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Keys to Learning

What is learning first of all, so we know what we are doing? Simply stated learning is becoming aware of knowledge, information, or the acquisition of a skill previously unavailable to an individual. This is my own definition based on my level of understanding. Oneness dictates we are all using the same all knowing, omnipotent mind. Or are we? When born into this 3D realm of humanness our minds are veiled in the forgetting. “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts,…” ( As Shakespeare points out our roles here are various, they are not who we are, and they are scripted. How we play these roles are up to the individual.

I don’t know about you, but I have never been good at Acting, however I play my pre-programmed roles brilliantly if I do say so myself. <G> These roles guide your path through life, because we tend to do things we are good at. What if you desired to change directions though and learn something totally new to you? Is anything totally new? Of course not, because we are still operating with the One Mind. The veil makes our skills and knowledge unique to us and the path we have traveled before. The saying goes, ‘Life’s lessons are provided on a need to know basis’ (my paraphrase). So this is the key to learning.  Learning is really re-membering!

Necessity is the mother of all invention and learning. Have you ever had to learn something you hated or were not interested in at all? For me this was math and boy was it a struggle! It took me years of practice and finally understanding that math was useful in the everyday world to learn it. I had several teachers share wonderful “tricks” that helped me re-member math. It took focus and a desire to learn to even get started and the more I learned the more I en-joyed it and the cycle repeated. Having studied education and learning for many years now I know from experience learning is a process. There are techniques which facilitate learning and these are spelled out nicely in books and websites. I encourage you to explore and if you seek, you shall find!

The point I make here summed up – Learning takes emotion, desire, intent and practice. The choice to learn is not up to anyone else. Most of all though it is driven by need, even if it is just an ego desire to learn a skill or knowledge for the fun of it. If you have no desire or need to learn something the actions you take will be futile. I have studied Spanish, for example, for years, however my efforts where half-hearted and not driven by desire. At times I could have used this skill but I found others to translate for me and since I don’t need it on a daily basis. I have not become proficient in Spanish. I suppose this goes for any manifesting one attempts, e-motion is required! Those things that come to you easily have been learned before in a previous lifetime or were pre-programmed for this one. I am still amazed at how easy Radiology was for me. It eventually became boring though after a quarter century and I moved on. This is how life works though, we are driven in certain directions (for me it was the path of least resistance) by forces unknown. To truly succeed one must trust this path and learn to listen to the Holy Spirit and not the Ego. Ah, but this is another blog. Blessings on your Journey of Love!

Sequoia Elisabeth

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Learning Methods

We each have our own learning methods and depending on how long your journey has been thus far and how much you have focused on conscious learning you may or may not have advance learning abilities.

Our modern day society has labels for degrees of learning such as Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees.  All journeys begin with one step, and there are no right or wrong paths.  Even a disjointed schizophrenic path will eventually lead home and/or sometimes taking a break is what is needed to recharge and ground in the journey.  So knowing this, are you aware of how you learn?

If you wish to discover your learning methods simply look at your habits.  Do you enjoy reading, watching TV Documentaries, playing games, or solving mysteries?  When surfing the internet do you prefer YouTube, News articles, or Social Media?  Noticing these things helps you get to know yourself better which in turn allows you to better meet your own needs and those of others.  If you are aware of your talents and preferences then you can better share yourself with the world.

I love to learn and share with others, most people do, however some hate these things and prefer instead to simply engage the world, to explore, and play.  It is all Good!  It serves you in some way which feeds the soul.  Curiosity has been a wonderful tool in my life and it can be developed to serve your needs, just as intuition can. (please see my previous blogs on the 6 senses of the mind)  Knowing your talents comes from testing yourself and simply sampling various activities, subjects, and/or theories.  Since I love to learn so much you would think I would make a great teacher.  This has not been my experience.  The reason I choose Adult Education is because I just don’t get the whole drill sergeant educational system, pedagogy.  So when it comes to facilitation I am right there and totally harmonize with andragogy (adult education).  If you don’t know these terms please look them up.  One habit which has served me well is looking things up that I don’t understand.  And now we have the Internet to make this easy and enjoyable.  Used to, a trip the library was required along with much time looking through reference books till the answer was found.  Here, test it out… what does “innocuous” mean?  How long did it take to look it up?  Took me less than 30 seconds.

Hopefully I have rattled your cage a little and sparked some inner curiosity to know yourself better.  It is my desire to inspire and encourage others to expand their knowledge and skills base – to basically expand their “beingness or state of being”.  Transitions Blog continues to explore the transition from one state of being to another and I thank you for joining with me on this journey!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Alternative Education

Alternative Education as defined by Wikipedia is: “… non-traditional education or educational alternative, includes a number of approaches to teaching and learning separate from what is offered by mainstream or traditional education.”  So today we will look at the options presently available for education in the USA.

