Speaking from experience, the Student Loan system as it exists today is a scam, plain and simple.  Those who excel in this world are those who pave a new path and fulfill a need.  The more people you touch (help), the more money you make.  It does not matter if your service/product is a positive or negative (creative or destructive) input to society, as far as making money goes.  Money is neutral and so responds to whatever forces attract it.  This means you must choose to be a positive contributing force in society if this is your desire.  If all you care about is making money, then most likely the force will be negative, because this falls in the “service to self” category (read Law of One for more on this).

This subject is way too big for one blog, so I will wrap this up for now and simply say, Do your research with a skeptical eye and an intuitive heart.  There are many opportunities today, vocational schools, trade school, two year college, four year college, and more.  Generally speaking the sooner you start work the more you will make over time.   Outside the box thinking is required to excel and those who start their own business are usually those who make the most money (however this is much less true today than 50yrs ago).   If you focus on contributing to society and follow your inner passion the path will appear before you, so be patient and persistent.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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2 responses to “Is College The Right Choice?

  1. I believe once you start right, you simply know what to do next. I’ve never been this lucky, so I’m re-writing my programs and learn to unlearn as much as I can. There’s only one choice I see for children now. And the best example is where I live, in the UK, and it’s called a Summerhill School I believe this is the foundation for education in a Love (& Resource) Based Society (Economy). I have never found a better examples. You can watch a film based on some stories here I’d like to know what are your thoughts on this and if you have any other ideas of how we can care for children and ourselves more in a loving way? This is also a very interesting approach… Enjoy and please let me know what you think. Lots of Love

    • Thank you for the comment & question. Summerhill school seems like a nice school and I am sure I would have thrived there. It is of course geared to UK lifestyle, so it probably would not do as well here in the USA where most parents what to have more control over their children. Teaching independence is not popular here. The teaching society really needs to emphasize is interdepence and cooperation as these are the traits of the Aquarian and will evolve over the next 2,160 yrs. Our world is in transition, so conflict is bound to occur. Over the next 50 yrs things will work themselves out and our lifestyles will change quite a bit. Exactly how this looks, remains to be seen. I pray for precisely the values Summerhill and other alternative schools emphasize (and which I outline in my eBooks). Society will be based on Love and we will enjoy the thousand years of peace which is predicted.
      Sequoia Elisabeth

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