As mentioned in the last blog the choices after High School seem limited and include Four Year College, Two Year College or Community College, Trade School or Technical School, Seminary, or small private schools specializing in a specific profession for example The School of Metaphysics.  The term alternative can apply to the methods of learning or to the specific topic of study such as metaphysics.

We focus on an aspect or trend in higher education which I totally embraced in getting my Masters in Education which is still considered as alternative although this is rapidly changing to mainstream.  I speak of online education.  It can take the traditional approach of teacher/student force feeding, directed, memorization or it can take the andragogical approach of facilitated learning, self-direction, and practical application.

How do you best learn?  Are you one who likes to read, watch video, use audio books, or actually get hands on?  Or is it some combination of all these?  Most people are a combination so I strive to offer this in my teachings, although I must admit I am not very good at producing audio or video.  Be this as it may, Podcasting, YouTube, and other online platforms have become largely popular because they engage the learner on a more personal and interactive way.  Frankly if you never have the opportunity to test or apply the principles you are learning then you will not remember them long term and may never fully understand them.

I discovered that a learning program which offers an internship or workshops where the principles are applied in person turn out to be the best.  It really does not matter what you are learning, be it mathematics, computers, art, writing, theology, etc., application is a must.  So how does one do this online?

It is simple really, the course requires projects to be completed and submitted online, for instance art is done and then photographed, and/or videoed and posted.   Something is created and then documented and submitted.  For group projects or activities requiring other students or facilitators local activities can be created or attended.  Skype and other programs are methods of group interaction.  There are exceptions to this, for instance if you are studying oceanography and live in the Midwest travel is required for the hands on portion, just as it would be in Space studies.  Simulations are good and they are definitely used, but at some point one has to actually do that which they are trained for.

All the major Universities and colleges now have online programs, but they use traditional methods for the most part so approach these with caution.  How expensive is the program and how much support do you get for the price?  Are you just buying a diploma?  How important is that piece of paper anyway?  I say it is less important than you think.  Most employers want someone with experience and most schools do not offer this.  Doing your own hands on research into the pathway of your higher education will naturally lead you to the right program.  Here is the recipe for answering this question…

  1. Look within – What excites you?  What do you find yourself returning to over and over?  What are you good at?
  2. Look around you – what are your family and friends doing and how do you feel about it?  What are they good at and have you learned from them?
  3. Now that you have a hypothesis put it to the test by volunteering or otherwise doing just what it is you love.
  4. Connect with others who are doing what you love.  Network through online groups and see what education is required to follow this path you have discovered.  If there is no path you will need to create one, so while this may be more involved it can also be very liberating since you do not have to follow someone else.
  5. Explore each path of higher education carefully.  Question their source and motivations as well as your own while paying attention to how you feel.  Remember fear can be a constructive tool used to warn of problems but not necessarily a message to avoid problems.  There will be challenges so you will probably fail several times before you find something that works well for you.
  6. In the movie, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, the stars use whatever means available to achieve their goal.  Each form of transportation only took them so far and then they had to find a new way to travel.  This is precisely as life is, your chosen career may only take you so far and then you will have to change.  Getting a sound and broad education is valuable but can also be a trap.  Many people, including myself, could go to college the rest of their lives and be happy.  At some point I must get out and engage the world.  Do what feels right but not necessarily what feels the most comfortable.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Is College The Right Choice?

A college education is the single most important thing a child can aspire to… FALSE!

College is the answer to your employment troubles….FALSE!

Education itself is a life-long endeavor…True!

Please understand I totally support the value of education and learning, it makes us human!  There is no way to live without learning and like most other things in this world there are different levels and applications for this learning.  Babies are learning even before they are born and we never stop growing one way or another.  The physical body is constantly replacing worn-out cells till the day you pass on.  The mind is learning and growing constantly (perhaps a few exceptions) and the Spirit is expanding along with the Universe!

This said; how important is College?  Be skeptical of the statics you hear surrounding what you get from a college or “higher” education center.  The bias runs deep and because we live in a capitalistic society money always figures into the equation.  So I suppose your individual goals and purpose will determine if it really is the path to choose.  The medical industrial complex is deeply entrenched in the educational systems of today, so if you desire to be a Doctor, Pharmacist, Nurse, etc., then yes, college is your best option, although there are alternative schools which teach alternative methods.  Most hospitals and clinics will not allow alternative methods so you will not find a job there.  The Insurance Empire will not support alternative methods, and neither does the government.  This is slowly changing, so there is hope; just weigh these things carefully when choosing a career.  The best schools teach specific skills for a particular job, it is a step beyond vocational training. It comes down to a choice to conform or not.

The real bottom line on college is the cost vs. return on investment.   The College Conspiracy movie does a nice job of explaining this, but I also suggest you research our debt based fiat money system asap.  Youtube has some great videos on the subject.  A few recommendations are: Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview , The Secret of Oz (by Mr Bill Still), Robots Will Steal Your Job, but That’s OK, Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein.

Always question the source, if the movie is made by someone who sells precious metals they are probably not objective in the “facts” they present.  The above movie about college is from the NIA, National Inflation Association who believe we are headed into a hyperinflation period, so this is their bias.  Everyone has some form of bias, even me!  So I encourage you to do your research first and hold off on getting a loan to attend college.

Speaking from experience, the Student Loan system as it exists today is a scam, plain and simple.  Those who excel in this world are those who pave a new path and fulfill a need.  The more people you touch (help), the more money you make.  It does not matter if your service/product is a positive or negative (creative or destructive) input to society, as far as making money goes.  Money is neutral and so responds to whatever forces attract it.  This means you must choose to be a positive contributing force in society if this is your desire.  If all you care about is making money, then most likely the force will be negative, because this falls in the “service to self” category (read Law of One for more on this).

This subject is way too big for one blog, so I will wrap this up for now and simply say, Do your research with a skeptical eye and an intuitive heart.  There are many opportunities today, vocational schools, trade school, two year college, four year college, and more.  Generally speaking the sooner you start work the more you will make over time.   Outside the box thinking is required to excel and those who start their own business are usually those who make the most money (however this is much less true today than 50yrs ago).   If you focus on contributing to society and follow your inner passion the path will appear before you, so be patient and persistent.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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The Future of Education

Education is said to be the key to civilized man and if this is so why has our educational system gotten so badly outta balance?  Do you realize the true purpose to the educational system in the USA?  It is designed to create obedient, passive, and smart (but not too smart) factory workers!   Now that the age of factory work is gone in the USA it is high time to abandon the old system of teacher centered teaching and embrace learner centered learning!

The flaws in our educational system are fairly obvious so I will not get into the problems so much as stay focused on the evolution of education and the system we need to implement yesterday.  In the present system children are treated like cattle, herded into classrooms, force fed, and then expected to perform tricks (like remembering and understanding everything thrown at them on a test).  Testing has proven to be ineffective in teaching, but it remains to be the focus because it lends itself to mass ‘marketing’.  So what are we to do about our ailing educational system?

There are no shortages of ideas and many families are exploring these methods right now.  The large increase in homeschooling for instance is one method, but this system lacks socialization.  (More on Homeschooling)  With the expansion of the internet it is now possible to learn just about anything you need online, and many see this as the future of education, including myself.  The socialization issues are easily met by attending community activities, summer camps, and other classes.

The Waldorf school system’s “overarching goal is to develop free, morally responsible, and integrated individuals equipped with a high degree of social competence. Teachers generally use formative (qualitative) rather than summative (quantitative) assessment methods, particularly in the pre-adolescent years. The schools have a high degree of autonomy to decide how best to construct their curricula and govern themselves.” (

Andragogy are teaching strategies developed for adult learners and based on a humanistic conception of self-directed and autonomous learners and teachers as facilitators of learning. (  While this is best for adults, it is this authors opinion that it can be applied to children as young as 9yrs old, so the pediogogical approach of memorization and repetitive drills are good in the early years for learning language, math, and basic principles, but by the time the child reaches the teen years they should be ready for a broader more self-directed path to learning.

Montessori education is characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits and respect for a child’s natural psychological development and is used in over 7,000 schools worldwide. (  The problem with this method is the lack of discipline.  Working and thriving in the world today requires discipline and unless the child also takes classes in say Martial Arts, Music, Dance, or Sports.  They will not be prepared for the demands of adult life.

This brings up my final point for today.  A balanced approach which works both sides of the brain and body will produce a balanced individual, so simply focusing on the intellectual aspects of learning, as our present system does creates an individual who is out of balance.  I hated gym, art class, music, and sports in elementary school but I was forced to take them and eventually I excelled in all but music.  I am so grateful for this opportunity to develop a “whole brain” and thus the reason we have teachers and parents to guide us. (Please focus on what you do have and not what you lacked)

Please look carefully at your educational path and your families.  If you are a parent take the time to really consider the impact of sending your child to a school which still uses the old system of testing and cattle prodding!  If you are a teenager thinking of college, please read the next blog which will focus on the higher education trap!  The future is for the bold and it will take courage to forge your own path, but ultimately it is the right choice for most.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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